Young America Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Young America auto insurance specializes in fire insurance for farms. Finding affordable Young America auto insurance rates is possible. Read our guide for information on Young America auto insurance quotes, rates, and more.

Company Details
Address: 615 W 13th St.
City: Glencoe
State: Minnesota
ZIP Code: 55336
Phone Number: 320-864-3069
Year Founded: 1869
AM Best Rating: Unknown

Company Details
Address: 615 W 13th St.
City: Glencoe
State: Minnesota
ZIP Code: 55336
Phone Number: 320-864-3069
Year Founded: 1869
AM Best Rating: Unknown

This Young America Auto Insurance review is a comprehensive review of the Young America Mutual Insurance Company. If you want to learn how to get cheap auto insurance, keep reading our guide.

We understand that it can be tough sorting through the many insurer options available. We will cover Young America in detail so you can see if this specialized company has the right services to fit your needs. This will include contact information such as the Young America Car Insurance phone number.

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How Are The Rates From This Auto Insurance Company?

The Young America Mutual Insurance Company was founded in Minnesota in 1869. They have 19 separate agencies spread throughout Minnesota, though they do not specialize in Minnesota auto insurance.

The goal of Young America has always been to give the best of various types of auto insurance coverage, amongst other coverage types, at the best rates.

While their rates are not made available on their site, we can look at statewide averages. The following table shows the average rates for liability, collision, and comprehensive coverages in Minnesota.

Coverage Type20152014201320122011Average

Now, let’s move on to where in Minnesota Young America Mutual Insurance Company does business.

What is Young America’s availability by state?

Young America Mutual Insurance Company mostly operates in a certain portion of southern Minnesota. The following table shows which counties in Minnesota have Young America Mutual availability. This includes its headquarters in Glencoe, MN.

Blue Earth

Young America Mutual Insurance Company is also located in several cities within Minnesota. They are covered in the following table.

Prior Lake
St Cloud

What if you’re not in Minnesota? Is Young America auto insurance available in Indianapolis? Yes, they also offer auto insurance coverage in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Texas

Let’s move on to the coverages offered by Young America.


What Car Insurance Coverages Are Offered by Young America?

The Young America Mutual Insurance Company specializes in fire insurance for homes and farms. The following video explains farm insurance in a bit more detail.

The Young America Mutual Insurance Company partners with North Star Insurance, Spring Valley Mutual Insurance, and RAM Mutual Insurance to provide their insurance products. You may be asking if these are the most reputable and best companies or with whom they are affiliated.

All of these insurance companies are members of the Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies.

Farm coverage offers insurance for home, personal property, blanket coverage, farm service buildings, livestock, farm liability, and special property.

Farm service buildings insurance covers structures like barns, sheds, and garages for farm equipment.

Livestock coverage insures livestock against animal attacks, drowning, accidental loss, and building collapse.

Farm liability coverage protects against damage to another person’s property, features employers’ liability and public liability, and even covers medical payments to the public and farm employees that might be injured on the farm.

Let’s take a look at a video that explains liability coverage in a bit more detail.

You may be asking, “what is liability auto insurance coverage?” Essentially, liability coverage helps to pay for an injured party’s expenses in an accident — be it a car accident or some other form — you cause.

You may be asking, “does my car insurance cover accidents on private property?” A special farm-specific blanket coverage option is available to cover valuables, livestock, machinery, and other types of personal property.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at a video that will explain personal property coverage in a bit more detail.

Now, let’s move on to Young America’s bundling options.

What are Young America’s bundling options?

Since a lot of rural farmers also have their personal homes on the same land as their commercial farm, homeowner’s insurance is just as important a purchase as farm-specific insurance. For this reason, most farm policies offer homeowners insurance in tandem.

What are discounts offered by Young America?

Young America Mutual Insurance Company does not list any available discounts on their webpage.

What Programs are available from Young America?

Young America offers what they call a MAFMIC Scholarship. This stands for Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies. They state at least one scholarship with a monetary value of $500 is awarded each year that there is enough money in the scholarship fund.

To apply for the scholarship, one needs only to contact Young America’s office. However, the link to view the Scholarship’s qualifications leads to a broken page.

How Easy Is Canceling Your Young America Car Insurance Policy?

While there is no information on policy cancellation readily available, there is a portal for policyholders to sign in to pay their premiums. No information is available in regard to cancellation fees, refunds, cancellation steps, or when a policyholder is allowed to cancel.

How Do You Make A Young America Car Insurance Claim?

Information is also not readily available on how to file a claim. With that being said, this would most likely be accessed by the policyholder sign-in portal where a policy number and password is required.

What Car Insurance Ratings Does The Business Have?

Very little information is provided in terms of customer reviews. A Google search will show that 100 percent of the customers who submitted a review stated they are likely to renew their policy, yet simultaneously only 50 percent stated they would recommend Young America Mutual Insurance Company to a friend.

This translates to 4.23 out of five stars.

There are two available Young America auto insurance reviews online. One sits at four out of five stars and the other sits at three out of five stars. Both reviews commend the company for its highly competitive pricing. In fact, both reviews appear to be outright positive, with no negative factors explain the sub-five-star rating.

Furthermore, Young America Mutual Insurance Company has an A- rating from A.M. Best. Now, let’s move on to the bottom line.

What Is The Bottom Line?

Considering Young America Mutual Insurance Company is so small, despite its age, there is precious little information to go off of. Furthermore, they do not offer personal auto insurance, so customer reviews are scant to none as are customer complaints. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, you may need to look somewhere else to get an auto insurance quote.

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Do You Have More Questions About This Young America Auto Insurance Review?

Hopefully, we’ve covered all you need to know, but just to make sure, feel free to take a look at some common questions below.

#1 – What coverages does Young America Insurance Company offer?

Car insurance, farm insurance, homeowners insurance are the types of insurance offered by this business.

#2 – What is Young America Car insurance’s Phone number?

1-320-864-3069. The Young America auto insurance claims phone number is 1-214-333-4002.

#3 – How do customers rate Young America Insurance Company?

It’s rated 4.23 out of 5 stars. 100 percent of policyholders said they would renew their policy, while 50 percent said they would recommend the company to a friend.

#4 – What states does Young America Insurance Company do business in?

This company conducts business in Minnesota, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

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I enjoy the price and the roadside assistance. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.