Diamond Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Diamond Auto Insurance now operates as Insurance Centre Agency. They offer traditional auto, home, property, boat, general liability, and commercial insurance.

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Address: 3848 Medina Road Suite 105
City: Medina
State: OH
ZIP Code: 44256
Phone Number: 1-866-364-2495
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Things to Remember...

  • Diamond Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that represents a variety of nationwide companies
  • Diamond Insurance offers both specialized and traditional insurance products
  • Diamond Insurance is able to meet the needs of all types of drivers by working with many different providers

A review of Diamond Auto Insurance leads to Diamond Insurance Agency, now named Insurance Centre Agency

Diamond Insurance Agency represents nationwide companies including Erie Insurance Group, Hagerty, Progressive, and Western Reserve Group.

Diamond Insurance offers a variety of both specialized and traditional insurance products for its customers.

Though they themselves do not sell insurance policies, they write policies from several top companies across the nation.

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Diamond Insurance Traditional Insurance

Homeowners insurance through Diamond Insurance affiliates is for single-family dwellings, condos, or tenant-occupied dwellings.

Homeowners insurance includes protection against fire, damage, personal injury, and personal liability. Individuals can add riders as needed to cover additional areas, including covering the belongings inside the dwelling.

Auto insurance is available through the affiliates of Diamond Insurance and is customized to make sure that drivers meet the legal requirements of the state they live in.

Each state has different laws that govern auto insurance and minimum coverage amounts must be met.

Diamond Insurance agents will also suggest additional coverage that an individual driver may need to cover assets and to cover vehicles that still have loan payments attached.

Diamond Insurance also offers personal umbrella policies. An umbrella policy covers all the gaps that other types of insurance may leave.


Diamond Insurance Specialized Insurance

Diamond’s specialized insurance category includes some unique coverage options for items that are either difficult to insure or do not fall into the category of traditional insurance.

By offering both traditional and specialized insurance policies, Diamond Insurance is able to build a wide customer base and give policyholders the opportunity to have all their insurance needs met with one company.

One type of specialized insurance that is offered by Diamond Insurance is collector car insurance. Collector car insurance can be a confusing category because these types of cars are used as a hobby or for shows.

Often, collector cars are not driven on a regular basis or are not driven at all. By working with a company that knows the ins and outs of collector car insurance, customers can rest assured that all aspects of their classic car are covered, from damage to theft.

Another type of specialized insurance available through the affiliates of Diamond Insurance is specialized auto insurance. This type of coverage provides insurance for boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles.

All three of these types of insurance are considered high risk, so it is important to use an insurance company that can write specific policies for these needs.

Diamond Insurance Business Insurance

Diamond Insurance hires agents who are specialized business insurance agents. This means that their training, education, and experience all relate directly to insuring businesses.

No small or large business can get off the ground and sustain itself without the proper insurance coverage. Without insurance, one incident can result in a costly lawsuit, or cause a company to go out of business.

Businesses need property liability coverage, personal liability coverage, worker’s compensation, and commercial auto insurance to cover the very basics. If a business deals directly with customers, other types of insurance may be necessary as well.

Business insurance specialists at Diamond Insurance can pinpoint the most important needs of a particular business and build an appropriate business insurance package for them.

As a business grows, so do their insurance needs. Diamond Insurance re-analyzes its business insurance clients annually to make sure each business is still getting the proper coverage and in the right amounts.

However, business owners are encouraged to assess their own insurance needs throughout the year, as well as discuss any changes or concerns with their agent.

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