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Things to remember...

  • ACE Group’s parent company is Swiss-based
  • ACE Group provides insurance for individuals, consumers, and businesses
  • The company was originally founded in 1985 to provide hard-to-find excess liability insurance for corporate managers and officers.

ACE Group is an international provider of insurance and reinsurance products to the following groups:

  • Individual consumers
  • Businesses
  • Financial institutions

The bulk of the company’s consumer business is in the United States, but they are also active in other countries. The company’s parent is Swiss-based ACE Ltd., an international firm operating within Lloyd’s market in London.

The company also provides a number of other business-related services to companies in a variety of sectors.

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ACE Group Legal Troubles


The company was originally founded in 1985 to provide hard-to-find excess liability insurance for corporate managers and officers.

In 2010, ACE Ltd. posted assets of more than $83 billion and gross premium revenues near $20 billion. Moody’s, A.M. Best, Fitch, and the Standard & Poor’s all give both ACE Ltd. and ACE group high marks for both financial strength and future stability.

In 2004, then New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer launched an investigation against several insurance companies including ACE and AIG.

At the heart of the investigation was Spitzer’s claim that the insurance companies had engaged in questionable practices which included:

  • Price-fixing
  • Bid-rigging
  • Questionable accounting practices
  • Paying contingent commissions

Spitzer alleged that the contingent commission scheme allowed bidders to issue fake-bids to ensure better commissions. In order to settle the issue and bring an end to the investigation, ACE Group agreed to an $80 million settlement.

Although senior management escaped criminal charges, some mid-level managers did not. Furthermore, the investigation went deeper into some ACE Ltd. subsidiaries where criminal charges were also filed.

ACE Auto Insurance

Among the insurance products ACE offers to individual consumers is auto insurance. They provide standard policies which cover state minimum requirements for bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured/underinsured drivers.

Policies can be written to include collision, theft and fire, vandalism, and third-party medical and property. Additional types of auto insurance options include coverage for tourism and travel, trip interruption, and towing.

ACE provides insurance for other vehicles such as boats, yachts, and even private planes.

These specialty policies are geared toward the upscale consumer who might have difficulty procuring coverage on these more expensive items through a standard auto carrier.

Antiques, fine art, collectibles, and jewelry are other items that ACE Group will cover for their wealthier clientele. Their product list for individual consumers is rounded out by a group of homeowners insurance products.

ACE Locations and Contact Info



ACE Group’s corporate headquarters is located in Zürich, Switzerland; executive offices are located in Hamilton, Bermuda. As far as U.S.-based operations, they are located in New York City at the following address:

ACE Group
1133 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 1003

In addition, ACE Group maintains regional offices in Philadelphia, Tokyo, London, Singapore, and Santiago, Chile.

Last year the company opened operations in several Eastern European countries including Turkey and Hungary, as well as locations in South America and South Africa.

ACE Group continues to expand internationally through a series of acquisitions and is now active on four continents.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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ACE Agents

Because of the nature of ACE Group’s business, they do not utilize local agents in the same sense that a company like Allstate or State Farm would.

Rather, all of their insurance and financial products are handled through either a regional or local office by employees hired directly by the company.

They also do not solicit new business through the standard means, preferring to reach new customers through one-on-one contact.

ACE Reviews and Customer Service


Surprisingly, ACE enjoys outstanding customer satisfaction reviews despite the past litigation and questionable business practices.

One particular independent reviewer which solicits customer opinions gives the company and overall 87.5 percent positive approval rating based on the following four criteria:

In the customer service category alone the company enjoyed a 100 percent positive approval rating. Although the sample was relatively small when compared to the total number of customers served, the results are still remarkable.

As a general rule, customer satisfaction surveys for insurance companies are usually split 50-50 between positive and negative.

When they are skewed in one direction, it’s normally toward the negative due to the fact that unhappy customers are much more likely to submit a review that happy ones.

The fact that ACE Group receives such high praise for its customer service indicates that they must be doing something correctly.

ACE enjoys good customer reviews in other countries as well. They are well-received not only for their auto insurance but also for their core product — excess liability insurance for corporate directors and managers.

Combined with the excellent financial ratings previously mentioned above, ACE Group and ACE Ltd. appear to be among the top choices for your insurance needs.

It should be noted that the two companies are not licensed to do business in all 50 states. You’ll need to check with their website to find out whether or not they are active in your state.

ACE Careers

Even though ACE Ltd. companies are international in scope, all hiring is done on a local basis. Their website currently lists openings in North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Interested candidates are encouraged to check the region they are interested in. In North America, job seekers can see opportunities in the United States and Canada.

All job opportunities include location, description, and instructions for completing the application.

For employment in the United States, all applications are submitted online. Applications are then forwarded to the appropriate local offices responsible for hiring those particular positions.

ACE human resources departments will contact individual candidates in whom they are interested. How the hiring process works in the other regions or countries may be somewhat different.

You may find more information about ACE job opportunities by visiting the corporate website and clicking on the “careers” link.

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