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Infinity Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: 2201 4th Avenue North
City: Birmingham
State: AL
ZIP: 35203
Phone Number: 1-800-463-4648
AM Best Rating: A
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1955
Things to Remember...
  • Infinity Insurance is a property and casualty insurance company
  • Infinity Insurance provides coverage through independent insurance agents
  • Infinity Insurance offers a variety of customizable insurance coverage options
This Infinity auto insurance review will provide an overview of the company, as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes.

Infinity Insurance was a small company founded in 1955 as Dixie Insurance Company. Since then, it has expanded into 43 states to become one of the top 50 property and casualty insurance companies in the country.

Infinity policies are written by independent insurance agents, who represent multiple insurance carriers.

Currently, Infinity Insurance is the second-largest carrier of non-standard auto insurance policies in the U.S.

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Infinity Insurance Locations and Contact Information


Infinity is represented by independent insurance agencies in 43 states and is headquartered in Birmingham, AL.

The Infinity website contains a zip code search tool that will pinpoint the closest Infinity agent.

There are many other ways to contact an Infinity representative with questions.

In addition to talking with an agent, customers can call Infinity’s call center in Texas, where customer service representatives are bilingual in order to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking customers.

For those who prefer to use the website, there are many easy-to-use online tools.

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Infinity Auto Insurance Quotes

When a potential customer wants an auto insurance quote from Infinity, he can use the zip code search tool to find a nearby independent agent.

Quotes are available online, or the customer can talk with the agent personally. An agent will gather information about the cars and drivers, and then tailor a policy to meet the driver’s needs.

In order to make the different types of coverage easy to understand, Infinity has categorized its basic policies into three groups:

  • Premier – for customers who want a higher amount of coverage and have excellent driving records. The customizable policy has options such as liability for business use of an insured vehicle, rental coverage, roadside assistance, and temporary transportation expenses
  • Value-Added – for customers who want auto coverage but may not have a clean driving record. Because of prior driving violations, the price will be higher, but Infinity will tailor the policy so that the customer has the advantage of as many benefits as possible
  • Low-Cost – for customers who simply want to meet the minimum auto insurance coverage as required by the state. This coverage is basic and will be at the lowest price possible. Agents periodically review these customers’ policies to allow for expanding needs

Infinity has a policy tailored to the special needs of classic car collectors. Find out details and types of coverage offered here.

Infinity Auto Insurance Claims


When a customer needs to file a claim, there is a link on the website’s Client Center tab to start the process. The claimant should first call Infinity at 1-800-334-1661, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The claims process is structured to be easy on the claimant, so talking to a real person rather than filling out an online form will reduce stress.

The One-On-One team member will advise the claimant where to send necessary documents. Then, an adjuster will call the claimant to discuss the case.

Often, the claim can be settled over the phone. For more complicated issues, the adjuster might need to investigate or bring in an appraiser to inspect the damaged car.

Either way, the claimant can feel confident that Infinity will put customer needs first.

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Reviews for Infinity Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    Grade A crooks. Not Veteran friendly at all.Do not get this insurance.Everything will be fine till you get in an accident.

    • 11111
    Peter Surach says:

    Worst Insurance company ever. will look to any reason not to pay a claim and screw you over. Even if they have to lie and resort to dishonest methods not to pay a claim. As soon as they receive a claim they look for any reason not to pay it.

    The reason they have high financial ratings is because THEY DO NOT PAY THEIR CLAIMS! If you get into an accident with them as your insurer you will probably need a lawyer. Best Advice do not use them they are dishonest thieves but they have the law on their side.

    • 11111

    The Worst insurance ever. will change insurance asap. adjusters are terrible they will give you the run around until they deny your claim even if you are not at fault. DON EVER GET THIS INSURANCE ITS A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY!!!! TRUST ME!!!!

    • 11111

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I contacted Infinity Insurance regards my vehicle I sold and after excluding myself as a driver and removing my car from insurance, Manager named DREW, told me my insurance increased with my vehicle being removed and me being excluded as a driver;


    • 11111
    James Rudolph says:

    My vehicle was hit by a legal foreigner and they have not paid for the damage on my Ram Truck. She might as well have had no insurance at all. I am going to the Insurance Consumer state of AZ to at least try to put these people out of business. They will not return my calls or my insurance company’s calls.

    All they are doing is helping bad drivers say that they meet the laws that one must have Auto Insurance. THESE PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTE CROOKS. Too bad this client of theirs did not do their research. The only satisfaction that I have is that you should see the front end of her Prius. It should never have hit a RAM TRUCK.

    • 11111
    James Rudolph says:


  1. sara martison says:

    Need to finalize property damage. No calls returned. Very frustrated and the meter is running on my active licence plates.

    Infinity has my truck in palmetto Florida, and I have no way to get there to get my three items from my truck. I have doctor bills. Infinity insurance client at fault. Made several calls. Some of my calls very direct and stern. Help me. I just want to be treated fairly……

    • 11111

    They are thieves

  2. Worst

    • 11111

    My family and I were involved in a car accident on 10/12/2010. My daughter who was 5 year of age at the time was injured. We filed a claim with Infinity Insurance Company against their policy holder who was determined to be responsible. Last I heard from the insurance company was 07/13/12.

    I contacted the insurance company asking for the status of this claim and was told that they had closed the file. I understand from CA Insurance commissioner, that an individual who is a minor at the time of the loss must settle their claim for bodily injury two years from the date of their 18th birthday or within that time file a lawsuit to protect their interest.

    Upon contacting the company a second time I have been advised they are awaiting medical bills and records and has also asked me to get them. Filing a lawsuit against this Bad Faith Insurance company. Will not recommend anyone to this insurance company.

    • 11111

    Porqueria d compania d seguro no m quieren pagar y a mi fue q m chocaron son unos pillos

  3. Marina,Hernandez says:

    Son mentirosos, ordinarios ladrones, Sangre fria,, iresponsables, supervisores, adjusted,or investigator,, ninguna Vale un quilo.

    • 11111

    Si usted no quiere ser robado y maltratado por esta agencia, nunca vaya a infinity insurance. Durante dos años me aseguraron que tenía full cover en mi carro, sacaban el dinero libremente de mi cuenta todos los meses Y cuando tuve que hacerles un reclamo por mi carro ser afectado por vandalismo, fue que me enteré que mi póliza lo único que no cubría era eso. Después que hice mi reclamo , Una de sus representantes me aseguró que yo no tendría ningún problema, que mi carro estaba cubierto para baños de vandalismo Y que de 24 a 48 horas me llamarías para decirme Como me ayudarían, no supe nada más nada hasta hoy después de tres días esperando su llamada que me comuniqué con ellos, específicamente con la supervisora Melina Hernández, la cual fue muy grosera , que me dijo que no cubriría mis daños , por que al revisar mi póliza, se percataron que solamente había un punto que decía que yo no tenía cobertura en mi situación , esto lo supe después de cinco horas en el teléfono Y de ser maltratada y tirada de un lugar para el otro en largas espera de llamadas telefónicas. Ha sido la peor experiencia que tenido en mi vida con una aseguradora, así que si usted no quiere ser robado Y maltratado, aléjese de esta aseguradora infinity. Qué pena que hasta hoy nos revise Los comentarios desfavorables de esta compañía, me viera ahorrado muchos disgustos, para mí son lo peor

    • 11111

    Worst insurance ever.

    I admitted to be at fault and totaled my new car. Now, they’re saying my claim is denied due to misrepresentation. They’ll be hearing from my lawyer and me. Especially since my vehicle was not only insured but it’s under my name!

    These guys take advantage of the middle class. May God have mercy on these independent adjusters!

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