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American Commerce Auto Insurance Review

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Address: 211 Main Street
City: Webster
State: MA
ZIP: 01570
Phone Number: 800-562-4517
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap: N/A
Year Founded: 1946
Things to remember...
  • American Commerce is one of five American subsidiaries selling insurance under the MAPFRE brand name
  • American Commerce Insurance Company was founded in 1946 in Massachusetts
  • MAPFRE is a global insurance organization with operations in 43 countries and millions of clients.

American Commerce Insurance Company was founded in 1946 as an auto insurance provider in the state of Massachusetts. The company has since been acquired by Spanish insurer MAPFRE, SA which makes its home in Madrid.

American Commerce is one of five American subsidiaries selling insurance under the MAPFRE brand name. They are the single largest auto insurance carrier in the state of Massachusetts.

MAPFRE is a global insurance organization with operations in 43 countries and millions of clients. The company has earned numerous awards including one of Business Week’s “40 World’s Best Companies” for 2009.

They were also ranked as one of the best performing insurance companies for 2009 and 2000 by Ward’s, and ranked among the top 20 insurance writers for private passenger vehicles in 2009.

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American Commerce Insurance Company Agents


American Commerce is one of those insurance companies that prefer to sell and service policies through a network of independent agents.

This business model allows them to facilitate more personal relationships between customers and their certified representatives.

Even in today’s Internet-based world, there are still many drivers who prefer the local agent approach. Unfortunately, finding a local agent in one of the 12 states where American Commerce is licensed is not as easy as it sounds..

This is probably more of an indication that their database has not yet been uploaded rather than a situation where they have no independent agents. For right now, your best bet to find a local agent is to contact American Commerce at the Massachusetts office.

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American Commerce Insurance Company Locations

American Commerce maintains four different locations around the country; their Massachusetts office, an Ohio office, and two claims centers on either side of the country.

Although business records indicate the Massachusetts office is their primary address, the company website lists the Ohio dress as their main office. For your convenience, we have provided information on the Ohio office here:

American Commerce Insurance Company
3590 Twin Creeks Drive
Columbus, OH 43204
Phone: (800) 848-2945

American Commerce Insurance Company Claims


American Commerce offers several different methods whereby individuals can initiate the claims process. The company prefers is that you contact the appropriate claims office for your region directly.

Their website provides phone numbers for both claim centers; that information should also be included on your policy documents and your individual identification cards.

The second option is to contact your local agent and allow him or her to file your auto insurance claim. If you use this option, keep in mind that you’ll ultimately have to deal with American Commerce at some point in order to complete your claim.

Your local agent will be able to take all the necessary information, fill out some of the paperwork for you, and get you in touch with a representative at your regional claims center.

The third option is to file an online complaint form which can be found at the American Commerce website. This claim form is a six step process which can be used either by existing customers filing a claim against their own policy or non-customers filing a claim against a current policyholder.

The company website does offer detailed information, as well as tips and advice for expediting a claim, in the claims section of their website. Customers are urged to read this information thoroughly before making a claim.

American Commerce Insurance Company Customer Service

American Commerce and its fellow MAPFRE subsidiaries are a group of companies committed to utilizing technology to enhance customer service. Their state-of-the-art claims centers, internet portal, and agent network all strive to make your experience with them as profitable and convenient as possible.

The corporate website offers customers a wide range of helpful information ranging from safe driving tips to homeowner advice.

Furthermore, their internet portal offers the possibility of managing your account and policies completely online. By signing up for an online account customers can make payments, modify policies, purchase new policies, and learn all there is to know about auto and homeowners insurance.

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Reviews for American Commerce Auto Insurance

    • 11111
    Nick Sebastian says:

    I have auto so I wanted home insurance. I was denied because of peeling paint On a porch deck, a German shepherd which Is fenced in, an outside shed needs work, etc Really. I’m dissatisfied with American commerce. I guess I should find another auto company too.

    Nick Sebastian
    Frankfort ky

    • 11111

    You keep increasing my auto insurance rate each and every year I have been with the company. I had no accident or speeding tickets. My credit rating is good. So, What is the problem?

    My auto insurance is suppose to be going down word not upward for no reason. I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied with American commerce. I will be looking into another auto insurance company through my AARP. membership.

    • 11111
    Veronica Slayter says:

    Very poor service, rates kept getting higher ever year with no claim and good credit. If your payment is even one day late you will receive a cancellation notice. When we switched they charged us $160 for no reason! I would not recommend them to anyone.

    • 11111
    Joyce Bellows says:

    A 31%+ increase in rates in the past 2 years! Yikes! I’m retired and find this totally disgusting. I’ve had no accidents, no tickets, no claims at all, so what’s the problem? Am I financing that fancy boat that ran in the Volvo race in Newport? One would wonder. Maybe it’s elderly discrimination—–hmmm, there’s a thought for you!

    • 11111

    Unwavering in their commitment to screw you at every turn. As everyone else has mentioned, higher rates every year.

    Then my first claim ever they decide to total my car and basically was not willing to work with me.

    • 55555

    I have had this insurance for 4 years — rates went down appropriately — no accident’s, no tickets, and good credit rating. I have the payments direct withdrawn. I used to use AAA Insurance that went up every 6 months for no reason. Very happy with the insurance; also I have my homeowners with them.

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