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Santa Fe Auto Insurance Review

Address: 13702 Gamma Road
City: Dallas
State: TX
ZIP: 75244- 4408
Phone Number: (972) 239-8511
AM Best Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Market Cap: Unknown
Year Founded: 1993
Things to Remember...
  • Santa Fe Auto Insurance Company sells auto insurance through independent agents to individual drivers
  • In the early 1990s, the owners of Santa Fe Insurance brought their data management systems to the non-standard, retail market
  • There are two ways you can obtain full coverage through Santa Fe Insurance

This Santa Fe Auto Insurance Review will discuss the auto insurance company that is actually based out of Dallas, Texas, not Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Santa Fe Auto Insurance Company sells auto insurance through independent agents to individual drivers.

The agents and support staff collectively have over five decades of experience in the insurance industry.

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Santa Fe Auto Insurance Retail InnovationAdobeStock_70348750-1600x1600

In the early 1990s, the owners of Santa Fe Insurance brought their data management systems to the non-standard, retail market.

This data management system allowed the buying process to be quick and efficient because the paperwork was accurate, the pricing simple and, ultimately, the service was quick and easy.

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Santa Fe Auto Insurance Coverage

The only insurance coverage that Santa Fe offers is for auto insurance policies. Each state requires that anyone driving a car must prove that they have the financial ability to cover damage to others if in an accident.

The basic auto insurance policy through Santa Fe Insurance covers liability insurance. This means that you are covered for any damage you cause to others due to a car accident.

Santa Fe Insurance will issue you a Liability Insurance Card which covers the requirement that you need to prove you are financially responsible.

Many people need insurance that not only covers damage to others but also damage done to their own vehicle or persons in the case of an accident of some kind. Santa Fe Insurance offers this type of insurance through their full coverage plan.

There are two ways you can obtain full coverage through Santa Fe Insurance. The first way is to start with full coverage from the start.

You can call 1-888-365-4201 and speak to an agent who will set you up with full coverage, which includes the required liability coverage. The second way is to start off with a liability policy so that you are covered with the minimum requirements and then add full coverage at a later time.

Santa Fe Auto Insurance Claims

AdobeStock_68970010-1600x1600Santa Fe Insurance strives to resolve auto insurance claims in a quick and efficient manner. To help with the claim filing aspect of the process, they have a convenient tool so you can complete the claim online when it is convenient for you.

The website outlines exactly the information that you need in order to start the claims process, which ultimately will get the claim settled faster.

There are two sections for reporting a claim. One is to file a claim against someone else’s Santa Fe Policy, while the other section is to file the claim against your own policy.

Once you have chosen the correct one you will need to have the following information available:

  • Policy number of the insured
  • Your phone number and name
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Vehicle’s driver
  • Make, model, and year of both your and the other vehicle
  • Location where the accident occurred
  • Other vehicle’s driver
  • List of any injuries, passengers, and witness
  • Brief explanation of the accident

After you have submitted all of the information, a claims representative will get in touch with you shortly, usually within 24 hours and explain what the next steps will be.

You will be given a claim number for any future reference and the name and contact number of the claim representative who will be working on the claim. This is the person you want to contact with any questions or concerns about the claim.

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Reviews for Santa Fe Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    I have been a customer for about 3 months. I am writing this because I am very unhappy with their service and feedback given by the claim department.

    I had a claim on 9/12 and today is 9/26, as of now no one from the service or claim department contacted me. I have been their calling claim dept. every single day since then, and get to talk to the operator after an average of 25 minutes wait time on each call. I have asked the operator to have adjuster call me, but as of now no response !!!

    I guess I made a big mistake by switching from State farm… and due to this horrible service issue, the company left me no other choice but to go back to state farm.

    • 11111
    Joe Alexander says:

    This is a terrible insurance company. These folks will not respond to inquiries when you have an issue. Do not use this insurance company.

    • 11111

    Ridiculous prices!! They quoted me $280/mo for a 1990 Taurus. Geico quoted $104. I will never recommend this company to anyone who doesn’t like to be screwed over!

    • 11111

    I only gave them a one-star rating because there isn’t anything lower than that. Their insured hit me, received the traffic ticket, and admitted fault. It has been more than six months and I still do not have reimbursement from them for fixing my car.

    This is absolutely, without a doubt, a very SHADY insurance company. NEVER do business with them.

    • 11111

    We have been waiting for almost 2 months for a payment on a claim. We were told 3 days ago the check would be “overnighted” to us. We just called and the operator now says they don’t overnight checks.

    We asked for their physical address and were told “they don’t give out that information”. Very difficult people to deal with. I hope I don’t have to involve an attorney. Can anybody verify if this is a legitimate insurance company?

  1. this company does not report to the states to let them know when someone’s insurance has lapsed.

    you find after the fact and they have driven off from the scene of an accident. the insurance company should be cited just like the driver is.

    • 11111

    I used to work for them. Terrible company!!

  2. This company doesn’t deserve to be in business. Their insured hit my truck after crossing 3 lanes of traffic, leaving the roadway, and hit me as I was parked in a rest area. The adjuster getting to us was fine; it’s what happened after.

    First, it was sending us the paperwork, then they changed the paperwork they wanted. Next, it was a daily phone tag with us doing all the calling. If you think that you’ll get a straight answer…forget about it. No matter who you want to talk to they are on vacation, out sick, in a meeting, or on another line all in the same day. It just depends on who you talk to.

    And you think you’re going top be able to the same person handling your claim…..NO SUCH LUCK it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry have their hand in your claim. Send them a copy of a paid invoice and what do they do? Mail a check to the name on the invoice.

    If you waited over 2 weeks for a check, it’s either in your file or sitting on someone’s desk. If you have an accident with someone that is insured with them, get some legal help.

    • 11111

    Run from this company. They are going out of business. No Money to pay claims

    Their 86 yr old CEO was told this week to resign.

    Do NOT pay your premiums. Go elsewhere NOW

    • 11111

    Worst company.. Will never recommend this company to anyone…

    • 11111

    My wife was hit by one Sante Fe policy and it is the worst operation yet and it has just begun. I will be taking someone to court

    • 11111

    All agent contracts cancelled with no reason as to why.

    • 11111

    hello, march 3. 2012 I was run off the road and damage my truck. I had the agent to come out and take pictures of the truck. by the 27th the check was in the mail. I had a hurt time trying to get the check cash because ppl was thinking that the owner of the truck was not the person name.

    so right now I still have a problem with this check. Santa Fe cancel the check after I deposited in my account and now I am still in the hold with the bank. please, this company is playing with everyone money and it is not right. NO MORE BUSINESS FOR THEM.

    • 11111

    Scum of the earth, the biggest piece of junk company that I have ever dealt with. How these people can look at themselves in the mirror and not puke is beyond me.

    • 11111

    My agency has written insurance through them for many years. Very few issues reported back to me by clients from claims.

    Company decides to terminate all agent contracts and keep all the commissions. Financial filings show the company in a tailspin.

    Don’t expect your agent to be able to help you because he is being treated like a company enemy. Move your coverage and do it quickly.

    • 11111

    TERRIBLE- I was involved in an automobile accident with a client who used this insurance – My advice is IF YOU EVER SEE THE WORDS SANTA FE INSURANCE COMPANY -USE YOUR OWN COVERAGE

    THIS INSURANCE COMPANY IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yeap about to sue this insurance company now. They insurer back into my rental car. No police report made. Since the police were coming down the street and said they do not handle minor wrecks just exchange info.

    The insurer gave me his info. I call the same day and made the claim. No witness just the insurer girlfriend. I sent in the crash report. The insurer did not make a statement until after I found out he was on parole with a bad driving record. I contact his parole office the insurer made a statement and said I hit him.sante he said the claim denied due to conflicting stories.

    Although my insurance said they can tell he ran into me even the body shop said it who repaired the rental car. Everything went on my insurance as an at fault wreck on me. But I’m filing suit.

  4. This company does not have any professional process. They never notified me of an increase in insurance, and they don’t follow through with responses. It basically is what it is. They also don’t do well with claims. I know a few people with this Sana Fe insurance and they got duped on claims.

    I will not recommend this crappy insurance. You have a good driving record but increase your premiums without notification. I just cancelled this crappy insurance. I will spread my unsatisfied experience with this company.

    • 11111

    I was hit by their insured while on my bicycle over 1.5 months ago. The driver was ticketed and admitted fault. The accident cracked my $1800 carbon frame and damaged other components on a bike I built 2 weeks prior to the accident. I was left with 2 cracked ribs, a major contusion on my leg, and a good dose of road rash.

    The company has been unhelpful in every way possible and still hasn’t sent an adjuster to assess the damage (I offered them an estimate from the most reputable shop in the area, and they refuse to accept it). I sent them the police report with all of the information they needed on it 1.5 months ago, and they haven’t done ANYTHING.

    I hope every day that they will finally find a reason to deny my claim so I can just file it through my insurance company and be done with this.

    • 11111
    Benjamin says:

    1 star is too high of a ranking for these clowns! They are a total waste of space and time. Knowing that they are allowed to rip people off like this is absolutely mind boggling. We should get a class action suit against them going, I know I would invest time and money into this effort. 404-903-one 8 five me

    • 11111

    One star is still too high. an accident caused by the other party who is insured through Santa Fe and was found guilty in the court of law and Santa Fe STILL denied the claim saying conflicting witness stories. This is a fraudulent insurance company, and a class action lawsuit must be filed to stop companies from defrauding the innocent. Will be contacting Benjamin.

    • 11111


    • 55555
    Maria Martinez says:

    My husband was actually in an accident with a Santa Fe policy holder, and we received a call back the very same day that we filed the claim, the representative let us know that our claim was being looked at. She even explained the necessary steps that we could take to move the claim investigation a lot faster.

    I greatly appreciated that call, it let me know that someone was already looking into the unfortunate accident that we were involved in. My claim was settled immediately.

  5. Our car was hit on the 4th of July and ultimately totaled out by a Santa Fe insured customer. We have already filed a complaint with BBB and the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Has been almost 3 months and keep being told that they are still investigating. Other driver was ticketed.

    My husband has over $30,000 in medical bills. The latest crap they have come up with is that they don’t believe the driver had a valid driver’s license. Several police officer’s were on the scene. The driver was not ticketed for driving with a suspended license.

    I checked online with Georgia Motor vehicle online put in the driver’s license number for the person that hit us and the license came up as valid. They know they are wrong. I am so tired of having to stop working to call and yell at these jokers.

  6. coverage of an insurance policy has many variations depending on the type of insurance that is purchased and the benefits it brings, for this reason, the coverage is an important part to purchase insurance, you must also choose according to needs having the client

    • 11111

    This company is a real rip off I thought I was on the TV show “Punk” the way they were treating me.

    Their insurer speeding across an empty parking lot in a truck hit the mess out of my car pretty much totaling it out. Their insurer said they were leaving from a parking space and then hit me which was a lie! Make it so bad the insurer was not even driving the truck she was on the passenger side.

    They immediately began to site “It’s private property and we don’t have to pay. Anyway, this company was so so rude to me like I was in the wrong! and not their insurer!

    Eventually, they only claim to pay a little fraction of what it cost to repair/replace my vehicle. This happened in 02/2012 and now it’s 01/2013 and still no check. I called today and they say they didn’t receive my paperwork that I sent in 🙁 But I can say this time the customer service rep was very nice nothing like the past.

    Benjamin, I’m with U on doing a class action suit going. It’s just not fair how they get away with this!!

  7. Kristen McCrihgt says:

    I was a customer of Santa Fe Auto Insurance for 4 years. They made a mistake in-directly taking money off my bank card as I told them too. They won’t admit to their mistake and if I want to be their customer I have to pay a reinstatement fee plus and extra $43.00 A MONTH. What a racquet.


    Stupid idiots work here and aren’t helpful at all. Bye B@#$%@. I’m with progressive now

    • 11111
    TIcked off family says:

    On December 23 My brother in law bought a GTO within the hour of purchasing the vehicle a Santa Fe client backed into his car causing extensive damage. Immediately we had the car looked at and in the shop.. The car was guaranteed to be paid 100%..

    Here we are at the end of the first week in February and the car is fixed yet we can’t pick it up because SANTA FE refuses to pay… Their computers have been “down” for over a week now… HMMMMM Ok Santa Fe here’s my problem you have told us there is a check in the mail to them.. And you are even giving the body shop you approved all kinds of heck for picking up our car…

    You don’t need just stars to rate you.. You need thumbs down.. Do we need to go the legal rate?? We have a new car we haven’t even got to drive because you aren’t doing your jobs…

    I am reporting to the BBB and looking into what other legal steps we need to take! Anyone out there please do not use this company…. I am glad nobody was injured in this accident hate to see how we were treated!

    • 11111

    The shadiest people I’ve ever had to deal with!!!!!!

    • 11111

    I worked with Santa Fe in Document Processing for 9 years, starting in 2001 when it was US Auto just coming out of the ground! I felt well taken care of at first. Then they began laying off wonderful managers and good bosses, only to bring in prima donnas and promoting people who happened to have friends w/in the company.

    I found myself being treated like crap and it was like pulling teeth to get time off as it was always inconvenient for my supervisor. I was belittled and disrespected by my supervisor after years of being loyal, dependable, and good at my job! I left in late 2010 and found out that the company is now collapsing on itself.

    Everyone I know there has lost their jobs or gotten disgruntled and quit. They have revoked vacation time for current employees with no reimbursement or severance in the event of layoffs.

    If feel you are being dumped on by Santa Fe, it’s probably because you are dealing with employees who merely care as much as management cares for the employees. 🙁

    • 11111
    John Keahey says:

    My wife and two-year-old son were hit by a person insured with Santa Fe, while stopped at a red light! They called our insurance company and left a message on their voice mail saying that there will be no claim for my wife and son. WTH!

    There was a police a report saying the other driver was at fault, the other driver was issued a ticket for failure to control speed and my son and wife were taken to the hospital via ambulance because some moron driver could not pay enough attention to the road! We found out that the company is the process of going bankrupt.

    I am seriously thinking about legal action. I am wondering if our family friend, who is a judge in Frisco,(if the people of Santa Fe are reading this), can do anything to help.

    • 11111
    Dana Elliott says:

    Just received a notice that my insurance policy with Santa Fe is being cancelled because they are going bankrupt. I am glad that I have only been paying for a month at a time. Had I paid for a year in advance, my money would be gone, and I would have to buy more insurance.

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