Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance (2021)

Comparing Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance quotes shows that Allstate is cheaper for teen drivers and Liberty Mutual is cheaper for drivers with bad credit. External ratings for Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance companies reveal Allstate has an A+ from A.M. Best and Liberty Mutual has an A. Allstate has heftier discounts.

Things to Remember

  • Both Allstate and Liberty Mutual have strong customer satisfaction ratings and a bright financial future
  • Liberty Mutual receives a higher volume of customer complaints than Allstate
  • Both Allstate and Liberty Mutual offer competitive discounts
  • Allstate has lower auto insurance rates for drivers with bad credit
  • Both Allstate and Liberty Mutual increase rates significantly for having a bad driving record

You probably know the basics about auto insurance now that you’ve landed here ready to compare two great contenders, Liberty Mutual vs. Allstate, and choose the auto insurance company that will have your back when you need it.

When comparing Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance companies, both are on the list of the best auto insurance companies in the U.S. But how do they stack up when it comes to rates, discounts, consumer satisfaction, complaints, mobile apps, and financial strength?

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Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance: Which is cheaper based on age?

Generally speaking, the older we get, the more practice we have driving. In calculating auto insurance rates, providers use age as one of the most significant variables.

In most states, it is legal to base auto insurance rates on marital status and gender; some states have banned this practice, though. Let’s compare affordable Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance rates based on age, gender, and marital status.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Age
Age, Gender, and Marital StatusAllstate Average Annual RatesLiberty Mutual Average Annual Rates
Single 17-year-old female$9,282$11,621
Single 17-year-old male$10,643$13,719
Single 25-year-old female$3,425$3,960
Single 25-year-old male$3,571$4,503
Married 35-year-old female$3,156$3,803
Married 35-year-old male$3,123$3,857
Married 60-year-old female$2,913$3,445
Married 60-year-old male$2,991$3,681

For those 25 and older, Liberty Mutual auto insurance rates are 21% higher than Allstate auto insurance rates on average.

However, Allstate is a better choice than Liberty Mutual if you have a teen driver.

You can save up to 27% by insuring your teen driver through Allstate compared to Liberty Mutual.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance: Which is cheaper based on driving record?

No matter what auto insurance company you use, speeding tickets, auto accidents, or DUIs on your driving record will increase your auto insurance rates, as you become a greater risk to insure.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record
Driving RecordAllstate Average Annual RatesLiberty Mutual Average Annual Rates
Clean record$3,820$4,774
With one speeding violation$4,484$5,701
With one accident$4,988$6,205
With one DUI$6,261$7,613

Both Liberty Mutual and Allstate take infractions seriously. Allstate auto insurance rates increase by 17% to 63% as you rack up speeding tickets, cause accidents, or drive under the influence.

Liberty Mutual auto insurance rates for those with an imperfect driving record are a bit lower, but not enough to make a huge difference when choosing between the two companies. Liberty Mutual rates increase by only 19% to 59%.

Whether you pick Allstate or Liberty Mutual, your rates will be higher with a poor driving record. However, Liberty Mutual’s increases are a few percentage points lower than Allstate’s, and that can make a difference.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance: Which is cheaper based on credit score?

If you undergo some sort of financial trauma, such as incurring medical debt or going through a divorce, your good credit score will drop in a matter of months.

It is legal for auto insurance companies to base rates on your credit score in most states; however, some have banned this practice along with gender and marital status dependent rates.

Car insurance companies justify using your credit score to decide your rates based on the premise that people with higher credit scores are more responsible and therefore less likely to file a claim.

Let’s take a look at how Allstate and Liberty Mutual might set your rates based on your credit score.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Credit Score
Credit History SummaryAllstate Average Annual RatesLiberty Mutual Average Annual Rates
Good Credit (670-739)$3,860$4,388
Fair Credit Score (580-669)$4,581$5,604
Poor Credit Score (300-579)$6,491$8,802

Allstate is more lenient than Liberty Mutual on those with fair or poor credit. These drivers will pay higher rates with Allstate (19% to 68% more) compared to those with good credit.

If you choose Liberty Mutual and you have a poor credit score, expect your rates to be at least double those of drivers with good credit.

If you have a credit score on the lower end, Allstate is the better choice.


Does Allstate or Liberty Mutual have better auto insurance discounts?

Discounts from auto insurance companies vary widely, depending on the principles and ideology of the company.

That’s why, particularly if you have a poor driving record or a low credit score, it pays to shop around. Auto insurance discounts can help counter high costs.

Let’s take a look at Allstate insurance discounts and Liberty Mutual auto insurance discounts.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Discounts
DiscountsAllstate Discounts Offered (Percentage)Liberty Mutual Discounts Offered (Percentage)
Adaptive Cruise ControlN/A5
Adaptive HeadlightsN/A5
Anti-lock Brakes105
Claim Free35N/A
Daytime Running Lights25
Defensive Driver1010
Distant Student35N/A
Driver's Ed1010
Driving Device/App2030
Early Signing10N/A
Electronic Stability Control25
Farm Vehicle10N/A
Federal EmployeeN/A10
Forward Collision WarningN/A5
Full Payment10$5
Further EducationN/A10
Good Student2022.5
Green Vehicle1010
Multiple Policies1020
Multiple VehiclesN/A10
New AddressN/A5
New GraduateN/A5
Newer Vehicle30N/A
Newly LicensedN/A5
On Time Payments5N/A
Paperless Documents10N/A
Paperless/Auto Billing5N/A
Passive Restraint30N/A
Recent RetireesN/A4
Safe Driver45N/A
Senior Driver10N/A
Students & AlumniN/A10
Switching ProviderN/A10
Utility Vehicle15N/A
Vehicle Recovery1035
VIN EtchingN/A5

Allstate has 24 auto insurance discounts, and Liberty Mutual has 28 discounts.

The highest discount you can get with Liberty Mutual is 35%, and that is for having a vehicle recovery system.

Allstate offers three discounts between 30% and 35%, and those are for having airbags, being claim-free, and being a distant student.

The discounts provided by auto insurance companies also target particular categories of drivers, so be sure to ask if there are any extra discounts when you get your Liberty Mutual and Allstate quotes.

If you bundle your auto insurance policy with an Allstate or Liberty Mutual home insurance policy, you can save even more. Call the Allstate or Liberty Mutual customer service number to ask about your bundling options.

What types of auto insurance coverages are offered by Allstate and Liberty Mutual?

Since Allstate and Liberty Mutual are two of the 10 companies that make up the majority of the auto insurance market share, they have the means to provide a broader range of coverages beyond the six standard auto insurance coverages mentioned below.

Before buying each one, make sure you understand all of your auto insurance coverage options.

  • Liability auto insurance coverage (bodily injury and property damage)
  • Comprehensive auto insurance coverage
  • Collision auto insurance coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured auto insurance coverage
  • Medical payments (MedPay) auto insurance coverage (particularly important in states that require no-fault auto insurance)
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance coverage

Be sure to take a close look at any specialty coverages you might need, such as rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, guaranteed auto protection (GAP), mechanical breakdown, and insurance for recreational vehicles such as ATVs or boats.

You may be surprised at the types of insurance policies the larger companies offer. Call the Allstate or Liberty Mutual insurance phone number to find out what other policies are available.

Does Allstate or Liberty Mutual have better auto insurance mobile apps?

In the last decade or so, usage-based auto insurance has become an industry standard, and all of the larger auto insurance companies have a driving app or telematics mechanism you can install in your car.

The app or device will usually earn you a discount if you’re a safe driver.

A more general app is also offered by major auto insurance companies to allow you to access your policy, make adjustments, and pay your bill.

In both the general app and the driving app, your Allstate login or Liberty Mutual login would be the same.

If you do not wish to use the app, you can always call the Allstate or Liberty Mutual phone number to speak with an agent.

How do Allstate and Liberty Mutual auto insurance compare on financial strength and customer satisfaction?

It is a major financial commitment to buy auto insurance, so you want to be sure you’re choosing the right company that will have your back when you need it.

Before you make your decision, the financial strength of a company, consumer satisfaction with the claims process, and customer concerns should all be considered.

Insight into these factors is provided by the following three agencies:

A.M. Best scores companies based on their ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations, such as balancing premiums collected and claims paid. The highest score possible from A.M. Best is Superior A++.

Consumer Reports collects annual data from its subscribers regarding customer satisfaction of the Allstate claims process and Liberty Mutual claims process, step by step.

In its 2017 survey, 27 insurance companies were rated, and scores ranged from 86 to 96.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) calculates a complaint ratio based on the total number of customers vs. the total number of complaints.

In 2017, the national average complaint ratio was one. The lower the ratio, the better.

Let’s take a closer look at ratings from credible third-party agencies for Allstate and Liberty Mutual.

Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual Company Ratings
AgenciesAllstate RatingsLiberty Mutual Ratings
AM BestA+ (Excellent)A (Excellent)
Consumer Reports8888
NAIC Complaint Ratio0.5 (total of 163 complaints)5.95 (total of 222 complaints)

Both Allstate and Liberty Mutual are highly competitive in keeping customer satisfaction through the claims process high. The financial future of both companies is strong.

However, Liberty Mutual customer service has a higher complaint ratio. Before choosing Liberty Mutual, be sure to get more details on the NAIC website.

Before you decide whether to buy Allstate vs. Liberty Mutual auto insurance, you can always use our free comparison tool to see rates from multiple auto insurance companies in your area.