Great Divide Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Looking at Great Divide auto insurance? They offer property, worker's comp, travel, and umbrella protection and have a financial rating of A+ (Excellent) from A.M. Best.

Company Details
Address: 7273 Butherus Drive
City: Scotsdale
State: AZ
ZIP Code: 85260
Phone Number: 480-951-0905
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Things to Remember...

  • Great Divide Insurance Company offers surplus or excess insurance coverage for insurance companies who have stop-loss clauses with their clients
  • Great Divide Insurance Company has an “A+” Superior rating from A.M. Best
  • Purchasing a variety of insurance policies with Great Divide will ensure savings, while participation in risk management and safety programs are incentives for the company

A Great Divide auto insurance review unveiled a company associated with the Nautilus Insurance Group. This group is a subsidiary of W.R. Berkley Corporation which specializes in reinsurance, specialty, alternative, and other forms of coverage.

Reinsurance provides insurance for the insurance company.

Great Divide offers surplus or excess coverage for insurance companies who have stop-loss clauses with their clients. This company is available to cover their policyholders and affiliates with insurance that could save them from financial devastation.

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What Great Divide Auto Insurance Products Are There?

Many insurance companies operate in this fashion as a way to maintain stable financial standing in the insurance industry.

All insurance companies are under scrutiny from insurance rating companies such as A.M. Best.

These companies grade each insurance company as a way to maintain checks and balances between corporation and consumer. Great Divide has an “A+” Superior rating from A.M. Best.

Great Divide Insurance Group products envelopes everything relating to property and casualty into one insurance policy.

This includes:

These are just some of the inclusions in business property-casualty products. Your terms (as well as your premium) will totally depend on your business needs.


Do You Need Inland Marine Coverage From Great Divide?

Most businesses are in need of commercial business coverage, and the majority use some form of transportation to deliver goods and services. Inland marine is one form of commercial coverage that many business owners do not even know they need.

Although this type of coverage can be a bit complex for some, it is the very type of coverage needed by some small business owners.

When most people hear inland marine, they think of a port with men passing boxed parcels between them. Whereas it was once designated to domestic water transport, inland marine also includes the goods that you transport.

This is the type of insurance contract that protects you and your equipment while you are in transit or sitting idle.

If you are visiting a client and your computer malfunctions while conducting business, an inland marine policy might cover the issue, even if it isn’t a result of damage. It all depends on the relation between your business and the import, export industry.

In fact, Lloyd’s of London, the auctioneer, was instrumental in the initiation of this type of coverage.

It became essential to insure valuable cargo that came in through London’s shipyards. These items needed protection from an insurance plan while in storage, in holding or limbo, as well as in transit. Today retailers, wholesalers, builders, and transportation companies use inland marine coverage.

How Can You Score Great Divide Auto Insurance Savings?

There are several ways to save on your Great Divide auto or specialty vehicle policy. Whether you have a small to medium-sized business, transportation business, or otherwise, there are ways to save on your premiums.

Some people prefer to see their savings on the front end. Businesses need to be able to consolidate and save money on insurance coverage just like individuals.

Relying on Great Divide as your primary coverage translates to having a network of specialty professionals on speed dial.

A detailed assessment of your company, its risk factors, and management strategy will help to customize your policy.

Multiple policies with Great Divide will ensure savings, while participation in risk management and safety programs are incentives for company discounts.

Fleet discounts may be something your company qualifies for, as an example. Your company may also receive global discounts rather than having to pay international rates as well. The best time to talk to an agent about what discounts you may qualify for is while you’re getting your insurance quote.

Can Great Divide Auto Insurance Provide International Coverage?

Being able to operate on a global scale is essential in the modern business arena. Many Fortune 500 companies diversify and open branches in foreign locations.

Great Divide has offices in Asia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and Europe. In America, the company is licensed under its subsidiaries in 49 states.

Why Can’t You Find The Great Divide Auto Insurance Website?

There is no individual Great Divide website, as it is under the W. R. Berkley Corporation site.

This site gives a glimpse at the:

  • History of the business
  • Products it offers
  • Press releases
  • Career opportunities

The approximate 48 insurance companies, reinsurance, specialty carriers, alternative and international markets that fall under the W.R. Berkley Corporation are listed on the site. The website also includes investor stats for those who may consider affiliating with the company.

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