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ICM Insurance Company Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: P.O. Box 20850
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
ZIP: 46220
Phone Number: 1-800-426-2886
AM Best Rating: N/A
Market Cap: N/A
Year Founded: 2005
Things to Remember...
  • ICM has been liquidated as of 12/24/2013
  • They were located in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • ICM offered a 24/7 claims line for you to call if you need to file a claim

Update: ICM has been liquidated as of 12/24/2013

ICM Insurance Company is actually ICM Auto Insurance Company; according to the ICM website, they are one and the same.

You have probably guessed this by now, but ICM is an auto insurance company and it doesn’t sell any other insurance products.

Founded in 2005, ICM is a very young insurance company.

There are some insurance companies available to you that have been around for more than 100 years, so a six or seven-year-old insurance company is just plain new!

Because of how young they are, ICM does not have an A.M. Best rating. ICM is listed on the A.M. Best website; there just isn’t enough information yet for A.M. Best to provide it with an appropriate rating.

The reason this might have an impact on you is that a rating from A.M. Best allows you to see how financially sound a company is.

It also allows you to see whether or not the company is projected be able to pay its claims, pay its bills, and more.

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ICM Auto Insurance Company Locations

AdobeStock_83014778-1600x1600What’s particularly odd about the ICM website is that they don’t provide their address.

In every instance where you might expect to find their address, you are presented with a P.O. Box number. This address is:

P.O. Box 20850
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
Toll-free: 1-800-426-2886

On the A.M. Best website, there is a different address listed for ICM Insurance Company, as well as a different phone number.

However, if you were to search online for the address and phone presented, you would find yourself looking at information from Chiltington International Consulting Company, which has nothing to do with ICM.

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ICM Auto Insurance Company Agents

ICM use independent agents to sell its products. The good news is that the company does provide a tool on its website to help you to find an agent in your area.

The bad news is that it doesn’t provide a list of the areas that it services so that you can determine whether you should bother looking for an agent in the first place.

In order to find an agent, all you have to do is type your zip code into the company’s search tool.

Once you do that, you will be provided with a list of agents in your area.

However, rather than being presented in order of how close they are to your zip code, the information is presented in alphabetical order.

There are no advanced options to help you narrow down your choices.

ICM Auto Insurance Company Claims

insurance-claim-paperwork_40645320-1600x1600ICM offers a 24/7 claims line for you to call if you need to file a claim. The number to call is 1-888-672-7638 if you live in Texas or 1-800-426-2886 for anywhere else.

When you file a claim if your vehicle is totaled or has to be repaired the claims agent will help get you a rental car rather than you having to do it yourself.

ICM is known for resolving its claims quickly; however, ICM doesn’t say how long it takes, on average, to file a claim with the company or to get paid.

ICM Auto Insurance Company Careers

ICM does offer a career center on its website. This area has two links available: careers and working at ICM.

If you click on the careers link, you will be directed to a page that shows all of the available positions with the company.

At the time of this review, there were no positions available with ICM.

There is a surprising lack of information under the “working at ICM” link. The expectation here was that there would be a list of benefits available for ICM employees, but that just isn’t so.

Instead, you will find an equal employment opportunity policy statement and a statement that ICM offers a relaxed working environment and that the salaries are competitive.

There is no other information available about working for this company.

If you want to be an agent that sells ICM products, you can apply under the agent center on their website.

However, as mentioned above, agents are independent of the company and work for themselves or another agency.

ICM Auto Insurance Company Quotes

adobestock_31832414-1600x1600ICM doesn’t offer any quote options on its website. In order to get a quote for ICM, you will have to find an independent agent in your area that sells its products.

If you are in the market for auto insurance, your better option is to enter your zip code below.

Once you do that you will be offered the ability to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Reviews for ICM Insurance Company Auto Insurance

  1. Very bad service with late response in everything.
    I call to cancel my insurance, and they ask me to go the agent and write a written cancellation to make effective and charge me for the next month.

    • 11111
    Jennifer Baetz says:

    Crappy company. Had a wreck and they acted like it was our fault. Adjuster looked like a crack head when she arrived and then gave half the estimate of the repair shop. Back to Golden Correll she goes to wait tables. Been over three weeks since the accident still waiting to get my truck fixed…want a rental car…forget it!

    • 11111


    they say they value your call but they think it’s ok to leave you on hold for 15 minutes if not longer (i have had to call them many times due to me being in a crash, so it’s not like I was calling just once).

    I have yet to receive my insurance card from them (its been over 4 months) when I also filed my claim Blackhawk claims was….decent…but sent my payment authorization form to the wrong address so instead of the ICM paying the amount that they had agreed they only paid 17$ and didn’t even call to let me know that they paid it.

    they may be “Financially safe” but they are F@#$%$# horrible at remembering the most important person is the customer. the only reason they got one star is cause they are cheap.


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