IDS Auto Insurance Review (2021)

IDS's parent company, Ameriprise, offers a variety of insurance products. Find coverage fast and save up to 20% when you compare quotes online.

Company Details
Address: IDS PROPERTY CASUALTY INSURANCE (wholly owned by Ameriprise Insurance)
State: WI
ZIP Code: 54304-3922
Phone Number: +1- 920-496-5100
Year Founded: 1894
AM Best Rating: A+ (“SUPERIOR”)
Company Rating 1 (2 reviews)

Things to Remember...

  • IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Ameriprise
  • Ameriprise offers types of car coverage, home, condo, and renter’s policies
  • Ameriprise Bank provides loans and deposit products to security-minded folks
  • In 2010, revenues grew by 20 percent and re-established a positive financial trend
  • You can use the quote tool box on the Ameriprise website to compare costs for the types of coverage you need

IDS Property Casualty Insurance, the focus of this IDS review, is a wholly-owned operating unit of Ameriprise Financial.

Ameriprise has built a solid franchise selling financial advice, products, and services to affluent individual investors.

IDS Property Casualty Insurance was formerly owned by American Express. American Express spun off IDS, a retail broker and distribution company in the 1980s.

American Express later spun off Ameriprise in 2005. Ameriprise offers the following types of coverage:

  • car
  • home
  • condo
  • renter’s

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Parent Ameriprise sells a range of insurance products, educational savings programs, retail brokerage, mutual funds, and annuities. The company helps investors start an investment program by delving into each client’s financial requirements and goals.

Ameriprise Financial helps serious clients get started with a financial plan.

Serving each client’s needs with the delivery of proprietary products and services, like Ameriprise does, delivers higher revenues.

Who Is IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company?

Ameriprise Financial is one of the country’s top providers of financial services products and services.

IDS’ sister companies, including Columbia Management, offer individual investors programs.

Ameriprise Bank provides loans and deposit products to security-minded folks.

Ameriprise’s programs are distributed through a network of greater than 11,400 financial advisors, some of these advisors are affiliates or franchisees.

Most of Ameriprise’s products are distributed through financial adviser employees. Securities America, another broker-dealer owned by Ameriprise, also distributes coverage and financial services products for the company.

Ameriprise’s business has grown through acquisitions since the 1980s. The company purchased brokers Brecek & Young and J. & W. Seligman in 2008, at the outset of the global financial crisis.

Soon after, it purchased H&R Block Financial Advisors from parent company H&R Block, the tax preparation firm. With these acquisitions, Ameriprise created a new unit called Ameriprise Advisors.

As the financial crisis continued into 2010, it purchased Columbia Management, a mutual fund business at a cost of $1 billion from ailing Bank of America.

After acquisition, Ameriprise boasts $670 billion in AUM, assets under management.

Columbia Management’s acquisition offered a special kicker: Ameriprise may access Bank of America’s enormous customer base!

Columbia Management was merged with Ameriprise’s RiverSource Investments, an asset manager, also known as Threadneedle to European customers, to market and distribute Ameriprise’s coverage products.

The older IDS property and casualty insurance brand is a part of this product unit.

What Do IDS Auto and Ameriprise Financial Do?

Ameriprise Financial is divided into several key operating units:

  • Wealth management and financial advice
  • Annuities and protection (of which IDS is a party)
  • Asset management
  • Corporate operations

According to the company website, Ameriprise plans to expand asset management services to clients in Europe and Asia, especially in Taiwan and Japan, as it continues to deepen its relationships with clients in the Americas.

The company also announced a decision to sell its Securities America brand.

Because Ameriprise’s focus is on affluent customers or personal/business customers with a minimum of $100,000 in financial assets it is ideally positioned to market varieties of auto coverage and other property & casualty and liability products to a stable customer base.

What Financial Information Is Available About IDS Auto Insurance?

Ameriprise continued to grow throughout the global financial market downturn of 2008 through 2010, although the company’s revenues declined through the period.

In 2010, revenues grew by 20 percent and re-established a positive financial trend.

Here are some other statistics about this company:

  • According to Dun & Bradstreet, the parent company employs about 10,472 people and is considered a low-risk vendor.
  • As of fiscal year-end 2010, the company generated $9.98 billion in sales and grew sales year-to-year by about 27.82 percent.
  • The company’s net income was $1.10 billion.
  • Net income grew by an impressive 51.94 percent.

How Do You Get Auto Insurance Quotes from IDS Auto Insurance?

You can use the quote tool box on the IDS website. You simply enter the type of insurance you are seeking, and the state you live in.

Then you proceed through five pages of questions involving the policy holder, vehicle, drivers, and other details. The final page will give you your quote.

You can also call the company directly with any questions at 1 (888) 239-9953.

To use a free third party auto insurance quotes tool, without leaving this page, just put your zip code into the box now!




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