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Things to Remember...

  • Riverport Auto Insurance is owned by Riverport Insurance Company
  • They insure charitable organizations and non-profits
  • Riverport has created a loyal client base of non-profits, charitable organizations, and social service organizations

A review of Riverport Auto Insurance leads to Riverport Insurance Company, a company backed by Berkley Financial. They specialize in Human Service organizations and insurance for non-profit organizations.

Unlike auto insurance companies this provider doesn’t insure a thing as much as it does a service. While you don’t find any types of auto insurance coverage with them, for specific businesses, this coverage is just as critical.

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Riverport Auto Insurance Products


Riverport Insurance is a unique company since many insurance companies that focus on the human services aspect of business.

By focusing on this particular marketplace, Riverport has created a loyal client base of non-profits, charitable organizations, and social service organizations. They know what these businesses need to be protected.

Non-profits and charitable organizations have unique insurance needs that can’t often be met by traditional insurance companies. These types of companies run almost entirely on volunteers.

Having so many volunteers brings about a whole set of liability issues to the organization itself that an insurance company needs to be familiar with and able to address.

Volunteers often sign waivers before participating in or helping a charitable organization.

However, it is important to note that these waivers do not mean that a lawsuit cannot be filed. If someone is injured even after a waiver is signed, it is left up to the court to determine whether or not the injury was reasonable.

An example of unreasonable risk would be if you ride in a van as a volunteer at one of these organizations you assume there is a risk of being in an accident.

With all of this to take into consideration, insurance for these organizations has to be specialized. In addition to volunteers, these types of organizations still have to take into consideration the clients that are coming to the organizations.

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Riverport Insurance Special Services

A key to keeping insurance costs for non-profits, charitable organizations, and human service organizations affordable is educating directors, employees, and volunteers in loss control.

Riverport is committed to helping their clients understand how to prevent incidents that cause claims to be filed. This is where their loss control department comes into play.

Riverport sends highly trained specialists to these organizations so they can assess the risk and see what areas of loss prevention can be improved.

They then make recommendations for these changes and provide help in making these changes available. Most charitable organization welcome this kind of help.

Training is also provided by Riverport. These services are at no cost to the clients. Riverport believes that in the long run, this training will pay off by preventing costly claims.

Loss prevention services are provided in several areas that these organizations are familiar with.

Riverport Insurance Loss Control Focuses


The loss control services Riverport provides include how to protect children when working in human services, how to make facilities safe, how to keep people safe, how to drive vehicles safely, how to screen volunteers, and how to screen full-time employees.

Organizations may take some of these areas for granted but applying Riverport’s methods can make these areas safer.

These areas are often troublesome areas for non-profits and charitable organizations. Often times problems in these areas are not identified or dealt with until something negative or even tragic happens.

Training can eliminate these areas of concern before there is a negative outcome or a lawsuit is filed.

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