Geico Auto Insurance Review (2021)

You can buy Geico auto insurance in all 50 states. The average Geico auto insurance rates are $305.07/month, but you can save 15% by comparing rates. Shop around and compare Geico quotes to find out if Geico is the cheapest car insurance for your personal situation.

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Company Details
Address: 5260 Western Avenue
City: Chevy Chase
State: MD
ZIP Code: 20815
Phone Number: (800) 824-5404
Year Founded: 1936
AM Best Rating: A++

Geico promises to save customers 15 percent or more on car insurance, which has attracted multiple customers to the insurance giant. Our goal in this review is to see if Geico delivers on its promises. We will look at everything from Geico’s ratings to its premiums.

This way, you can make sure that Geico is the right insurer for you, fitting both your budget and your coverage needs. Be sure to read our list to know what discounts geico provides too.

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Table of Contents

Rating Agency

While ratings give customers valuable insight into a company, it can be hard to know which ratings sites are reliable. To save you time on sifting through dozens of ratings and reviews online, we’ve picked out the best rating websites.

These review sites rate everything from Geico’s financial strength to customer satisfaction levels. So let’s jump right into it and see what customers and businesses think of Geico.

A.M. Best Rating

A.M. Best is a rating agency that looks at companies’ financial strength. What does this mean?

If a company has a strong ability to meet ongoing financial commitments, such as paying claims, then A.M. Best will give the company a good rating.

Geico has an A++ rating from A.M. Best, which is fantastic. This is the highest rating available and means Geico has excellent financial standing.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates companies based on multiple factors, such as customer satisfaction and transparency of business practices.

Geico has a B++ rating from the BBB, which is a decent rating.

While this rating could be higher, it’s a respectable rating.

Moody’s Rating

Moody’s rates companies on purely financial aspects.

Geico earned an Aa3 rating from Moody’s, which is excellent.

This rating means that Geico has a superior ability to repay short-term debts, such as claims.

S&P Rating

S&P is another company that rates insurers on their ability to fulfill financial commitments.

Geico has an AA+ rating from S&P, which means Geico has a strong financial standing.

S&P believes Geico has a great ability to meet its financial commitments, which is on par with the other financial ratings we’ve looked at so far.

NAIC Complaint Index

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks customers’ complaints. Each company is then given a complaint ratio, which compares the number of complaints to the number of total customers.

This is important, as it makes sure that consumers consider the number of satisfied customers instead of just looking at the number of complaints.

For example, a company may have a high number of complaints, but the unhappy customers could actually only make up a small percentage of the company’s total customers.

Below is Geico’s complaint index.

Private Passenger Policies201620172018
Total Complaints271333272
Complaint Index
(better or worse than National Index)
National Complaint Index
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Geico’s complaint index is lower than the national average, which is good.

J.D. Power

J.D. Power surveys thousands of customers to rate insurance companies. Below are the results of J.D. Power’s 2019 customer satisfaction study.

RegionPower Circle RankingNumeric Score
(out of 1,000)
Better than most 825
Central Region Better than most838
FloridaAbout average827
Mid-AtlanticBetter than most845
New EnglandBetter than most 836
New York About average823
North Central About average836
Northwest About average813
Southeast About average838
Southwest About average818
Texas About average 836
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Geico earned average ratings across most of the U.S., which isn’t bad. The point score is out of 1,000, and Geico consistently scored above 800.

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is focused solely on customer satisfaction levels. There were over 3,000 reviews about Geico on the site, and Geico earned an overall four out of five stars.

This is great, as it shows Geico has satisfied customers in addition to strong financial standing.

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Company History

A husband and wife team founded Geico in 1936, near the end of the Great Depression. Within the first year of it’s foundation “GEICO had written 3,700 policies and hired 12 staff members.” Since then, the company has continued to grow steadily from year to year.

Geico added its 17 millionth policy in 2019, marking a significant milestone. This steady growth has resulted in Geico being a major insurance provider in the U.S.

One of Geico’s mascots, the gecko, was even used to help promote wildlife conservation at zoos and aquariums. Efforts like this have made Geico more of a household name.

Looking at Geico’s history, such as market shares and awards, will help us gain a better understanding of how Geico is positioned for the future.

Geico Market Share

The NAIC has recorded years’ worth of data on companies’ market shares. Below are Geico’s market shares over the years.

YearMarket Share of LiabilityMarket Share of Physical DamageTotal Market Share
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Geico’s overall market share has grown over 2 percent in five years, which is impressive. The company occupies a large corner of the market, as Geico had a 12 percent market share in 2017.

Geico’s Position for the Future

Geico has a good future ahead of it. It has great financial standing (according to multiple different rating sites) and has shown steady growth.

Despite some customer satisfaction ratings that deemed Geico to be average, Geico has managed to attract new customers on a regular basis. The company also has great rates — lower than most companies — which is probably why so many drivers switch to Geico.

Overall, Geico is in no danger of going under anytime soon, and it should continue to grow as one of the top insurance providers.

Geico’s Online Presence

These days, a company has to have a strong online presence, not just a physical one. Let’s take a look at how you can find information or contact Geico online.

  • Apps — Geico’s mobile apps allow you to contact a service representative.
  • Email — You can directly message Geico on Geico’s website.
  • Online — Geico’s website also allows you to find information and answers to commonly asked questions.

These multiple online service methods make it easy to find information. If you’d rather contact Geico through a different method, there are also the following ways to find information.

  • Agents — You can search and find agents in your area, so you can talk to someone directly.
  • Mail — You can send a physical letter to Geico’s headquarters. Bear in mind that this contact method will take the longest.
  • Phone — Geico’s main phone number is (800) 207-7847.

With Geico offering so many outreach methods, you can pick a way that feels comfortable to you, whether it’s calling someone or sending off a quick email.

Geico’s Commercials

Geico is well-known for its mascots. The “so easy a caveman could do it” and “save 15 percent or more” have become trademarks of the company’s brand.

While some companies focus on sentimental messages (such as protecting family), Geico uses humor and pop culture to promote its brand.

Because Geico’s mascots have become so well known, the company has done a great job of promoting itself and attracting new customers.

Geico in the Community

Because Geico is a large company, it has dedicated a portion of its time and resources to community involvement.

Below are Geico’s community involvement projects.

  • Geico supports United Way, March of Dimes, and Make-A-Wish Foundation through volunteer work and donations.
  • Geico sponsors participants at multiple events, such as The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Walk.
  • Geico hosts blood drives every year to encourage donations.
  • Geico supports the Children’s National Hospital (they have raised $320,000 for the hospital).

Geico also encourages employees to volunteer each year through it’s Geico Cares program. The importance that Geico places on volunteering and donating is great, as it implies Geico cares about the customers in the community.

Geico’s Employees

Now that we know Geico does a good job of helping communities, we want to look at how well Geico takes care of its employees.

Before we get into employee experience, let’s see how long Geico employees stay with the company. Below is A Great Place to Work’s information on Geico employees.

Tenure Percentage of Employees
<2 years 33%
2-5 years 25%
6-10 years16%
11-15 years14%
16-20 years7%
20+ years 6%
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The majority of Geico’s employees stay for less than two years at the company. Let’s see what employees thought of their time at Geico.

  • 86 percent say people are treated fairly regardless of sex.
  • 86 percent say Geico is a friendly place to work.
  • 85 percent say employees are given a lot of responsibility.
  • 85 percent say they feel good about the ways the company contributes to the community.
  • 85 percent say that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.

A Great Place to Work did certify Geico as a Great Place to Work, although this certification expired in 2016.

On Glassdoor, there are almost 4,000 reviews of working at Geico. Overall, the company earned 3.2 stars out of five.

Common complaints with the company are poor salaries, jobs not as advertised, and heavy workloads. Those who applaud the company say Geico has great benefits and growth opportunities.

However, only 56 percent of employees would recommend Geico to a friend. While a higher percentage approve of the CEO (76 percent), the majority of employees seem lukewarm about promoting the company to others.

Payscale is another employee satisfaction website. Geico earned 3.3 stars out of five, based on the following factors.

Factor Rating (out of 5)
Appreciation 3.3
Company Outlook 4.4
Fair Pay 3.0
Learning and Development 3.7
Manager Communication 3.9
Manager Relationship 4.1
Pay Policy 3.2
Pay Transparency 3.4
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Now that we know what employees think of working at Geico, we want to see what awards Geico has won for its workplace in the past few years (we’ve only included awards for 2017 – 2018).

  • 2017 gave GEICO a Top Company for Women Technologists award
  • 2017Best Places to Work in Western New York (Buffalo office)
  • 2017 Bibb County Schools VIP (Victory in Progress) Industry Award for associate volunteerism (Macon office)
  • 2017 Indianapolis Star named Geico as a Top Workplace (Indianapolis office)
  • 2017 The Des Moines Register ranked Geico’s Coralville office as a Top Workplace
  • 2017 BestCompaniesAZ nominated Geico’s Tucson office as one of the 100 Best Companies in AZ.
  • 2018 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Patriot Award
  • 2018 Michael J. Harris Spirit of Tucson Award (Tuscan office)
  • 2018 Virginia Values Veterans (V3) recognized Geico for its commitment to hiring veterans.

Geico has an impressive list of awards to its name. Quite a few of Geico’s individual offices won awards for their workplace environment.

Geico Cheap Car Insurance Rates

The price of a company’s policies is important. Switching between providers can save or cost customers hundreds of dollars.

We want to make sure you’re prepared for what you’ll pay for a Geico policy. So stick with us as we take an in-depth look at Geico’s rates.

We’ve partnered with Quadrant to bring you information about everything from average rates to the major factors that raise Geico’s rates. Let’s get started.

Geico Availability and Rates by State

Geico is available in all 50 U.S. states, which is great. It means that no matter where you move to, you can keep Geico as your provider.  However, rates do change from state to state.

The table below shows Geico’s increases and decreases in price across the U.S.

StateAverage by StateGeico Annual PremiumCompared to State Average (+/-)Compared to State Average (%)
District of Columbia$4,439.24$3,692.81-$746.43-16.81%
North Carolina$3,393.11$2,936.69-$456.42-13.45%
North Dakota$4,165.84$2,668.24-$1,497.60-35.95%
New Hampshire$3,151.77$1,615.02-$1,536.76-48.76%
New Jersey$5,515.21$2,754.94-$2,760.27-50.05%
New Mexico$3,463.64$4,458.30$994.6628.72%
New York$4,289.88$2,428.24-$1,861.64-43.40%
Rhode Island$5,003.36$5,602.63$599.2711.98%
South Carolina$3,781.14$3,178.01-$603.13-15.95%
South Dakota$3,982.27$2,940.29-$1,041.98-26.17%
West Virginia$2,595.36$2,120.80-$474.56-18.29%
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Geico is cheaper than the state average in the majority of states, which shows it does have cheaper rates than most companies.

Geico Compared to the Top 10 Companies by Market Share

Geico claims it saves drivers 15 percent on car insurance, so let’s see how Geico’s rates compare to other companies in each state.

StateAverage by StateAllstateAmerican FamilyFarmersGEICOLiberty MutualNationwideProgressiveState FarmTravelersUSAA
Alaska$3,421.51$3,145.31$4,153.07Data Not Available$2,879.96$5,295.55Data Not Available$3,062.85$2,228.12Data Not Available$2,454.21
Alabama$3,566.96$3,311.52Data Not Available$4,185.80$2,866.60$4,005.48$2,662.66$4,450.52$4,798.15$3,697.80$2,124.09
Arkansas$4,124.98$5,150.03Data Not Available$4,257.87$3,484.63Data Not Available$3,861.79$5,312.09$2,789.03$5,973.33$2,171.06
Arizona$3,770.97$4,904.10Data Not Available$5,000.08$2,264.71Data Not Available$3,496.08$3,577.50$4,756.25$3,084.74$3,084.29
California$3,688.93$4,532.96Data Not Available$4,998.78$2,885.65$3,034.42$4,653.19$2,849.67$4,202.28$3,349.54$2,693.87
Colorado$3,876.39$5,537.17$3,733.02$5,290.24$3,091.69$2,797.74$3,739.47$4,231.92$3,270.77Data Not Available$3,338.87
Connecticut$4,618.92$5,831.60Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,073.66$7,282.87$3,672.34$4,920.35$2,976.24$6,004.29$3,190.00
District of Columbia$4,439.24$6,468.92Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,692.81Data Not Available$4,848.98$4,970.26$4,074.05Data Not Available$2,580.44
Delaware$5,986.32$6,316.06Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,727.29$18,360.02$4,330.21$4,181.83$4,466.85$4,182.36$2,325.98
Florida$4,680.46$7,440.46Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,783.63$5,368.15$4,339.60$5,583.30$3,397.67Data Not Available$2,850.41
Georgia$4,966.83$4,210.70Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,977.20$10,053.44$6,484.90$4,499.22$3,384.88Data Not Available$3,157.46
Hawaii$2,555.64$2,173.49Data Not Available$4,763.82$3,358.86$3,189.55$2,551.83$2,177.93$1,040.28Data Not Available$1,189.35
Idaho$2,979.09$4,088.76$3,728.79$3,168.28$2,770.68$2,301.51$3,032.19Data Not Available$1,867.96$3,226.29$1,877.61
Indiana$3,414.97$3,978.81$3,679.68$3,437.55$2,261.07$5,781.35Data Not Available$3,898.00$2,408.94$3,393.75$1,630.86
Kentucky$5,195.40$7,143.92Data Not AvailableData Not Available$4,633.59$5,930.97$5,503.23$5,547.63$3,354.32$6,551.68$2,897.89
Louisiana$5,711.34$5,998.79Data Not AvailableData Not Available$6,154.60Data Not AvailableData Not Available$7,471.10$4,579.12Data Not Available$4,353.12
Maine$2,953.28$3,675.59Data Not Available$2,770.15$2,823.05$4,331.39Data Not Available$3,643.59$2,198.68$2,252.97$1,930.79
Maryland$4,582.70$5,233.17Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,832.63$9,297.55$2,915.69$4,094.86$3,960.87Data Not Available$2,744.14
Massachusetts$2,678.85$2,708.53Data Not AvailableData Not Available$1,510.17$4,339.35Data Not Available$3,835.11$1,361.86$3,537.94$1,458.99
Michigan$10,498.64$22,902.59Data Not Available$8,503.60$6,430.11$20,000.04$6,327.38$5,364.55$12,565.52$8,773.97$3,620.00
Minnesota$4,403.25$4,532.01$3,521.29$3,137.45$3,498.54$13,563.61$2,926.49Data Not Available$2,066.99Data Not Available$2,861.60
Missouri$3,328.93$4,096.15$3,286.90$4,312.19$2,885.33$4,518.67$2,265.35$3,419.14$2,692.91Data Not Available$2,525.78
Mississippi$3,664.57$4,942.11Data Not AvailableData Not Available$4,087.21$4,455.94$2,756.53$4,308.85$2,980.48$3,729.32$2,056.13
Montana$3,220.84$4,672.10Data Not Available$3,907.55$3,602.35$1,326.11$3,478.26$4,330.76$2,417.74Data Not Available$2,031.89
North Carolina$3,393.11$7,190.43Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,936.69$2,182.71$2,848.03$2,382.61$3,078.65$3,132.66Data Not Available
North Dakota$4,165.84$4,669.31$3,812.40$3,092.49$2,668.24$12,852.83$2,560.35$3,623.06$2,560.53Data Not Available$2,006.80
Nebraska$3,283.68$3,198.83$2,215.13$3,997.29$3,837.49$6,241.52$2,603.94$3,758.01$2,438.71Data Not Available$2,330.78
New Hampshire$3,151.77$2,725.01Data Not AvailableData Not Available$1,615.02$8,444.41$2,491.10$2,694.45$2,185.46Data Not Available$1,906.96
New Jersey$5,515.21$5,713.58Data Not Available$7,617.00$2,754.94$6,766.62Data Not Available$3,972.72$7,527.16$4,254.49Data Not Available
New Mexico$3,463.64$4,200.65Data Not Available$4,315.53$4,458.30Data Not Available$3,514.38$3,119.18$2,340.66Data Not Available$2,296.77
New York$4,289.88$4,740.97Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,428.24$6,540.73$4,012.93$3,771.15$4,484.58$4,578.79$3,761.69
Oklahoma$4,142.33$3,718.62Data Not Available$4,142.40$3,437.34$6,874.62Data Not Available$4,832.35$2,816.80Data Not Available$3,174.15
Pennsylvania$4,034.50$3,984.12Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,605.22$6,055.20$2,800.37$4,451.00$2,744.23$7,842.47$1,793.37
Rhode Island$5,003.36$4,959.45Data Not AvailableData Not Available$5,602.63$6,184.12$4,409.63$5,231.09$2,406.51$6,909.45$4,323.98
South Carolina$3,781.14$3,903.43Data Not Available$4,691.85$3,178.01Data Not Available$3,625.49$4,573.08$3,071.34Data Not Available$3,424.77
South Dakota$3,982.27$4,723.72$4,047.47$3,768.80$2,940.29$7,515.99$2,737.66$3,752.81$2,306.23Data Not AvailableData Not Available
Tennessee$3,660.89$4,828.85Data Not Available$3,430.07$3,283.42$6,206.69$3,424.96$3,656.91$2,639.30$2,738.52$2,739.28
Texas$4,043.28$5,485.44$4,848.72Data Not Available$3,263.28Data Not Available$3,867.55$4,664.69$2,879.94Data Not Available$2,487.89
Utah$3,611.89$3,566.42$3,698.77$3,907.99$2,965.57$4,327.76$2,986.57$3,830.10$4,645.83Data Not Available$2,491.10
Virginia$2,357.87$3,386.80Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,061.53Data Not Available$2,073.00$2,498.58$2,268.95Data Not Available$1,858.38
Vermont$3,234.13$3,190.38Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,195.71$3,621.08$2,128.21$5,217.14$4,382.84Data Not Available$1,903.55
Washington$3,059.32$3,540.52$3,713.02$2,962.00$2,568.65$3,994.73$2,129.84$3,209.52$2,499.78Data Not Available$2,262.16
West Virginia$2,595.36$3,820.68Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,120.80$2,924.39Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,126.32Data Not Available$1,984.62
Wisconsin$3,606.06$4,854.41$1,513.27$3,777.49$3,926.20$6,758.85$5,224.99$3,128.91$2,387.53Data Not Available$2,975.74
Wyoming$3,200.08$4,373.93Data Not Available$3,069.35$3,496.56$1,989.36$3,187.20$4,401.17$2,303.55Data Not Available$2,779.53
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Geico is amongst the cheapest companies in each state. Generally, USAA is the cheapest. However, USAA is only for military families.

Average Geico Male vs. Female Car Insurance Rates

Gender is still a factor that insurers base rates upon. Some states, though, have banned insurers from doing this.

California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and parts of Mississippi have all banned insurers from using gender to determine rates.

Why do insurers base rates on gender?

Well, the gender rate difference is based on accident data. Most insurers consider males to be riskier drivers and charge males more.  Below are Geico’s rate changes for gender.

GroupGeico Average Premium
Married 60-year old female$2,247.06
Married 60-year old male$2,283.45
Married 35-year old female$2,302.89
Married 35-year old male$2,312.38
Single 25-year old female$2,378.89
Single 25-year old male$2,262.87
Single 17-year old female$5,653.55
Single 17-year old male$6,278.96
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Geico charges males more than females, with the exception of 25-year-old females. As you can see, age is also an important factor. 60-year-old drivers pay about 3,000 less than 17-year-old drivers.

Average Geico Rates by Vehicle Make & Model

If you own a sports car, you’re probably aware that certain cars cost more to insure. Below are Geico’s costs for different makes and models.

Geico Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Make and Model
Vehicle Make and Model Geico Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates
2015 Toyota RAV4: XLE$3,090.89
2015 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6$3,092.11
2015 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT$3,092.58
2018 Toyota RAV4: XLE$3,337.18
2018 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6$3,338.40
2018 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT$3,338.87

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The difference between the most and least expensive make and model is less than $300. This isn’t bad at all.

Average Geico Commute Rates

At the majority of companies, how far you drive matters. Drivers with long distances to travel will have to contend with raised rates.

Below are Geico’s price increases for longer commutes.

Commute Distance 10 Miles Commute. 6,000 Annual Mileage.25 Miles Commute. 12,000 Annual Mileage.
Geico Average Rate$3,162.64$3,267.37
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Geico increases rates just over $100 for a longer commute. A $100 price increase is typical for most companies, so Geico’s rate isn’t unusual.

Average Geico Coverage Level Rates

More coverage equals better protection in an accident. However, some companies’ price increases are impractical.

Let’s see how much Geico charges to upgrade to medium or high coverage.

Coverage Level Low Medium High
Geico Average Premium $3,001.91$3,213.97$3,429.14
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Geico has a great upgrade price. The average cost to upgrade from low to high coverage is just over $400. At other companies, the same upgrade could cost $1,000.

Average Geico Credit History Rates

If drivers have poor credit scores, insurers are leery about insuring them. As a result, insurers charge drivers with poor credit scores more.

The average credit score in the U.S. is 675 , which most insurers consider to be a good credit score.

If your credit score is below this, your insurer may charge you more for a fair or poor credit score.

Some insurers raise rates more than others, though, which is why it’s important to shop around if you have poor credit.  Let’s see what Geico charges on average.

Credit History GoodFairPoor
Geico Average Premium $2,434.82$2,986.79$4,259.50
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At Geico, the drop from good to poor credit will cost drivers an average of $1,825. This price increase is common at most providers, where poor credit will cost drivers anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

Average Geico Driving Record Rates

Accident-prone? Insurers look in-depth at drivers’ histories. If you have multiple accidents on your record, your insurer will raise rates.

DUIs and speeding tickets will also raise rates at Geico.

Driving RecordClean RecordWith 1 Speeding Violation With 1 Accident With 1 DUI
Geico Average Premium $2,145.96$2,645.43$3,192.77$4,875.87
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A DUI is the worst offense at Geico, raising rates $2,730 from a clean record. An accident will cost drivers $1,047, and a speeding violation will cost drivers $500.

Remember, too, that these are increases for a first offense. Rates will become much worse for additional offenses.

Geico Coverage Options Offered

While we know Geico’s offered coverages are lower than most state averages, making it one of the best insurance providers for multi-vehicle households, we want to make sure the company still offers the full range of coverages.

Sometimes, companies with low prices will make up for it by scrimping on coverages.

To make sure this doesn’t apply to Geico, we are going to go through their main coverage options, discounts, and programs.

Let’s get started.

Types of Geico Coverages Offered

Below is a full list of Geico’s car insurance coverage.

  • Classic Car Insurance — Geico offers insurance for vintage cars that is cheaper than insurance for your everyday vehicle.
  • Collision Coverage — If you hit another car or an object (like a mailbox or tree), collision coverage will pay for repairs to your vehicle.
  • Commercial Coverage — Commercial coverage is for vehicles used for business, such as a flower delivery truck.
  • Comprehensive Coverage — If you hit something other than another vehicle, comprehensive coverage will help. Comprehensive coverage covers damages from natural disasters, animal collisions, thefts, and vandalism.
  • Emergency Road Service — Geico will help with common breakdowns, such as changing flat tires, jump-starting a dead battery, bringing gas, unlocking a car, or towing.
  • Liability Coverage — Geico provides both bodily and property damage liability insurance. These coverages pay for both injury and damage costs in an accident that you caused.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Assistance — If you have a mechanical breakdown that results in your car needing major repairs, Geico will cover the cost of these repairs.
  • Medical Payments Coverage — Geico will pay for your medical expenses after an accident.
  • Mexico Car Insurance Coverage — Your regular policy won’t cover you when you drive in Mexico. Geico offers daily, 6-month, or annual coverage for Mexico travelers.
  • Personal Injury Protection — This coverage helps pay for lost wages and other accident-related costs, as well as your medical expenses.
  • Rental Reimbursement — Geico will pay for a rental car while your car is still in the repair shop.
  • Ridesharing — States require rideshare drivers to have rideshare insurance, so if you want to drive for Uber or Lyft you’ll need Geico’s rideshare insurance.
  • Umbrella Coverage — This coverage is useful if another driver sues you, as it provides extra liability coverage that can help pay for a lawyer.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage — This coverage makes sure you don’t pay out of pocket for an accident. Whenever the other driver who caused the accident has poor insurance (or none), that driver will be unable to pay your accident costs.

Geico offers an impressive amount of coverages and add-ons, which means you can get great coverage while still saving.

Factors That Affect Your Geico Rates

We’ve already gone over some of the major factors that can affect your rates, such as driving records, credit scores, and location.

However, there are a few other factors you can use to bring rates down, such as discounts. Because Geico offers more than just car insurance, they have bundling discounts. Below are the main types of insurance Geico offers.

  • Property Insurance (homeowners, renters, condos/co-ops, and mobile home)
  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Identity Protection Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel/Overseas Insurance
  • Jewelry Insurance

So if you bundle something like auto and home insurance, or auto and life insurance, you’ll receive a discount from Geico. If you like having all your policies at one insurer, then bundling may be for you.

Getting the Best Rate with Geico

There are multiple discounts at Geico that go beyond bundling policies. Below is a list of discounts that Geico offers, as well as what percentage customers save (when known).

DiscountsPercentage Saved
Anti-lock Brakes5%
Claim Free26%
Continuous Coveragex
Daytime Running Lights1%
Defensive Driverx
Distant Studentx
Driver's Edx
Early Signingx
Emergency Deployment25%
Family Legacyx
Farm Vehiclex
Federal Employee8%
Full Paymentx
Further Educationx
Good Student15%
Low Mileagex
Multiple Policies10%
Multiple Vehicles25%
Newer Vehiclex
Passive Restraint40%
Safe Driver15%
Seat Belt Use15%
Students and Alumnix
Utility Vehiclex
Vehicle Recovery25%
Total Discounts Provided 31
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Geico offers a total of 31 discounts, which is on the higher end. A majority of the discounts are also easy to get, such as signing up early or paying in full.


Geico’s Programs

Geico also offers a wide range of helpful programs for its customers.

  • Accident Forgiveness — This program can save you a significant amount of money. You may have to pay a monthly fee for this program if your driving record is poor or you’ve only been with Geico for a short time. However, accident forgiveness makes sure your rates don’t increase with your first accident at Geico, saving you money in the long run.
  • Auto Repair Express — Geico’s car repair program makes sure you receive priority treatment at repair shops so you can quickly get back on the road after an accident.
  • Car Buying Service — This program is helpful when car shopping, as it shows what other drivers have paid for a car.
  • DriveEasy App — Geico’s usage-based app offers discounts for drivers that have safe driving habits. The app records driving habits, such as hard-braking or distracted driving (simply staying off your phone in the car will earn you points).
  • Prime Time Contract — This guaranteed renewal program is for drivers over 50 years old.

Geico is also one of the best auto insurance providers for students, ranking 3rd in our latest study. Young drivers signed up with Geico have an average auto insurance rate of $410 per month, the third-lowest of all top 10 auto insurance providers. Geico offers young drivers three discounts as well, which can reduce their auto insurance rates by up to 15%.

Geico offers more programs than other companies. Not only do they have a repair shop program, but they also have a car-buying service to help you save on a new vehicle.

What Stands Out and What’s Missing

We’ve covered a great deal by now about Geico’s coverages, rates, and discounts. Let’s take a moment to recap and see what Geico is missing and what stands out.

  • What Stands Out — Geico has a fantastic selection of coverages and add-ons to choose from, more than other companies. It also has a high number of discounts to choose from and programs that can further lower costs.
  • What’s Missing — Geico is missing simple discounts like autopay or paperless billing. However, this is a small disadvantage compared to the multiple discounts that Geico does offer.

Overall, Geico offers more than it lacks.

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How to Cancel Your Geico Policy

If you find you aren’t completely satisfied with Geico and want to cancel your policy, then keep reading.

Sometimes insurers can make the “breakup” process difficult. To make sure you won’t spend hours on the phone, we are going to go through Geico’s cancellation process.

Let’s jump into everything from cancellation fees to how to cancel.

Geico Cancellation Fee

Geico does not charge a cancellation fee. So if you cancel your policy, you won’t have to pay to leave Geico.

Can I get a Geico refund?

Geico doesn’t mention refunds in their cancellation guidelines, but the company will offer a refund if you cancel before the next renewal cycle.

For example, if you prepaid for a year’s worth of coverage but cancel in the eighth month, Geico will refund you for the unused four months of coverage.

How to Cancel Geico Auto Insurance

Geico’s cancellation process is easy. All you have to do is call (800) 841-1587 to speak with an agent.

This phone number is available 24/7, so you can call at any time to cancel.

Make sure you have your Geico policy number on hand when you call. You may also be required to provide proof of your new insurer if you are switching providers.

This is because a lapse in insurance is illegal. So make sure to have a new insurer lined up before you call Geico to cancel.

If you don’t provide proof of switching insurers (or proof you sold your vehicle and no longer need insurance), then Geico may not cancel your policy.

As well, be prepared for Geico to ask why you are canceling, as the service representative may see if there’s a way to improve your rate or policy to keep you as a customer.

Overall, though, Geico has a very simple and straightforward cancellation process, as they only have one method for cancellation (calling).

When can I cancel Geico auto insurance?

You can cancel at any time, even if it’s before a renewal cycle ends. While some insurers will penalize customers who cancel before a renewal cycle ends, Geico doesn’t have a penalty fee.

The cancellation will go into effect immediately, so sign up with a new provider before canceling your Geico policy.

To make sure your policy is canceled, you can call Geico or sign onto your online account. If you have automatic payments set up, then check after canceling to make sure you aren’t still being charged.

How to Make a Geico Claim

Accidents happen to even the best of drivers. Knowing how to make a claim can help lessen stress when an accident happens to you.

To make sure that Geico has an easy and simple claims process, we are going to go through everything you need to know about claims at Geico.

Stick with us as we go through everything from how to make a claim to how many claims Geico pays out each year.

Ease of Making a Claim

Luckily, Geico makes it easy to make a claim with various claim methods.

  • Agent — If you have a local agent, you can contact your agent directly to file a claim.
  • App — Geico’s mobile app allows customers to file a claim.
  • Online — You can also sign in to your Geico account on the main website to file a claim online.
  • Phone — Call (800) 841-3000 to file a claim.

All of these methods are available 24/7 hours a day (except for talking to an agent). So even if you run into a deer at 3 a.m., you can file a claim directly.

Geico Premiums Written

While we know Geico’s increased its market share, we want to see if it has also increased its number of earned premiums.

Year 2015201620172018
Premiums Written $20,520,188,000$25,531,762,000$29,596,404,000$33,075,434,000
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Geico’s written premiums increased dramatically from 2017 – 2018. Before that, Geico’s written premiums were slowly but steadily increasing. This shows that Geico has continued to attract a steady number of customers.

Geico Loss Ratios

Loss ratios tell us how much a company is earning. If a company is bringing in enough earned premiums to balance out the amount lost in claims, it will have a good loss ratio.

Signs that a company isn’t doing well is a high or low loss ratio. A high loss ratio means a company is paying out too many claims and is hemorrhaging money. On the other hand, a low loss ratio means a company is paying out very few claims.

Below are Geico’s loss ratios over the years.

Year 2015201620172018
Loss Ratio 69.8274.3877.1471
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Geico’s loss ratios look good. While they’ve gone up and down over the years, it hasn’t been by drastic amounts.

They’ve also remained firmly in the 70s, which isn’t too high or low. Based on this, Geico has good financial standing.

How to Get a Geico Quote Online (Step-by-Step Guide)

While we’ve already covered rates, it can help to get a quote from Geico. This way, you’ll be able to compare what you should be paying to a direct quote. Then, of course, be sure to use our free quote tool to compare rates from many different companies, and not just one company like Geico.

So stick with us as we go through a step-by-step guide on how to get a quote online.

Step 1: Visit Website

The first thing you need to do is visit Geico’s website. Right away, you’ll see the option to get a free quote.

Simply select the type of insurance you want a quote for (auto), enter your ZIP code, and click start quote.

Step 2: Enter Contact Information

The first set of information that you’ll be asked to enter is personal information. Geico will request your name, address, and contact information.

Step 3: Enter Vehicle Information

Next, Geico will ask you to enter information about your vehicle(s).

Enter what you know about your vehicles, such as make and model and distance driven.

Step 4: Driver Information

Geico will also ask questions dealing with driver history, such as past accidents.

Geico will also ask questions about driving courses and affiliations to determine discounts.

Step 5: Details

On the last page, Geico gives you an option to customize coverage. If you don’t do this step, Geico will give you a quote for the minimum coverage in your state.

Step 6: Get Quote

At the end, Geico will ask for an email or phone number so you can save your quote. This allows you to go back and check the quote for up to 90 days.

As a reminder, you need the following to apply for a free Geico quote.

Information Required?
Social Security Number No (Optional)
Driver's License No
Vehicle Identification Number No
Contact Information (email, phone, address, etc.) Yes
Driver's History Yes
Vehicle Information Yes
Personal Information (affiliations, gender, etc.) for Discounts Yes
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Geico Apps

The design of websites and apps is an important factor to consider. If you’ve ever deleted an app because it took too long to start or exited out of a website because the navigation was too complex, then you know how frustrating poor design can be.

If insurers don’t have well-designed websites and fast-loading pages, customers will become irritated and may even start looking for another provider.

So let’s take a look at Geico’s website and mobile apps.

Geico Mobile Apps

Geico’s mobile app has done well. On the Apple store, the app has 4.8 stars (from over 1.4 million reviews).

The majority of reviews are positive. Most of the complaints are about simple bugs, which are usually fixed with updates.

Below is a list of everything you can do with Geico’s mobile app.

  • View/share ID cards
  • Pay/manage bills
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Submit claims/view claims process
  • Submit pictures of an accident
  • Talk to Geico representative
  • Get a new quote
  • Use Geico Explore

The app is useful, as you can do everything from pay bills to submit a claim on your phone. Geico’s DriveEasy app has also done well. Though it only has a handful of reviews, the app has over four stars on Apple.

Geico’s usage-based app seems to have avoided common bugs that other driving apps have, such as incorrect recording of hard-braking. However, some users do say that the app does drain their smartphone’s battery.

If you have a charger in your car, this shouldn’t be an issue. The DriveEasy app is also fantastic for telecommuters who rarely drive, as the Drive Easy app has helped Geico rank high in our study of the best insurance providers for telecommuters.

Geico Pros & Cons

Now that we are nearing the end of this guide, we want to take a moment to look at Geico’s pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Lower rates than most providers Still has hefty price increases for common driving mishaps (accidents, etc.)
Great mobile app Discount driving app is still new and not fully vetted yet
Available in all 50 states May have increased rates if you move
Wide range of coverages and discounts Not all discounts save significant amounts
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It’s up to you whether Geico’s pros or cons are more important. Everybody has different requirements for what they want from an insurance provider.

The Bottom Line

Geico hasn’t become a top insurance company by chance. The company has great coverages and add-ons for an economical price that’s one of the cheapest out of major insurers.

Multiple discounts at Geico allow customers to truly save 15 percent or more on their car insurance policies.

Its customer satisfaction ratings are also great, as well as its financial strength. Both of these factors have helped Geico grow substantially over the past decade.

Based on these positives, Geico should be around for a while yet.

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Geico FAQ

Still have questions about Geico car insurance? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and provided answers.

Keep reading to see what others are asking about Geico insurance.

Does Geico cover windshield repairs or replacements?

Geico will cover glass repairs/replacement but usually only if you have comprehensive coverage. If you aren’t sure if your policy covers this benefit, you can call and ask an agent.

Will Geico cover me if I drive abroad?

Geico only offers coverage extensions for Mexico. You’ll have to purchase Mexico coverage from Geico before traveling.

Geico will also cover you if you drive through Canada without you having to purchase additional coverage.

Does Geico cover rental cars?

The answer to this question depends. In some cases, if you already have comprehensive and collision coverage, Geico’s coverage will extend to your rental car.

However, it is best to call Geico and ask about your rental car coverage options. In some cases, it is best to purchase rental car coverage.

Make sure to call ahead of time, rather than waiting until you’re in the rental car line and realizing you don’t know if your Geico policy will cover your car.

Does Geico cover damage from floods and other natural disasters?

Unless you have comprehensive coverage, Geico will not cover damages caused by something other than a collision with another vehicle object.

With comprehensive coverage, though, Geico will cover damages from floods, fire, hail, heavy winds, and more. Geico will also cover you in cases of an animal collision, vehicle theft, or vandalism.

How can I reduce Geico auto insurance costs?

Geico already has lower premiums than average in most states, but there are still ways to save money on your policy.

While keeping a clean driving record is a great way to keep costs low, make sure you are taking advantage of discounts, from bundling discounts to discounts for safety features.

Does Geico car insurance have a grace period?

If you don’t make a payment on time, Geico will send you a notice of cancellation. You must pay by the time listed on the notice, or Geico will cancel your insurance policy.

To avoid forgetting to pay a bill and being faced with cancellation, you can sign up for automatic payments.

How do I renew a Geico policy?

Car insurance policies automatically renew, although Geico should send you a notice of renewal beforehand.

Automatic renewal is useful, as it makes sure customers aren’t stuck without insurance if they forget to renew on time.

How do I cancel a Geico policy?

You can cancel a policy at any time by calling (800) 841-1587. Geico does not offer options to cancel a policy online or by mail.

If you are thinking of canceling your policy but aren’t sure yet, you can also call this number to talk about making changes to your policy so it works better for you.

How do I qualify for Geico accident forgiveness?

If you have a clean driving record and have been with Geico for a while, you may receive accident forgiveness for free.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for an accident forgiveness plan. After your first accident, the monthly charges will stop.

Does Geico cover towing?

Geico will only cover towing if you have Geico’s Emergency Roadside Service coverage. If you don’t want to pay out of pocket for towing and other breakdown costs (such as jump-starting a battery), this program is perfect for you.

We hope this guide proved useful to you. Our hope is that you are now ready to make a decision about choosing Geico as a provider.

If you’re still unsure, you can start comparison shopping between companies today using our FREE online tool below.


4.11 (19,116 reviews)
February 3, 2021


geico is the best

great company with fantastic customer service they lowered my cost due to covid with no issues and they are always a phoen call away fo r help wiht my policy, i wholeheartedly reccomend them
February 2, 2021



Geico has been great during the pandemic. They have worked with me changing billing dates based on what I need. They have helped me save 212 dollars a month on insurance.
February 1, 2021


Geico is amazing

My experience receiving auto insurance from Geico has been extremely positive. The insurance process was perfectly smooth and I have all my insurance information neatly organized at the tip of my fingers on my mobile phone. The coverage and premiums are much better than I received from my previous provider.
January 28, 2021


Insurance You Can Understand

The representative borke down all information in an easy-to-understand manner and then made very easy the process of initiating the policies. I am also very happy with the ease of managing online and on the app.
January 22, 2021


Very reasonable

This is the best insurance company I think there is. Rates are very reasonable and they do not overcharge. I am able to pay my insurance every 6 months and when I received my renewal, there was no rate increase. I will be a loyal Geico customer for sure!
January 17, 2021


Kind company

I live in a small state with lots of open road. One night I hit a deer and totaled my car. It was very sad. I called my insurance company and they were really helpful. They took care of me in a timely manner and were very considerate.
January 17, 2021



One of the best insurance companies I have found so far. Great rates which are a lot cheaper than most.
January 17, 2021


Great Company

The company is very helpful. They offer products other than auto insurance. They also have very good rates compared to other companies.
January 17, 2021


Overall A Good Experience

Moderately decent customer service, it helped me with my issues. I am very pleased with how they treated me.
January 16, 2021


Happy customer

I have had a good experience so far with them. I have not had any issues and my insurance is on the lower side of cost.
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