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Tri-State Auto Insurance Review

Address: 100 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 124
City: Jericho
State: New York
ZIP: 11753
Phone Number: 516-681-9400
AM Best Rating: A-
Market Cap: $25 Million to $50 Million
Year Founded: 1982
Things to Remember...
  • Tri-State Consumer Insurance (TCS) is an auto insurance company that was founded in 1982
  • Tri-State Consumer Insurance does not sell insurance in any other states outside of New York
  • A major benefit for choosing this company if you are a good driver is that they only sell one-year policies

Tri-State Consumer Insurance (TCS) is an auto insurance company that was founded in 1982. This New York-based company does not sell insurance in any other states outside of New York.

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Tri-State started out as an auto insurance company but expanded their products to include homeowners insurance as well.

They claim that their company is the best for New Yorkers because their employees live and work in New York, understanding their needs better than anyone else.

Tri-State Consumer Insurance Policies

AdobeStock_8993567-1600x1600What’s interesting about Tri-State is that they use the fact that they’ve been in business for more than 20 years as one of the reasons you should use their company for your insurance needs.

However, in the world of insurance, this is actually a young company.

A major benefit of choosing this company if you are a good driver is that they only sell one-year policies. The benefit here is that

The benefit here is that if you have an accident while your policy is in force, your policy has to expire before your rates will increase.

The downside to this feature is that if you had an accident in the past three years then your rates will not go down until your policy ends, even if the accident is no longer affecting your rates with other companies.

Although, Tri-State is a company that doesn’t accept high-risk drivers, so if you have had a recent accident, it is unlikely that you will be accepted by their company in the first place.

Tri-State Consumer Insurance Locations

Tri-State has only one location, which is at:

575 Jericho Turnpike
Jericho, NY 11753

You can reach them by telephone at:

Toll-Free: 1-800-JOIN-NOW
Phone: 516-681-9400
Phone: 718-895-0036

As mentioned above, Tri-State is only available in New York.

Tri-State Consumer Insurance Claims

AdobeStock_22080151-1600x1600You can file a claim with Tri-State one of two ways.

You can either call the company and report your claim, or you can download the appropriate forms, fill them out, and fax or email them back to the company.

To file an auto insurance claim you need to provide the following information:

  • Policy number
  • Date of occurrence
  • Time of occurrence
  • Type of loss
  • Location of loss
  • Injuries related to accident
  • Names and contact information of others involved
  • Type of damage sustained
  • Police contact information

Tri-State does request that you report your claim as quickly as possible, even if you don’t have the above information available so that they can start the claim process.

There is no indication as to their claims center’s hours of operation.

According to Tri-State, most of their claims are paid within three days of your claim being filed.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Tri-State Consumer Insurance Agents

Agents for Tri-State work directly with the company. According to Tri-State, they do not use independent agents because that increases the cost of their insurance products.

Instead of paying a commission to each agent that sells their products, (which is how it works for independent agents), they simply hire directly.

Tri-State Consumer Insurance Careers

AdobeStock_88682917-1600x1600Currently, Tri-State does not have any job listings on their website. In addition, they don’t provide any information regarding the type of benefits that they offer to their employees.

They do require you to work from their office, so you do have to live in the Jericho area in order to work for the company.

Tri-State Consumer Insurance Reviews

While Tri-State may be a financially stable company, their online reviews are pretty bad.

There are dozens of comments online about how this company will quote you a rate and then come back to you after you agree to switch to them with a higher rate because they didn’t get all of the information they needed to give an accurate quote in the first place.

Tri-State Consumer Insurance Quotes

Tri-State does offer a quote tool option on their website.

However, this is one of those companies that once you get a quote and they get a hold of your personal information they continuously call to see why you haven’t followed through on making a purchase.

What’s more, because the company is very strict about whom they accept, they ask many more questions about your driving habits.

Because they insure New York City residents, they may also ask where you park your car if you drive somewhere to ride the subway to work.

If you want to get a true quote, then you need to take the time to fill out our free quote tool today. It’s fast and easy and all you have to do is enter your zip code below and start comparing auto insurance rates today.

Reviews for Tri-State Auto Insurance

    • 11111
    Norm Vera says:

    The most discriminating Insurance Co. I have ever had to deal with. being honest does not count to TSC. they did not want my policy because of my daughter that may drive one of my vehicles once or twice a month and does not live with me. TSC did not accept me

    • 11111

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take note on these reviews…This is the most UNPROFESSIONAL group of people in the industry, all the way from customer service to the auto adjusters. I am completely baffled how they are still in business.

    RUDE is not even fair to describe how they treat and talk to you. And you would save yourself Time and HEARTACHE if you stay clear from Tri-State Consumer Insurance…Don’t say you weren’t WARNED!!!!!!!!

    • 11111

    AVOID!! Cheap insurance but got dropped due to one minor accident!

    • 55555
    Deborah Thomas says:

    My service is great!

    • 11111

    The most discriminating insurance company I have ever had to deal with. In 2011, TSC did not accept me because of high mileage, but, now when I retired from January 2016 (almost 2 years) and my mileage is 1500 per year, TSC will not accept me because of low mileage.

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