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1100 West 29th Street
PO Box 277

South Souix
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Things to Remember...

  • Great West specializes in serving the trucking industry and aircraft industry
  • Great West also offers liability, surety, worker’s compensation, and excess coverage
  • Great West has high ratings which are indicative of the company’s financial strength and ability to pay claims

A Great West auto insurance review turned up a company with roots that go back to 1956. In 1936, the Interstate Commerce Commission saw a need to regulate the trucking industry.

In 1956, when Great West was formed, founder Joseph Morten and his son collaborated with members of the trucking industry to provide the insurance coverage that was needed.

The company is currently identified as Great West Casualty Company and is a part of ORI Great West Holdings.

This company seems to pride itself on the history of integrity its employees’ practice. The insurance rater A.M. Best grades the company with an “A+”, so does J.D. Powers and Associates.

Other raters such as Fitch give the company an A+, while Moody’s offers it an A1.

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Great West Auto Insurance for Truckers


Truckers are held to a high standard as professional drivers, yet some things are just unavoidable. Truck drivers are required to carry a certain type of CDL license, which is proof that they are certified to drive a tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler.

CDL classifications include a separate class for transporting hazardous materials. These drivers have to take specified training, take certain routes to make deliveries in addition to other precautions they take.

The risk of transporting hazardous materials has a great impact on the amount of insurance required.

Tractor-trailer drivers work either as independent owner operators or as representatives of a company. Insurance is either paid by the company or owner operator, which makes a difference to Great West.

Another important factor is the rate class of the truck which is usually based on weight as well as other factors. An 18 wheeler can weigh an average of 40 tons, which is around 80,000 pounds.

Thanks to the technology of air brakes, it is easier to stop a truck in less than the formally required distance.

Safety courses and training minimize the risk of car accidents and other hazards associated with sharing the road with the average driver.

Truckers are trained to be defensive drivers, and they are taught to anticipate what the drivers around them are going to do.

Depending on the rate class, an independent trucker can pay as much as $400 per month for their truck in insurance premiums.

Some of the factors that are taken into consideration are:

  • Weight
  • Value of the load
  • Risk
  • Hazard classification
  • Competition
  • Cost of service

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Great West Auto Insurance and its Partners

When your truck breaks down for the last time and it is time to get a replacement, Old Republic Financial Acceptance works with Great West policyholders to get the best rate possible on a loan.

You have the option of purchasing new or used equipment when a repair will suffice. The company even has concessions for your cargo.

Great West partners are available to fill in the blanks when there is a problem with the steady flow of your trucking business.

Owner-operators have the option of rental reimbursement and downtime, which kicks in when your equipment is not making you money.

Great West takes up the slack with a network of resources from storage garages to repair shops.

Great West Auto Insurance Savings


Great West offers deductible reimbursements to owner operator drivers who are required to pay motor carrier deductibles. This service is provided if physical damage insurance is purchased through Great West.

Occupational accident is made available through Old Republic Life Insurance Company.

Those who do not own their own trailers can save by purchasing miscellaneous equipment coverage for computers, GPS systems, and two-way radios for example. This way you do not have to purchase unnecessary coverage.

The company’s claims processing is made simple with the support network assigned to help you file your claim forms and get things done quickly.

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