Milemeter Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Milemeter provides specialty auto insurance charged by the mile. They provide liability as well as full coverage policies.

UPDATE: Milemeter Insurance was canceled in the fall of 2016. 

Things to Remember...

  • Milemeter provides specialty auto insurance that is charged per mile
  • Milemeter created their innovated system for insurance rates in 2009
  • Milemeter offered a variety of insurance products including liability and full coverage

This Milemeter auto insurance review will focus on Milemeter Auto Insurance located in Dallas, Texas. The company offers specialty auto insurance that is charged by the mile.

Milemeter Auto Insurance has an innovative system for creating auto insurance rates. The system was created in September of 2009.

If you are looking to purchase auto insurance, you will pay based on the mileage you drive during each six month period.

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Milemeter Auto Insurance Products

There is little information about what types of auto insurance a policy through Milemeter Auto Insurance will cover. It is assumed that the standard coverage is included with every policy.

The minimum insurance requirements for most state auto insurance laws require, at the least, liability insurance.

Liability will cover you in the case that an accident causes damage or bodily injury to other motorists or passengers.

You may also want to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance, which is most commonly referred to as full coverage.

  • Collision will take care of damage that occurs to your vehicle as a result of an accident with another automobile or object
  • Comprehensive handles damages that occur as a result of anything else, including hitting an animal, fire or theft

The information regarding coverage can be found by contacting a Milemeter Auto Insurance agent. The policy for Milemeter is for six months.

When you purchase your policy, you will buy a certain number of miles in order to keep auto insurance rates cheaper, especially for customers who drive their car less than the average person.

If you go over your miles for the six month period, you are able to login to the online system to purchase more miles. You can also contact your auto insurance agent to buy more miles.

If you purchase a plan with more miles than you use during the six-month period, you can receive a discount on the renewal. The miles roll over similarly to cell phone plans that allow you to roll-over your minutes.

Milemeter insures only private passenger vehicles that are from 1981 or more recent.

You will need to have a current estimated odometer reading as well as the information regarding where you park your vehicle and if your auto is currently financed or leased.


Milemeter Auto Insurance Customer Service

Milemeter Auto Insurance offers excellent customer service options that traditional insurance companies don’t offer. The pay by the mile program allows you to pay as you go.

Milemeter will allow you to buy a small mileage policy for six months and purchase extra miles as you need them. This can all be done from the website once you become a customer.

The benefit of Milemeter Auto Insurance is that drivers who don’t use their vehicles frequently can save a tremendous amount on auto insurance versus the competitors.

Milemeter Auto Insurance Reviews

Milemeter has generated a lot of hype in and around the Dallas, Texas area. The reviews for the company all seem to be fairly positive.

People enjoy having the option to pay as you go based on the number of miles driven with your vehicle.

The company is not rated by AM Best. Since this is a new company, there may be more risk involved in deciding to use them for your auto insurance needs.

If you drive less than 12,000 miles it is a company to consider for your auto insurance needs. They offer the convenience of paying as you go, and you have a cheaper rate for putting fewer miles on your vehicle.

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