Deerbrook Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Deerbrook auto insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate. They specialize in non-standard auto insurance for high-risk drivers with speeding tickets, DUIs, and multiple claims.

Things to Remember...

  • Deerbrook is a subsidiary of Allstate which offers non-standard insurance coverage
  • Deerbrook utilizes independent insurance agents to provide their coverage options
  • Deerbrook provides several tips on their website for how to stay safe while driving

A Deerbrook auto insurance review unveiled a subsidiary of Allstate, who are “the good hands people.”

This division of the company offers non-standard insurance through independent insurance agencies. This outfit is licensed to do business in 20 states across the South and Midwest.

Deerbrook is also part of the protection business division of Allstate which competes with other auto insurance companies like Progressive and Geico, who also offer non-standard programs.

Some of these programs are under subsidiary names like Deerbrook.

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Deerbrook Auto Insurance: Standard vs. Non-Standard Policies

Standard insurance policies are designed to meet the needs of the average driver who has a driving record or credit history that is acceptable according to industry standards.

Industry standards will allow for a few moving violations or a few credit blemishes; however, DUI’s, reckless driving, or a poor credit score reflecting major debt issues may not qualify.

Those that do not qualify for standard coverage are high-risk drivers, who ultimately pay high premiums for coverage.

Non-standard policies include those for drivers who must obtain an SR22 which is a certificate of financial responsibility.

Many non-standard policyholders are listed on the National Driving Registry which is a communication system used by DMV, lien holders, and insurers.

Deerbrook Auto Insurance and Independent Agents

Insurance agents have a choice as to how they sell insurance policies once they become licensed.

If they affiliate themselves with a major carrier, in most cases they are committed to selling policies exclusively for that carrier and these are called captive agents.

Other agents make the choice to become independent. Independent agents must affiliate themselves with an insurance agency where they are able to sell policies for a variety of carriers.

The insurance agency may then find a carrier for their clients that best meet their insurance needs. In most cases, it is the company that offers them the best auto insurance rate under their particular circumstances.

High-risk drivers may pay twice as much for a non-standard policy than a standard policy.

Deerbrook auto insurance representatives work with independent agents to provide suitable coverage for those seeking affordable protection under the circumstances.

Deerbrook offers plan options to make communication, payments, and auto insurance claims convenient.


Deerbrook Auto Insurance Savings

Deerbrook emphasizes credit history when establishing a quote for your coverage needs. The reason for this is that the service is established for non-standard policies, meaning you are a high-risk potential policyholder.

Your credit tells the story of your payment history. Everybody’s situation is different, and credit history gives Deerbrook an idea of the level of risk they are taking if they write your policy.

You may still be able to save money on auto insurance if you apply your own strategy, perhaps with your agent’s help.

They may encourage you to:

  • Pay a higher down payment to lower your monthly premiums
  • Purchase a policy for a longer period of time
  • Pay a higher deductible to lower monthly payments

Deerbrook Auto Insurance Claims

In the event of an accident, policyholders are encouraged to call an ambulance first if any of the parties present bodily injuries. Next, you should call the police to the scene.

Deerbrook suggests that you limit the amount of information you share with the other driver, and call the Deerbrook claims line to file a claim as soon as it is feasible.

Your claim will be processed quicker if you able to gather the driver’s insurance information in addition to the accident location and other related details on the scene.

Deerbrook Auto Insurance Safety

Risk management is an important subject to address. Safety measures are indicated to limit the possibility of having to file a claim.

Many accidents and incidents are avoidable by adhering to a few tips:

  • Do not leave valuables in plain sight
  • Always allow enough braking distance between you and the driver in front of you
  • Avoid driving while intoxicated
  • Use seatbelts, airbags, and child safety seats
  • Avoid aggressive driving, and learn how to spot road rage and drunk drivers

These are tips that may save the lives of you or your loved ones.

Deerbrook Auto Insurance Survey

A Deerbrook auto insurance survey was conducted by an advisory site that features the Better Business Bureau.

  • 50 percent of the participants had been with Deerbrook auto insurance for more than 3 years
  • 50 percent were extremely satisfied with Deerbrook’s service and would recommend this service to their friends and family members
  • Four out of five participants had an occasion where they had to file a claim
  • 50 percent of those filers rated their claims processing experience as very satisfactory

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