Spartan Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Looking at Spartan auto insurance? They offer auto, home, life, and business coverage, and have a financial rating of B+ (Favorable) from A.M. Best.

Company Details
Address: 1346 Broadway Street
City: Pearland
State: TX
ZIP Code: 77581
Phone Number: (877) 652-3602
Year Founded: 1972
Company Rating 1 (1 review)

Things to Remember...

  • Spartan is a leader in the area of SR22 insurance for drivers who must file proof of insurance for probationary purposes in the state of Texas
  • Spartan Insurance Agency’s home office is located in Pearland, Texas
  • Currently, the company provides auto insurance coverage to Texas residents only

This Spartan Auto Insurance Review will provide an overview of the company, as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes. Spartan Insurance offers low-cost auto insurance to Texas residents.

Spartan is a leader in the area of SR22 insurance for drivers who must file proof of insurance for probationary purposes in the state of Texas.

Founded nearly 40 years ago, Spartan’s main goal was to provide excellent quality car insurance at the best price.

Since auto insurance is the only type of coverage Spartan offers, the company prides itself on its expertise in the field, and also its ability to offer the best rates.

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Spartan Auto Insurance Locations

Spartan Insurance Agency’s home office is located in Pearland, Texas. Currently, the company provides auto insurance coverage to Texas residents only.

Their address is:

Spartan Insurance
1346 Broadway Street
Pearland, TX 77581
Phone: (877) 652-3602

Contacting an agent online is very easy and convenient. If the customer has questions during the business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, then Spartan offers an online chat service.

There’s a “Chat With Us Online” link at the top of every page on the website. Outside of regular business hours, customers can use the form which is provided on the website.

A customer enters his or her name, policy number, any questions or concerns, and then submits the form. An agent will respond within a day.


Spartan Auto Insurance Claims

Spartan’s website offers advice regarding what to do in the event the customer is involved in an accident and needs to file a claim. The customer should use a camera to document the scene, even if the accident was the fault of the other driver.

Writing down the names of witnesses and their contact information will also be helpful to the claims adjuster.

Spartan recommends obtaining a police report. It will also speed the process if the customer is familiar with what his or her insurance policy covers, and whether or not rental car expenses are covered, in case the damaged car is not functional.

Customers can file and track auto insurance claims on the Spartan website, using the link to the customer area which can be found on the home page. Again, the live chat link will be helpful for any questions.

Spartan Auto Insurance Quotes

Spartan’s quote process is quick and efficient. The process involves four steps.

The potential customer will enter details about each vehicle, information about the drivers who will be covered, and any auto insurance discounts which might reduce the cost, like the discount for direct withdrawal of payments.

The fourth step allows the review of all the information entered, and then the form is submitted. The website makes it easy to quote, purchase, and print a Texas auto insurance policy.

Spartan Auto Insurance and SR22 Policies

In the event a customer needs to file an SR22 insurance policy with the state of Texas, Spartan has specialized expertise in this area. An SR22 policy is required for drivers who have been convicted of DWI, DUI or have had a driver’s license suspended for some other offense such as failure to provide proof of insurance.

The SR22 policy requires the insurance carrier to notify the state of Texas if the policy lapses. The driver must carry this policy for a probationary period of time before the license can be reinstated.

Spartan Insurance has designed a separate website which handles questions and concerns a customer might have regarding SR22 regulations.

The no-obligation quote enables the customer to consider the cost before making a decision. The option of a non-owner SR22 is available for those drivers who already have coverage; otherwise, a standard SR22 must be purchased.

The purchase can be made using Spartan’s secure, online process. Spartan will file the policy with the state of Texas, and also email a copy of the policy to the customer.

Spartan Auto Insurance Customer Service

Spartan’s commitment to customer service is evident in its detailed website.

Various links to short articles help to answer customers’ concerns when filing claims or even distinguishing between the various types of car insurance.

The live chat feature of the website ensures that no matter what type of question a customer might have, it will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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