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Things to Remember...
  • Auto One is a division of the OneBeacon Insurance Group
  • Auto One specializes in negotiating limited assignment distribution policies
  • Auto One also provides traditional policies to only drivers in New York

An Auto One auto insurance review leads to a division of the OneBeacon Insurance Group. Auto One specializes in negotiating LAD (limited assignment distribution) policies for those in many states.

Auto One is able to provide quotes for many different types of auto insurance and people; however, they only sell traditional policies to New York drivers.

The rest of their policies are sold to drivers with assigned risk who find it nearly impossible to purchase with traditional insurance companies.

High-risk drivers are those with any of the following on their driving record:

  • DUIs
  • multiple at-fault accidents
  • multiple speeding violations
  • multiple moving violations
  • revoked or suspended license due to driving without insurance

Assigned risk drivers receive their classification from their state department of insurance.

Most states require auto insurance companies to accept a certain amount of assigned risk drivers. However, insurance companies were making the cost of assigned risk policies so high that most drivers could not afford the coverage. The solution is companies like Auto One.

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Auto One Insurance Agents


Auto One and companies like Auto One, negotiate prices for limited assignment distribution (LAD) services.

Insurance companies that are required by auto insurance laws to provide coverage for assigned risk drivers sell these policies to drivers and then hand the policies over to a LAD specialized company such as Auto One who then manages the policy for the company.

LAD policies are also referred to by other names depending on the state you are in. For example, the term PAP is used in California and stands for Public Automobile Pool Assignments and Automobile Insurance Plans (AIP) in other states.

Auto One agents and other specialized companies work out the details for the insurance company. Agents also handle all the paperwork required by each state including positive and negative notifications.

Several positive notifications can cause a state to remove a driver from the assigned risk category making insurance rates drop drastically.

Every quarter of on-time payments without incidents results in positive notifications. Negative notifications include late payments or additional violations.

Because of the legal nature of assigned risk drivers, traditional insurance companies can face fines if they do not handle LAD cases properly. It is worth the extra cost of handing over policies to a company like Auto One in order to ensure that all the legal obligations are met.

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Auto One Auto Insurance Reviews

Auto One has received great auto insurance reviews from both customers and the insurance industry itself.

Remember, Auto One customers are mostly other insurance companies for whom they are managing assigned risk accounts. Auto One received an average of eight out of 10 points for management and nine out of 10 points for customer service.

Though most customers are other insurance companies, there are still individuals who are able to purchase policies as long as they have a good driving record and drive in New York State.

These policyholders also give high reviews to Auto One for claims service and great customer service. Having some traditional policies further increases the financial strength of Auto One.

The one complaint that is seen regularly with Auto One is the fact that it is not available in all 50 states. Auto One does not have the ability to manage policies in all 50 states because all 50 states do not have assigned risk policies.

Some states do not require insurance companies to handle at-risk drivers but instead insures these drivers through their own department of insurance.

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