Trustgard Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Trustgard Insurance Company is a part of Grange Insurance Group and offers a variety of insurance options including auto, boat, and RV insurance policies. Trustgard auto insurance rates are variable based on the vehicle and your location. Trustgard auto insurance coverage is offered in 13 states.

Company Details
Address: 671 South High Street
City: Columbus
State: OH
ZIP Code: 43206
Phone Number: 800-422-0550
Year Founded: 1981
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Things to Remember...

  • Trustgard Insurance Company is part of the Grange Insurance Group
  • Trustgard Insurance offers policies that are customized by Grange insurance agents
  • Trustgard offers a variety of insurance options including auto, boat, and RV insurance policies

Trustgard Insurance Company is one of eight companies that make up a group known as Grange Insurance. Trustgard was incorporated in 1981 and provides property and casualty coverage in 13 states.

Trustgard auto insurance works pretty much the same as anyone else’s coverage with one exception: your policy is customized according to your specific needs by a Grange agent.

You can start with simple basic liability coverage, add things like collision and glass, or move all the way up to a fully comprehensive policy.

Grange and Trustgard attempt to offer customized policies whenever possible, rather than a generic one-size-fits-all policy, which makes buying Trustgard auto insurance a more personalized experience.

Read our Trustgard insurance review to learn more.

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Grange Insurance Group Agents

Trustgard’s headquarters address is the same as Grange’s. Therefore, it’s assumed that Trustgard does not conduct any business using a separate and distinct brand name.

Finding an agent that sells affordable Trustgard car insurance means looking for one who represents Grange along with the other members of the group.

Their main website provides an agent locator tool that is activated when you enter your zip code. Local, independent agents are the preferred method of selling and servicing policies for large insurance companies.

Doing business this way gives the Trustgard auto insurance company maximum exposure and flexibility in servicing customer needs.

From the standpoint of the customer, utilizing a local agent means you’ll get the best coverage and the best Trustgard insurance rates among all of the different carriers your agent represents.


Grange Insurance Group Claims and Customer Service

Grange Insurance takes pride in its commitment to excellent customer service. This commitment is easily seen on your first visit to their website.

The site offers a lot of information not only on their products but also on insurance topics in general.

They offer tips and resources for different types of policies, information for business needs such as loss prevention and workers’ compensation, and guidance in purchasing life insurance and annuities.

As for contacting customer service, Trustgard and a Grange provide three options:

  • You can get in touch with them directly by telephone and speak with a representative
  • You can call your local agent, who will assist you as much as possible
  • There is online customer care, which allows individuals to establish an online account with Grange

Claims service is also part of the online customer care portal.

You can initiate a claim online simply by logging into your account and clicking that link, or you can initiate a claim by calling a toll-free telephone number provided on the website.

The website provides detailed information on the various types of claims for all their insurance products.

Included in this information are helpful tips that will enable you to make the claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Trustgard Insurance Company Careers

Careers at Grange and Trustgard are available at both the agent and associate level. Obviously, agents are either self-employed or work for a local agency.

To become an agent you can visit the company website and review the information, then use the provided email address to inquire about agent opportunities.

If you’re approved, you’ll need to undergo at least a limited amount of training in order to become familiar with Grange Insurance and its product line.

Interested candidates are invited to browse their current job openings and submit their resumes through the Grange human resources department.

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