Integon Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Integon auto insurance is a subsidiary of National General, the 15th-largest provider for personal auto insurance. Integon Insurance Company has 14,000 agents who underwrite various policies for National General. Customers of National General pay an average of $150 per month or $1,806 annually for auto insurance. Use discounts to lower your Integon auto insurance rates.

Company Details
Address: P. O. Box 66790
City: Saint Louis
State: MO
ZIP Code: 63166
Phone Number: 1-800-325-1190
Year Founded: 1939
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 1.09 (11 reviews)

Things to Remember...

  • Integon auto insurance is a subsidiary of GMAC Insurance Holdings, Inc., which is now called National General Insurance.
  • Customers pay $150 per month or $1,806 annually on average for auto insurance from National General, as underwritten by Integon.
  • As National General, Integon offers a variety of discounts, including one for having anti-theft devices, being a safe driver, and paying for your policy in full.

Integon auto insurance is managed under its parent company, National General — formerly known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC). Therefore, any Integon auto insurance you receive will come from National General.

If you buy Integon auto insurance, you’ll notice the company goes by many names, but all names connect back to National General. Each name represents a different company that will have different auto insurance rates — some may offer cheap auto insurance, but we’ll get to those details in a moment.

Continue reading our Integon National Insurance Company reviews to learn more about the Integon Insurance Company, Integon Insurance claims, Integon auto insurance rates, and Integon Insurance customer service.

Compare auto insurance rates outside of Integon auto insurance online by entering your ZIP code into our FREE quote tool above right now.

What are the average Integon auto insurance rates?

Integon auto insurance is a subsidiary of National General Insurance, formerly known as GMAC or General Motors Acceptance Corporation.

National General relies on underwriters from the Integon Indemnity Insurance Company to assess the risk of insurance customers.

Any quotes you receive will therefore be underwritten by an Integon national auto insurance agent, but your rates will be for National General. How much can you expect to pay with this company? Find out in the table below.

Integon Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Gender and Age
Driver DemographicsAverage Annual Auto Insurance Rates
62-year-old male$916
62-year-old female$946
48-year-old male$910
48-year-old female$1,112
35-year-old male$860
35-year-old female$1,048
25-year-old male$1,426
25-year-old female$1,298
18-year-old male$5,076
18-year-old female$4,472

As you can see, there are plenty of affordable Integon auto insurance policies available to customers. On average, customers pay $150 per month or $1,806 annually. However, use these rates as guidelines to help you estimate your potential annual premiums.

Auto insurance rates are based on many different variables besides just age. Other factors that affect auto insurance rates include where you live, your driving record, and even the kind of vehicle you drive.

How do I get an Integon auto insurance quote?

Getting an Integon quote is misleading, as you’ll actually be getting a National General quote. While there is no Integon Casualty Insurance Company website, the National General website allows potential customers to receive insurance quotes online simply by entering their ZIP code into a quote box.

You’ll be directed through various personal prompts. Answer as honestly as possible to receive the most accurate rates.

Should you need further advice regarding your insurance needs, you can also speak with a representative. The Integon general insurance phone number is 1-800-462-2123, which is also under the leadership of the National General.

Any quotes you receive are saved, including those online, in case you’re not ready to make an immediate decision about switching providers. This gives you time to shop around, compare rates, and find the right company that best fits your needs.

What services does Integon auto insurance provide?

Integon underwrites multiple kinds of insurance policies for National General. The company sells home, auto, RV, motorcycle, small business insurance, and more.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), auto insurance is required in 49 states but 13 percent of American drivers are uninsured. While each state has its own unique laws regulating the specific auto insurance limits, at the very least, you’ll be able to buy a policy from the National General that easily meets your state’s standards.

Integon underwrites the following types of auto insurance coverage for National General clients:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Covers the injury or loss to the other driver involved in an accident you are found at fault for.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Covers damage to the other person’s vehicle or property as the result of an accident where you are at fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers damage to your vehicle relating to anything that is not a collision. Examples include weather damage, animal damage, vandalism, or auto theft. A deductible is associated with this kind of coverage.
  • Collision Coverage: Covers damage to your vehicle when involved in any collisions, regardless of who is at fault. Examples include hitting another vehicle, a tree, or a pole. A deductible is associated with this kind of coverage.
  • Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay): Covers the medical needs of you and the people in your vehicle when involved in an accident. It may also cover the costs of a funeral after a car accident.
  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Covers you if someone without insurance, or without adequate insurance, hurts you or damages your car.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Covers medical expenses and losses that occur as a result of an automobile accident, including missed pay. The PIP coverage is valid no matter who caused the accident.

The most common auto insurance policies are all available through National General and underwritten by Integon auto insurance agents.

National General also offers commercial automobile insurance. Commercial automobile insurance covers company cars, trucks, and vans. Commercial insurance provides bodily and property damage coverage for limits up to $1 million.

Additional coverage options are available, including National General’s motor club, which provides roadside assistance.

What are the Integon auto insurance policyholder discounts?

Under the name National General, Integon offers many different auto insurance discounts to its policyholders. Some discounts are for customer loyalty, others are for your driving habits or for installing anti-theft devices, lowering your risk as an insured client.

In the table below, take a look at all of the discounts advertised on the National General website.

Integon Auto Insurance Discounts
Auto Insurance Discount OfferedHow to Qualify for the Discount
Paid-in-full discountPay in full upfront to qualify.
Multi-vehicle discountInsure two or more vehicles to qualify.
Safe-driver discountsQualify by taking a defensive driving course (only available in some states)
RVs and autos policy discountSave up to 20%, only pay one deductible if your RV and vehicle are involved in the same accident.
Motorcycle discountsSafe-rider and multi-cycle discounts available.
Low mileage discountUse an electronic device to track your mileage to qualify.
Affinity discountsMembership discounts available to a variety of organizations.
Multi-policy discountBundle different policies for a "thank you" discount.
Paperless discountSwitch to electronic billing to qualify.
Anti-theft discountRecieve a discount for certain anti-theft devices.
Autopay discountSwitch to automatic payments to qualify.

As you can see, the company provides multiple vehicle discounts and discounts to homeowners as well. Integon offers its policyholders discounts for good driving records, low mileage, and even paperless billing.

Having an anti-theft device in your vehicle will also warrant a discount. If you maintain an active vehicle recovery system, such as an OnStar subscription, your rates may be lowered as a result.

Lastly, if you have another GM account, like a credit card, Integon offers an additional discount on your policy.

How do I file a claim with Integon Auto Insurance?

Integon auto insurance claims can be filed at any time on the National General website. All Integon Preferred insurance company claims are done online or on the phone. The website also provides helpful steps about what to do should you find yourself in a car accident.

Such information includes taking pictures, if possible, taking note of the date, time, and location, and phoning the police, as well as exchanging information with the other driver.

The website notes that processing time on a claim can take up to 48 hours. If you want to contact the claims department by phone, call the Integon auto insurance claims phone number at 1-800-468-3466. The Integon insurance customer service and claims number is available 24/7.

Unfortunately, there is no claims reporting on a mobile app for this company. While there is an app that tracks your driving habits, it will only lead to a potential discount, not the claims center. You’ll have to use the website or call the Integon insurance claims phone number. There is a live chat feature available online.

National General guarantees all claims repairs when done through an approved repair shop. After your accident, National General makes arrangements for your vehicle to be towed and a rental car is sometimes provided.

Once the car is finished at the repair shop, Integon will deliver your vehicle directly to you and return the rental. Should your vehicle be totaled, the Integon auto insurance company can locate a replica of the totaled vehicle if you wish.

There’s also an emergency expense allowance, including up to $250 in food, lodging, and travel expenses. Integon offers 100 percent satisfaction with its claims service, or your deductible will be waived.

How do I cancel my Integon auto insurance policy?

To cancel your Integon auto insurance policy, call the Integon insurance phone number. Remember, the Integon Casualty insurance company phone number is actually the National General number.

You can also cancel your policy online through the National General website.

The company does not advertise any cancellation fees; however, in some states, a fee may be applied. To avoid cancellation fees, know the date your policy is up for renewal and cancel about a few weeks beforehand.

Be sure you’ve already purchased a new policy to avoid lapses in your coverage, which could lead to higher insurance rates.

What is the Integon auto insurance company?

What exactly is Integon insurance? Integon insurance goes by several names, such as Integon National, Integon Casualty Insurance, Integon Preferred Insurance, and Integon Specialty.

Integon Automobile Insurance, and all of the various names, are subsidiaries of National General Insurance, formerly known as GMAC. In other words, insurance agents under the Integon name underwrite the quotes and premiums for customers interested in purchasing insurance policies from the National General company.

National General changed its name from GMAC, or the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, in 2013. It was the 15th-largest underwriter of personal lines of insurance in the United States.

The National General Insurance umbrella began as Motors Insurance Company in 1939. It is the only insurance company that originated from a car company.

Who are the Integon auto insurance agents?

There are over 14,000 independent National General agents across the United States that underwrite for National General policyholders.

The agents do not work for National General, but they represent several different smaller Integon companies as independent agents.

The independent agents are local and available to talk to you at the Integon Insurance Company phone number or meet with you at your convenience in person. Integon auto insurance quotes are available through the agents as well.

Integon National Insurance’s phone number is 1-888-293-5108.

You can find an agent online by entering your ZIP code into the toolbox on the company’s website and determining the mile radius you’re willing to travel. Once the information is entered, a map comes up with all the possible agencies.

What are the Integon auto insurance policyholder benefits?

Under the name National General, Integon provides specific benefits to its policyholders. For example, the company offers convenient, affordable down payments and monthly payments.

Automatic withdrawals from a designated checking or savings account is another convenience National General provides to its policyholders.

Integon National Insurance bill payments can also be made online or by calling 1-877-468-3466. Integon Preferred Insurance Company’s phone number is 1-800-526-0332.

Agents with Integon provide reviews on policyholders’ coverage periodically and at the client’s request. Policyholders also can view their accounts online on the website.

Integon also provides a Learning Center online as National General for its policyholders. Within the Learning Center, insurance terminology is explained, as well as factors that affect your premium and how to find adequate coverages for your needs. The company also provides information regarding insurance fraud.

You can find safety tips on the website, tips for teen drivers, elderly drivers, and ways for business owners to protect themselves against risk. The site even provides a test you can take to check your driving knowledge.

What are the Integon auto insurance ratings and reviews?

Is National General, and by association Integon auto insurance, a good company for consumers? Cheap rates are great, but if agents are unresponsive during the claim filing process or if a company is not financially reliable, you’d be better off looking elsewhere for coverages.

Fortunately, National General is currently rated an A- by A.M. Best and is considered to be a financially stable company. National General is a good company that will be able to close out any claims, even during an economic downturn. The same goes for its subsidiary, Integon General insurance company.

Customer service reviews are poor to decent when compared to other insurance providers. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index, National General is worse than average, with a rating of 6.4.

However, the Better Business Bureau gives National General an A+ rating and accreditation. Out of 5 stars, the consumer ranking is a 2.98, and 190 complaints have been closed in the past 12 months.

These numbers are fairly good for an auto insurance provider. Overall, the Integon national insurance company rating is pretty good.

What are the Integon auto insurance company careers?

Job openings for National General can be found on the website. Resumes for job openings can also be submitted online.

Here’s a short description of the job types that may be available at Integon National General.

Integon Auto Insurance Careers Description
Job TypeDescription
Entry LevelThe foot in the door that prepares an entry-level employee for more responsibilities as they grow within National General.
ProfessionalWorking professionals work in-depth as National General develops more strategies and acquires more policyholders.
InternshipInterns learn practical tools of finance, sales, and other working experiences that will prepare them for the next step.

Each position comes with a specific responsibility, which you can learn over time. Perhaps you’d like to become an independent agent for Integon auto insurance policies. Use each opportunity as a stepping stone to the next stage.

Integon Auto Insurance: What’s the Bottom Line

Integon National Insurance reviews your risks like any other company, but you won’t get much information until you contact them for an auto insurance quote.

Is National General Insurance the same as The General? No. The General is a standalone company that doesn’t have any connection to National General. Try comparing rates when you get a chance.

You can find competitive rates from the best auto insurance companies easily right now. The best method for finding affordable auto insurance is to use our comparison tool to compare rates in your area.

Before purchasing your Integon auto insurance policy, enter your ZIP code into our FREE quote tool below to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple different providers near you.


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