LM General Auto Insurance Review (2021)

LM General operates as an auto insurance policy underwriter for Liberty Mutual. It was founded in 1978. AM Best gave it an A rating for its financial stability.

Company Details
Address: 175 Berkeley Street
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
ZIP Code: 02116
Phone Number: 1-800-344-0197
Year Founded: 1978
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Things to Remember...

  • LM General Insurance Company was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1978 under the name Prudential General Insurance Company
  • Liberty Mutual offers a long list of personal and business insurance products
  • Liberty Mutual website has a tool called the “Auto Coverage Calculator” that allows customers can enter a variety of information that enables them to see the costs for various types of coverage

LM General Insurance Company was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1978 under the name Prudential General Insurance Company.

It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prudential until that company was acquired by Liberty Mutual in 2003. Today, LM General operates as an underwriter for Liberty Mutual auto insurance policies.

LM General does not maintain its own website or conduct business under its own brand name. Therefore, all the information obtained for this review comes directly from Liberty Mutual Group.

Furthermore, it is unclear whether or not LM General is licensed to do business in every state. If not, Liberty Mutual has other car insurance companies within this group that could provide identical coverage.

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Who Is LM General Insurance Auto Insurance?

Although Liberty Mutual offers a long list of personal and business insurance products, LM General focuses solely on auto insurance.

Its policies range from the most basic that cover state liability minimums, all the way up to comprehensive policies that offer full car replacement.

One nice feature found on the Liberty Mutual website is a tool called the “Auto Coverage Calculator”. With this tool, customers can enter a variety of information that enables them to see the costs for various types of coverage.

This tool is very helpful in deciding exactly the type of policy you need and how much money you’re willing to spend.

How Do You Get LM General Insurance Quotes?

LM General and Liberty Mutual offer three ways for consumers to get auto insurance quotes. The first method is to visit the Liberty Mutual website and utilize its online quote tool.

By entering your zip code, the tool is able to work only with the insurance products available in your state.

The tool will then ask you for more detailed information and, in just a few minutes, return a fairly accurate quote to you. Just remember that this quote is only an estimate.

The second option is to call a toll-free quote number it provides on its website. This number puts you in touch with a representative at one of its regional offices who can guide you through the whole process.

That representative will ask you for the same information you would provide online, along with more detailed information that will help produce a more accurate quote.

If the information you provide is not accurate, it could be reflected in an adjusted actual cost.

The final option in obtaining a quote is to locate a local independent agent representing Liberty Mutual or LM General.

Thankfully, Liberty Mutual makes it easy to find a local agent through a similar search tool.

As with the quote tool, you simply enter your zip code and press the submit button. The search tool will return results at a designated distance from your location.

As a test, we entered the zip code of a typical mid-sized American city and were presented with four local agents within 50 miles.

Is It Easy To File LM General Insurance Claims?

LM General customers have three options in making an auto insurance claim. The first option involves contacting their 24-hour claims center immediately after having an accident.

This is the preferred method, as it puts you directly in contact with a claims specialist who can expedite service. If you are unable to reach a claims center, the second option is to contact your local independent agent.

While your agent cannot facilitate the entire process from start to finish, he or she can take the necessary information to get things going.

Policyholders who prefer online communications do have access to an online claims platform on the Liberty Mutual website. Through this platform, policyholders can file claims and track their progress.

Customers who choose to use this method will still be contacted by a representative in order to verify the information and provide further instructions.

For tech-minded policyholders, LM General and Liberty Mutual now offer a smart phone app that’s very helpful in filing a claim.

The app allows you to map your location, take pictures of the accident scene, share your insurance information with other parties involved, and initiate voice recordings that might be helpful in remembering details.

The app even prompts you for extra information you might need to collect based on your circumstances. When all is said and done, that information is made available to the Liberty Mutual claims center, and the app automatically connects you to a claims specialist.

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