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Integon Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: P. O. Box 66790
City: Saint Louis
State: MO
ZIP: 63166
Phone Number: 1-800-325-1190
AM Best Rating: A
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1939
Things to Remember...
  • Integon Auto Insurance is a subsidiary of GMAC Insurance Holdings, Inc. which is now named National General
  • Integon provide several types of personal lines of insurance
  • Integon offers a variety of discounts including having anti-theft devices
Integon Automobile Insurance is a subsidiary of National General, formerly known as GMAC.

GMAC, General Motors Acceptance Corporation, is the 15th largest underwriter of personal lines insurance in the United States.

It is currently rated A- by AM Best and considered to be a stable company.

The National General insurance umbrella began as Motors Insurance Company in 1939. It is the only insurance company that originated from a car company.

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National General Insurance Quotes


The National General website allows its customers to receive insurance quotes online from simply inputting their zip code.

Should you need further advice regarding your insurance needs, you can also speak with a representative.

Any quotes you receive are saved, including those online, in case you are not ready to make an immediate decision.

National General Auto Insurance Agents

There are over 14,000 independent National General agents across the United States that underwrite for National General policyholders.

The agents do not work for National General but as independent agents, they represent several different companies.

The independent agents are local and available to meet with you at your convenience whether in person or on the phone.

You can find an agent online by inputting your zip code into the toolbox and determining the mile radius you are willing to travel. Once the information is entered, a map comes up with all the possible agencies.

National General Auto Insurance Policies


Each state law requires a different amount of insurance coverage for automobiles.

However, the coverage options available from Integon are:

  • Liability for bodily injury
  • Liability for property damage
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Medical expenses
  • Underinsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Personal injury protection

National General also offers commercial automobile insurance. Commercial automobile insurance includes company cars, trucks, and vans.

Commercial insurance provides bodily and property damage limits for up to $1 million.

Additional coverage under the commercial insurance policy covers an employee who finds himself in a situation where he must use his own personal vehicle.

Additional coverage such as National General’s own motor club which provides roadside assistance including towing can be added to your policy.

National General Auto Insurance Policyholder Benefits

Integon provides certain benefits to its policyholders. For example, they provide convenient affordable down payments and monthly payments.

Automatic withdrawals from a designated checking or savings account is another benefit National General provides to its policyholders.

Payments can also be made online or by calling 1-877-468-3466.

Agents with Integon provide reviews on policyholder’s coverage periodically and at the client’s request. Account holders also have the ability to view their accounts online on the website.

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National General Auto Insurance Policyholder Discounts

Integon offers auto insurance discounts to its policyholders that meet the stated qualifications.

For instance, the company provides multiple vehicle discounts or discounts if you are a homeowner.

Having an anti-theft device in your vehicle will also warrant a discount. Similarly, if you maintain an active OnStar subscription you can receive an additional discount.

Lastly, if you have another GM account like a credit card, Integon offers an additional discount on your policy.

In addition to those discounts listed above, Integon offers its policyholders discounts for good driving records and good credit scores.

National General Auto Insurance Customer Service

Integon provides a Learning Center online for its policyholders. Within the Learning Center, Integon explains Insurance terminology, factors that affect your premium, adequate coverage for your needs, and information regarding insurance fraud.

Safety tips are also posted on the website. There are tips for teen drivers, elderly drivers, and business owners to protect themselves against risk. The site even provides a test you can take to check your driving knowledge.

Any additional questions on your policy can be answered by a representative.

National General Auto Insurance Claims


Claims can be filed any time on their website.

The website provides helpful hints of what to do should you find yourself in a car accident.

Such information includes taking pictures if possible, noting date, time, and location, phoning the police, and exchanging information with the other driver.

The website claims that processing time on a claim can take up to 48 hours.

National General does guarantee all claim repairs when done through an approved repair shop. After your accident, National General makes arrangements for your vehicle to be towed and a rental car provided.

Once the car is finished at the repair shop, Integon will deliver your vehicle directly to you and return the rental.

Should your vehicle be totaled, Integon can locate a replica of the totaled vehicle if you wish.

There is also an emergency expense allowance which includes up to $500 in food, lodging and travel expenses. Integon offers 100 percent satisfaction with its claims service or your deductible will be waived.

National General Insurance Careers

Job openings for National General can be found on the website. Resumes for job openings can also be submitted online.

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Reviews for Integon Auto Insurance

  1. Debra Murray says:

    Very hard to deal with when an Integon client has an accident and is at fault.

    Adjustor and supervisor from my experience do not react in a timely manner even though they had accepted liability for the accident. They do not return phone calls and messages left. It has been 2+ weeks and still not resolved.

    Yes, a ck was sent to us for partial claim and after the fact, we finally catch up w/ the adjuster thru no effort on his part and, he is not doing what we were told they would do when the claim was called in. If anyone higher up in the corporation would contact me, I would be glad to go over our 3 pages of notes from the inner actions w/ the Charlotte office adjuster we dealt with.

    Someone higher up needs to know of the poor customer service and the way that the adjuster treats the people that he comes in contact with. Hopefully, someone else will contact me before I am forced to take other options.

    Again, to reinforce, you have accepted liability, all we want is for you to do what we were told by your agent that you would do.

    • 11111

    No stars!
    Their adjusters are slow and don’t care about anything.
    Three weeks went by on my claim before I had to do their job by calling someone over their head, then all of a sudden, they called me back.

  2. They hate to pay people when they get involved in an accident that’s not your fault worst insurance company ever!!!! WAS INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT AND HAVEN’T HEARD ANYTHING FROM THEM YET…I WILL BE GETTING A LAWYER.

    • 11111

    A client from Integron ran a stop sign last Thursday. Totalled my son’s car. Integron gave my a claim number and said I would be contacted by an adjuster. The next day a lady called and. Her number one priority was to move my car cause my body shop was charging 30 per day.

    5 days later she wants a statement from my son to verify the SC Highway Trooper accident report. The report is very clear. She finally offered a rental car. She says they will pay 75% of book value per state law to replace my son’s classic car worth over $4,000.

    My son was advised to use a claim number from them when he gets checked by a doctor. She says we will be liable for doctor bills unless we contact another entity of Integron to fill out paperwork before he gets treatment?

    This insurance company is about to rob me and apparently they do this so often they think the victims that lost due to no fault of their own should be satisfied with their greed.

    You better hope one of their clients don’t crash into you.

  3. One of the worst insurance companies I have ever dealt with. They’ve been giving me the runaround.

    I sent them info two months ago and they have not done anything about it. I spent one hour going to get a registered letter only to find out it is a copy of a denial they sent by regular mail a month ago. They didn’t even change the date that shows they don’t even look into your claim. It will take time but I will get what is owed to me. They didn’t even look at the repair bill before they denied me. Adjusters established which was way off on the low side.

    Stay away from anyone that has this coverage you won’t be happy if they hit you.

  4. don ramsey says:

    Sorry, sorry, sorry. Over 1 month since one of their clients totaled my car. No rental available. No settlement. No one will answer their phone and no one will return a call. It’s companies like this that plant a seed for lawyers to grow on. Absolutely the most frustrating experience with an insurance company in over 35 years. I hope they settle with me and then go out of business.

    • 11111

    My car was deemed a total loss on December 17, 2015, and my claim has been passed around to 5 different representatives since that date. The total loss claims representative contacted me on December 24, 2015, to inform that the car was deemed a total loss and send power of attorney forms to transfer the title of the car to the insurance company. The total loss claims representative seems to be the one holding all information as any other representative I contact “does not have any further information about the claim.”

    The lienholder was not made aware of the loss of the car until January 6, 2016, by a different representative, at which time the lienholder informed me and the insurance company that the car was to be paid in full by January 16, 2016, or invoke interest on the payoff amount. I was not informed that I was responsible for the payoff amount but instead asked to hang up the phone and would be called back “with more information in a timely fashion.”

    I have not been contacted by anyone from the insurance company since that date as of today, January 16, 2016. The total loss claims representative has failed to contact me about the status of the claim in over two weeks (since Jan 4, 2016) and contact on that date was also initiated by me. I have attempted to contact the claims representative 8 times in two weeks, leaving 3 voicemails, with no response.

    Yesterday (January 15, 2016) I had a loan payment taken out on the lost car, even though the title is in the insurance company’s name (January 5, 2016) and I haven’t had possession of the car since December 30, 2015. The lienholder has also not been paid by the insurance company as the original loan amount has not been adjusted after the insurance company and I spoke to the lienholder on January 6.

    It has been exactly one month since the loss date and the only thing that has been resolved is that the car was deemed a total loss.

    • 11111

    One of their insurers rear ended my car and the adjuster is refusing to pay for my injuries because she states there was not enough damage. I am the one that was jolted in the car when he hit me from behind. Then they send an adjuster that gives a low ball estimate so that they can have a reason to say they are not going to pay but I am the one suffering with pain.

    I have detained a lawyer and they will be paying my medical bills and for the pain and suffering that they have caused me.

  5. Lisa DeLacy says:

    My son was side swiped by someone that left the scene. The State trooper tracked the perpetrator down, and the guy has Integon as his insurance carrier. The car is a total loss. It has been three months since the accident and we have heard nothing from the claims department. Cynthia Castellanos is the name of the woman working there. She no longer picks up her phone when I call. I have been calling every two weeks. I get some lame excuse every time.

    I am filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance. sending a letter, and gearing up for small claims court.
    This company will not make things right. If I end up suing the gentleman who is their client, I would hate to be that man.

    In fact, this Castellanos lady said that I would have to go after him in small claims court to get the money to repair or replace my car. She just threw him to the dogs.

    This is a bad deal for everyone.

    • 11111
    Lisa DeLacy says:

    If you don’t contact me and make things right, Cynthia Castellanos, re: claim 2206880,
    Things will be getting heated. I have been civil. I need a car, I am without a car for 3 months already. Please send me the name and contact information of the supervisor of Cynthia Castellanos.
    Below is a copy of the letter I am mailing this week.
    April 13, 2016
    National General Insurance
    P.O. Box 3199
    Winston-Salem NC 27102-3199
    RE: Integon Insurance Claim 2206880
    Date of Loss: January 20, 2016

    To whom it may concern,
    I have been unable to reach the handling adjuster, Cynthia Castellanos for the above-referenced claim. I have been without transportation since my vehicle was hit by Kenneth Ray Wivell who fled the scene and was later identified by the California Highway Patrol who made the police report.
    It is my understanding that your company as accepted liability for this accident but to date, I have not been made a settlement offer for my vehicle which is a total loss.
    Please consider this my formal demand for loss of use in the amount of $25/day for each day that I have been without my car. To date, this amount is $2,100 plus the value of the total loss of my vehicle.
    I would appreciate return call to resolve this claim.

    Lisa Delacy
    P.O. Box 1077
    Columbia, CA 95310

    • 11111
    Travis Bouchard says:

    Been 10 day still no call back this place is a JOKE!!!!

    we have no car, no help from them at all.

    would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

    • 11111

    8/19/16 A customer, drunk driver, miss his turn, ran over stop sign and came into our yard and totaled our 2006 VW. Two days no word from insurance company. I called and the accident hasn’t been reported (Friday). Monday, a gentleman showed up to estimate the damages. Said they’d call in two days, no word. I called and they gave me another number to call.

    Ok, here we go, they had to wait on another person to say if it was a totaled or not, front end smashed in, wow. They never called back, oh yes, they also didn’t give me a rental car to drive either and still don’t and its been 3 weeks. Called again, you know they want calls, need information for car pay off, gave them the same information we got from bank.

    Found us another car, well the bank wants to give us the loan until the insurance company sends them or fax a letter what the insurance is giving for the car. Called the insurance company and they said they had got in touch with the underwriter , bank says they haven’t.

    Three weeks, no car, no rental, no payoff, and still nothing. What a shame people have o put up with ignorance like this. Hope something son will break, I’m tired of this. I’m 70 years old and to be treated like this.

    • 11111

    You are the worst insurance company I ever dealt with.

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