AA Auto Insurance Review (2021)

The AA is the U.K. equivalent to AAA. AA provides reliable auto insurance coverage in Europe and strives to offer its clients a variety of discounts. Our AA Auto Insurance Review will tell you all you'll need to know and more. For savings, compare free quotes below.

Company Details
Address: Fanum House UG, Basing View
City: Basingstoke
State: Hampshire (county)
ZIP Code: RG21 4EA
Phone Number: +44-01-256-495969
Year Founded: 1905
AM Best Rating: NA
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Things to Remember

  • Driving in the U.K. has both similarities and differences when compared to driving in the USA
  • The Automobile Association is the U.K. equivalent of the American Automobile Association
  • The AA offers automobile coverage life, home, and pet insurance

The AA, also known as The Automobile Association, is the U.K. equivalent of the American Automobile Association (AAA) in the United States.

The organization was first formed as a mutual company in 1905 to provide insurance, repairs, and advocacy services to U.K. drivers.

In 1999, it was converted to a private limited company. Its public service activities spun off to a separate organization in 2002. In 2007, The AA merged with the Saga Group to form a new insurance company known as Acromas Holdings Limited.

Acromas Holdings sells auto insurance under several different brand names, one of them being The AA. Although AA is no longer involved in public service or advocacy, they still provide extra benefits and services typical of an automobile association.

If you need to learn more about auto insurance in general, click the link What Is Auto Insurance.

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What AA Insurance Products are Offered?

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at a very brief video explaining what AA offers its insured.

Unlike Saga Group, The AA didn’t branch out into dozens of different types of insurance products. They do offer a limited number of other products, including:

  • Life insurance
  • Home
  • Pet insurance

The primary focus, though, has always been on automobile coverages and its related services. They offer two types of policy – whether you need comprehensive, third party fire and theft insurance policy, you can get them through AA.

Third-party cover is the minimum cover required by law. It provides cover for injury to others or damage caused to their vehicle or property but does not provide cover for damage to your vehicle.

Third party, fire and theft provides the same cover as third party while also providing cover if your car is being stolen or damaged by fire. Comprehensive policies covers injuries to others, theft, vandalism, or accidental damage to your car.

Beyond insurance, The AA offers financial services geared toward better serving the automotive needs of customers. They even offer driving instruction courses!

You may be asking, “How Much Auto Insurance Do I Really Need?” As with most U.K. auto policies, each driver has the option of how much or little coverage he or she wants to purchase, but as in the USA, drivers must maintain the mandated minimum amount of coverage.

U.K. drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, just as we do in the States, but they also have several other options they can add to their policies.

For reference, let’s take a look at a table showing minimum coverage requirements per state here in the U.S.

Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements by State
U.S. StatesType of Insurance Coverage RequiredMinimum Liability Coverage Requirements
AKBI & PD Liab50/100/25
ALBI & PD Liab25/50/25
ARBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/25
AZBI & PD Liab15/30/10
CABI & PD Liab15/30/5
COBI & PD Liab25/50/15
CTBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20
DCBI & PD Liab, UM25/50/10
DEBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/10
FLPD Liab, PIP10/20/10
GABI & PD Liab25/50/25
HIBI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/10
IABI & PD Liab20/40/15
IDBI & PD Liab25/50/15
ILBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20
INBI & PD Liab25/50/25
KSBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/25
KYBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/25
LABI & PD Liab15/30/25
MABI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/5
MDBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM30/60/15
MEBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM, Medpay50/100/25
MIBI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/10
MNBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM30/60/10
MOBI & PD Liab, UM25/50/25
MSBI & PD Liab25/50/25
MTBI & PD Liab25/50/20
NCBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM30/60/25
NDBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/25
NEBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
NHFR only25/50/25
NJBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM15/30/5
NMBI & PD Liab25/50/10
NVBI & PD Liab25/50/20
NYBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/10
OHBI & PD Liab25/50/25
OKBI & PD Liab25/50/25
ORBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/20
PABI & PD Liab, PIP15/30/5
RIBI & PD Liab25/50/25
SCBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
SDBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
TNBI & PD Liab25/50/15
TXBI & PD Liab, PIP30/60/25
UTBI & PD Liab, PIP25/65/15
VABI & PD Liab (9), UM, UIM25/50/20
VTBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/10
WABI & PD Liab25/50/10
WIBI & PD Liab, UM, Medpay25/50/10
WVBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
WYBI & PD Liab25/50/20
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One of those options is called breakdown coverage. With breakdown coverage, drivers are protected if their vehicles should ever break down while driving.

This type of coverage provides for a tow, replacement vehicle, and even overnight accommodations when necessary.

U.K. drivers can also add a travel insurance policy, which will cover them and their vehicles should they decide to drive outside of the U.K. Many insurance companies are offering unlimited driving within the European Union as a standard upgrade to normal policies.

In the United States, we don’t need this type of coverage when visiting Canada, but it is required if we plan to take our vehicles into Mexico. For U.K. residents, this additional coverage is almost a necessity.

What’s the AA Customer Service like?

Where AA Insurance best shines above its competitors is in the area of customer service. Because they are an automobile association originally built on the idea of advocacy for U.K. drivers, customer service is something they naturally do very well.

One look at their website demonstrates this clearly. For example, the motoring section of the website provides a comprehensive guide to help customers purchase a brand-new vehicle.

The travel section of their website provides plenty of information for U.K. drivers planning to travel within their own country or to neighboring EU countries.

Everything from trip planning assistance to safety notices to road conditions can be accessed from this portion of the website.

You can even find complete details about obtaining an International Driving Permit, broken down by individual country. In other words, where customer service is concerned, The AA leaves nothing undone.

How to File AA Claims

The AA claims process is pretty much the same as anywhere else in the U.K. The company requests that customers call them as soon as possible after accidents.

Customers can file accident reports over the phone, as well as initiate the claims process. The AA provides round-the-clock claims service by professionally trained staff who understand all the ins and outs of U.K. auto insurance.

The AA also recommends that customers allow the insurance companies of all parties involved to work things out after an accident.

When individual drivers try to work things out, it often leads to legal issues and claims disputes among insurance companies. The AA suggests that U.K. drivers are better off exchanging information and leaving it at that.

If you’re looking for better auto insurance rates than you pay now, start your search by entering your zip code below. You may even be able to get an online quote from AA.

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