What happens if I change my address for auto insurance?

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Things to remember...

  • Insurance companies use your zip code to calculate insurance premiums
  • Crime rates and traffic congestion are identified within your zip code
  • Where you park your car will impact the cost of insurance and the type of insurance you should have
  • Providing the wrong address for reducing the cost of insurance is a form of insurance fraud

Though you may not think of it, it’s important to update your auto insurance company whenever you change your address. This update may not make any difference when it comes to your auto insurance premiums, or it could cause a fairly significant change.

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Your Premium is Tied to Your Zip Code


If you change the address you have on file with your auto insurance, your premium could potentially change.

Insurance companies need to know what your zip code is because it is used to determine the following statistics:

  • crime rate within your area
  • the number of accidents that occur on a regular basis
  • and more

If you change your address within the same zip code, it probably isn’t going to have a significant impact on your premium.

However, you still need to update the address with the insurance company so that you can continue to receive any information the company sends to you periodically as it pertains to your policy.

Some insurance companies put more significance on your address than others. It’s important to get quotes from multiple insurance companies, particularly if you live in an area with a higher crime rate or a lot of traffic congestion.

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Where do you park?

Where you park your car is an important factor when calculating auto insurance. Some of the different places you might park include:

  • On the road
  • In the driveway
  • In a secure parking garage
  • In your attached home garage

Each location has its pros and cons. Insurance companies are going to look at the risk of your car being stolen or damaged where it is parked. Parking garages and home garages are amongst the safest places for your car to be.

If you park on the road or in a driveway, your car is exposed to the elements and it is also easier for someone to break into the car or steal it.

You might also want to include uninsured motorist coverage on your policy to protect against hit-and-runs. If you come out and find that your car has been rear-ended or the side view mirror has been broken off, you will want this coverage to be able to file a claim.

When you change your address with the insurance company, they are going to ask you where you park. If you are parking in a different spot than where you used to park, it could help or hurt your insurance premiums.

For example, parking on the street and now parking in a garage could end up saving you money on your premiums.

Avoid Committing Insurance Fraud


If you change your address for auto insurance, it needs to be your physical residence. You cannot provide someone else’s address because this is a form of insurance fraud.

Anytime you are deceptive to gain, it is fraud. Using a false address to get cheaper insurance is a prime example.

The penalties for committing insurance fraud vary by state but can include incarceration and heavy fines.

You need to be careful about providing information to the insurance company. Everything that you provide needs to be truthful and accurate. Otherwise, you could end up being charged with insurance fraud.

Changing your address with the insurance company is a simple process. You can make the changes online or over the phone. Either way, it is going to prompt a premium recalculation.

The cost of your premium might stay the same or go up or down based upon your current address and your new address as well as where you park your car.

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