Bankers Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Curious about Bankers auto insurance? They offer personal & business insurance for auto, home, life, umbrella, liability, and worker's compensation to clients.

Company Details
Address: 4490 Cox Road
City: Glen Allen
State: VA
ZIP Code: 23060
Phone Number: (800) 541-1419
Year Founded: 1999
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Things to Remember...

  • This Bankers insurance review locates a company of community bankers who pooled their resources to build Bankers Insurance, LLC back in 1999
  • This company can establish an auto insurance policy through Safeco, Progressive, or even Auto Glass Only, or other providers on your behalf
  • This company has earned an “A+” rating with A.M. Best

Bankers Insurance is a company of community bankers who pooled their resources to build Bankers Insurance, LLC back in 1999.

This collection of banks is headquartered in Richmond, VA. As one of the largest independent agencies, it has 12 offices scattered throughout Virginia and one in Ashville, NC.

Most of its service locations are in the southernmost sections of the Commonwealth with a Fairfax location to serve Northern VA.

This company offers personal and business property and liability as well as personal and group life, health, and long-term care. Homeowners coverage is also available through this outfit, and they sell directly to the public.

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Bankers Insurance History

In 2009, the company purchased Hutton Vincent Williamson McLean Insurance Company of Ashville, NC. This outfit was actually a merger of three North Carolina insurance companies.

In 2010 Bankers Insurance, LLC joined with Comprehensive Benefits, Inc, which is located in Lynchburg, VA.

Comprehensive Benefits was established in 1996 with several accolades to its credit. With these new additions to the company, Bankers Insurance is now one of the largest agencies in the industry.

In a few short years, this company has earned an “A+” rating with A.M. Best, one of the most reputable insurance raters in the country.

Bankers Insurance Members & Executive Officers

This company has several members who are instrumental in the company’s growth.

These company members include Albemarle First Bank, Bank of Clark County, Hanover and Chesapeake Banks. P. Marshall Fleming is the President and CEO of the outfit and Jeffrey Brugh is the Chief Financial Officer.

Bruce Whitehurst is the company’s Chief Administrative Officer, and John Lake is the controller.


Bankers Insurance Plans

As an agency, this company represents may different major auto insurance carriers in the industry. This allows Bankers to offer a plethora of plans to meet your requirements.

Whether you require standard or non-standard coverage, this company can establish an auto insurance policy through Safeco, Progressive, or even Auto Glass Only, or other providers on your behalf.

Bankers Insurance has many types of auto insurance plans, including customized plans to suit every individual, family, and business needs.

Although many insurance carriers limit their auto coverage to land-based vehicles, this company offers coverage for your personal boats and yachts, in addition to recreational vehicles that most recognize as RV’s.

Business insurance includes transportation companies with fleets of vehicles as well.

Bankers Insurance Plans for Businesses

Bankers Auto can accommodate businesses who require specialized liability coverage for transportation businesses or those who use their personal vehicle to operate their business.

Business owners are assigned a Bankers Insurance team of licensed agents, one to manage your portfolio, and another who is ready to answer your general questions at any time during business hours.

Anytime you need to make a policy change, your agent will make themselves available to assist you in the decision-making process. They are knowledgeable about your business and will help you get the best rates possible.

They will also assist you with technical issues that may arise in managing your “Client Portal.”

Bankers Insurance MyWave Client Portal

When your agent is not available, you have the power to access your data online. This web page is called the MyWave Client Portal, which is a free service that allows you to personalize your management page of tools and resources.

This page allows you to communicate with your network including your account manager or Bankers Insurance producer.

You have access to all the insurance-related educational materials and resources connected with your line of business. You even have a connection to an OSHA log and assessment tool readily available.

You can track your auto insurance claims and perform other functions around the clock.

Bankers Insurance Auto Savings and Discounts

Savings and auto insurance discounts are available for the asking if you qualify, and qualifying is easy. Discounts are available to umbrella policyholders who combine multiple types of coverage, to safe drivers, and to club members such as those affiliated with AARP.

You may save by strategizing your policy with higher deductibles or advanced premiums. The length of coverage may also save you money if you extend your coverage for two or three years.

That way you minimize the amount it costs to renew your policy. There are several other ways to save on auto insurance coverage, and your agent will be eager to share them.

Bankers Insurance Reviews

Most of the auto insurance reviews related to Bankers Insurance are very positive. This company prides itself in the lengths they take to ensure customer satisfaction. More information is available on the company website.

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