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Viking Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: 1224 Deming Way
City: Madison
State: Wisconsin
ZIP: 53717
Phone Number: 608-836-3000
AM Best Rating: A+ (Sentry)
Market Cap: $11 Billion (Sentry)
Year Founded: 1971
Things to Remember...
  • Viking Insurance is an independent agency, which means that the agents represent multiple insurance providers
  • Viking Insurance was founded in 1971 and purchased by the Sentry Insurance Group in 2005
  • Agents use Viking’s AutoLink®, which is a Web-based policy transaction system
  • Customer service specialists are always ready to address client concerns, but often questions can be answered by accessing AutoLink®
This Viking Auto Insurance Review will provide an overview of the company, as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes.

Viking Insurance, which is a member of the Sentry Insurance Group, is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and provides insurance services to residents of 27 states.

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Viking Insurance is an independent agency, which means that the agents represent multiple insurance providers.

When a customer requests a quote from Viking Insurance, an agent will research several different carriers to find the best combination of cost, coverage, and customer service.

Viking Auto Insurance Locations

adobestock_8596080-1600x1600Viking Insurance was founded in 1971 and purchased by the Sentry Insurance Group in 2005.

With offices in Madison, WI, Freeport, IL, Englewood, CO, Salem, OR, Irvine, CA, and Goldsboro, NC, Viking has established a wide customer base across the U.S. Viking’s home office address is:

Viking Insurance
1224 Deming Way
Madison, WI 53717
Phone: 1-800-334-0090

The company provides claim service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Viking Auto Insurance Quotes

Unlike many other online insurance agencies, Viking Insurance agents establish contact with a potential customer before providing a quote.

The agent is then able to determine the consumer’s needs by talking on the phone or in person. Agents use Viking’s AutoLink®, which is a Web-based policy transaction system.

This system allows the agents to generate efficient, real-time quotes from represented carriers.

Once the potential customer provides some personal information as well as details about the vehicles and drivers, the Viking agent will research several carriers for the best price and level of coverage.

Then the agent will call the customer to discuss options and make the smartest choices.

Viking Insurance is an industry leader in providing coverage for people who have trouble fitting insurance premiums into their budgets.

Since auto insurance is mandatory, Viking focuses on helping these individuals acquire and maintain coverage.

In addition to basic policies, Viking offers quotes for options such as comprehensive coverage, collision, towing and uninsured motorist protection.

Also available is protection for those who have foreign operator licenses or require SR22 filings. SR22 coverage is for drivers who have had their licenses reinstated after suspension for driving offenses.

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Viking Auto Insurance Claims

With Viking’s 24-hour response service, customers can feel confident that their claims will get immediate attention. Viking’s goal is to resolve claims ethically, fairly, respectfully, and quickly.

If an accident does occur, the claimant should file a police report and, if possible, take pictures of any damage to the covered vehicle.

To report a claim, customers should call Viking’s toll-free number 1-800-334-0090. Viking will immediately conduct a thorough and objective investigation in order to resolve the claim.

Viking Auto Insurance Customer Service

AdobeStock_88682917-1600x1600For more than thirty years, Viking Insurance has been a leader in the specialty auto insurance market.

Customers who have had trouble in the past with paying for insurance premiums can negotiate low down payments and easy payment plans.

For those seeking SR22 coverage, Viking offers generous license reinstatement terms.

Each of the 27 states where Viking writes policies has its own customer service department, so customers don’t have to deal with different time zones and deadlines.

Customer service teams and marketing materials are bilingual so as to appeal to a wider customer base.

Viking agents are appointed based on a selection process that assesses their commitment to customer service.

Agents are devoted to protecting the interests of their clients by not only making sure the best deals are offered, but also continuing to update existing policies.

Viking agents can provide excellent customer service with the use of the AutoLink® Web-based system. This system allows agents to submit new business and file policy endorsements.

With this online transaction tool, customers can minimize or eliminate paper documents, reduce mailing costs, and also explore multiple payment options such as e-checks and credit cards.

Customer service specialists are always ready to address client concerns, but often questions can be answered by accessing AutoLink®.

There’s access to billing and policy information, payment history, transaction records, additional quotes, and online reports. These online reports include active, canceled, and expiring policy listings.

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Reviews for Viking Auto Insurance

    • 11111
    Sandra Sosa says:

    Worst Insurance ever. Claims department is horrible they have a really bad attitude. I ask questions because I haven’t been in an Accident before and you know I regret paying so many years to this company. At the end. I wasn’t satisfied at all with the outcome. . I’m so sad I ended up with this …..

  1. jeffrey mell says:

    would not rate this company as it borderlines on criminal. The only job they do is talk, they do not provide any service or effort to rectify a claim, all they do is stall, and confuse the issues on purpose. Their drunk driver hit my parked car a tremendous amount of damage and it has been 33 days still no rental or money to repair my car!!!!!!

    • 11111

    Worst company ever. They will be out of business one day for sure. The way they deal with claims are awful.

  2. This company is horrible. they are liars and crooks. no professionalism.

    • 11111

    I was rear ended by someone who has this insurance and they are by far the WORST insurance company I have every dealt with. Keep getting the run around from them.

  3. They get no stars from me. Their person had hit the person and me under their insurance are in fault stupid lady talking about they got us under investigation what investigation when we have the police report say that she was at fault and not me.

    • 11111
    Roy Eicher says:

    If I could rate this company as a zero I would. I was rear-ended by one of their drivers. My truck received damage to my bumper and trailer hitch. After reporting the incident to them they pretty much disappeared. On my second call, they said they never received the first call. Then they said that they could not contact their driver. Then they couldn’t find the car they insured.

    Finally, my wife drove all over Sioux City and after hours of searching found the car they said they could not find. I guess it was hard to find when the insured drivers address was fictitious.

    The ball is in their court now. I’m not going away until they pay for the damages to my vehicle. If they do not resolve this issue my next action is to contact a lawyer.

  4. stacy lewis says:

    this insurance is by far the worst. they are criminals. not only did they over charge me they made the excuse that they would not pay me for an accident I had when two young girls ran a red light I hit their car. Viking said they would not pay me a dime because the girl who ran the red light owned 90% of the intersection. they also told me just because there is a green light doesn’t mean you can go .

    by the way, I went on the green light because I couldn’t see over the SUV that was next to me when I looked to the left before the intersection . now I was told that they will be rewarding the girl that ran the red light with 50%payment toward the value of her car

    IF ANYONE HAS SIMILAR THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO THEM PLEASE CONTACT ME AT [email protected] I’m going to fight this until I die. I hate @#$hole people who rip you off

    • 11111

    Regret using this company. Even after I cancelled they sent me to collections for $50.00 they have yet to explain. Paid the bill but filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner.

    RUN AWAY! No return calls to their agents when you have a billing problem….

    • 11111
    Beto marquez says:

    Worst insurance customer service at the claim dept. Never cared to hear about the details of the incident ,very rude customer claims representative .

    I am probably getting blamed for causing “injury” to a person who hit my car and said “I’m okay, I’m fine, nothing is wrong ” and now is lying saying they are injured and of course the claim dept will not acknowledge I had talked to the other driver and the other driver claimed to be totally ok after the accident .

    Never going to use this poorly managed insurance companies again.

  5. was making a left turn, other driver was texting and hit me in right rear 1/4 panel just in front of the tail light. Viking said I was not at fault, yet raised my rates.

    as soon as I get 2 years on this accident I’m switching to a different company.

  6. I can relate to this as I called the 800 that is suppose to be available 24 hours no one answered. Just went to voicemail saying I was calling after hours.

    What kind of s*** is this company running? by far the worst ever.

    • 11111

    Horrible and unprofessional. I was rear ended by their insured, who totaled his GMC Sierra on the back bumper of my sturdy ride. While my vehicle absorbed the shock well, my body did not. I was bedridden with severe whiplash for over a week.

    It took 5 days for the claims agent to respond to my claim.

    Despite 2 body shop estimates at $1299+, they stated they would send me a check for $500. It would be my responsibility to locate a good body shop that could work with THEIR photo estimate. They also stated there was NO WAY I was badly injured due to this being a “low impact” accident. Keep in mind, insured vehicle was totaled.

    I was continually told if I didn’t like the way they were handling my claim, I should file a claim against my own insurance.

    These people are crooks and liars. They take money from uninsurable people and then revictimize the victims of their poor drivers by not paying out claims.

    • 11111

    Definitivamente no los recomiendo.Tenia 3 vehículos con ellos y me robaron uno de ellos. Con cobertura total y aparte de tratarme de decir que mi familiares se robaron el vehículo se me hizo ridiculi escuchar eso de su parte. No me cubrieron el servicio de grúa cuando la policia lo encontró. Según ofrecen full cover y no es cierto. ,Causan fraude h muy exigentes con los pagos mensuales.

    El servicio de atención al cliente es peor. La Sra.” Tory Ward”. Nunca respondió mis llamadas. No los recomiendo en lo abosuto.
    Es la peor aseguranza.

    • 11111

    Good luck if you are rear-ended from a driver who has Viking Insurance. Viking readily accepted liability and the Viking adjuster was very nice in the initial phone call, saying he’d be with me “every step of the way.” They came in with a very lowball estimate, thousands below what the body shop said it would cost to fix my car.

    An email to the estimator from the body shop detailing the additional damage and related costs to the car went unanswered. My phone calls to the claims adjuster who NEVER answers his phone went unanswered. I really think they were stalling so I would file a claim through my own insurance carrier – and having run out of patience more than two weeks after the accident that is exactly what I am doing.

    It’s interesting to read that my experience is similar to so many others. Too bad there is not a zero star option – because that’s how bad my experience has been with them.

  7. Dorothy phelps says:

    They suck

  8. Glenda Nash says:

    This has got to be the worse Insurance company around.

    I was rear ended by one of their drivers almost 2 months ago they keep dragging their feet and nothing has been done yet. Now they won’t even return my calls.

    Danny Vagon is the person who is suppose to be taking care of things I have called him so many times and left messages for him to call he has never called me back yet. I was told someone would come by and look at my car within 24 hours that has been over 3 weeks ago and no one has come around yet ..I need my car bad.

    I am turning this company into better business ..and ready to file some charges on them ..My Insurance company will do the filling charges for me and sue big time ….no star rating from me.

    • 11111

    My Name is Steve. I was out of town and my car was keyed they sent me an app to take pictures I told the lady it had a lot of damage I need a rep. from their company to come out she said no use the app I did like a DUMB*** submitted all pictures.

    I get an email saying approved we received all information we need please take a short survey how easy the app worked again I did like a DUMB*** I called to talk to the rep. she said I will get a check 1 to 2 days. I told the shop what they sent and said. Work started I get a call the next day saying now they want to come see the car WTF games?

    now I have to talk to another person really PLEASE if you are looking for insurance don’t use them

  9. Starting this terrible process says:

    Complaints to BBB will be the only way to shut these people down or get them to be honest! Complain complain complain! Not one person has done that! They have an A+ 0 complaints 0 reviews!

    • 11111

    I am currently dealing with this company…I was hit by their insured who was drunk, he hit me in the side pulling out of a bar, as I was traveling at about 50 mph. I slid sideways into a ditch and my truck rolled 2 times. Traveling about 200′ from the initial impact. (2-9-2017).

    I talked to a lawyer a month ago, he wanted me to get all my doctor visits underway, which I did, and he just called to setup a follow-up appointment to retain him.

    Viking insurance called me last week, (today 3/29/17) Thursday I think. I asked if he could call me back tomorrow, he said yes and still has not called. His name is RICK SKURKO. Has anyone dealt with him before?

    • 11111
    sheila lance says:

    This is the worst insurance company.

    They flat out stoled money from me. I don’t know if people know that you can report them to the Oregon Department of Insurance. They will fine them for their wrong doing and can even take their license.

  10. Kellie garcia says:

    Horrible! Was hit and totaled by a Viking insured and the driver will not call, or answer his phone. He totaled 3 cars. Viking said they cannot do anything, although there is a police report. this is the insurance he carries.

    • 11111

    Viking insurance, known as Dairyland insurance, is the worst insurance ever. don’t waste your time and money to this insurance there claim department does not do their job. A lot of attitudes and they never do the right thing!




    • 11111

    F#[email protected] them… You do not need them

    • 11111
    Angry Billy says:

    My car got hit by a teenager whose insurance (must be under his mommy’s name) is Viking. The police report said the teenager failed to yield the right of way. In simple talk, he is guilty. I get a call from Viking saying I should wait to hear back from them because of a “coverage issue.” Coverage issue my a**. Already I feel this is a sh*t a** company. If they don’t fully pay for my damages, I will take the teenager to small claims court. F— them all.

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