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Things to Remember...
  • Blue Cross is associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield, a health insurance provider
  • Blue Cross does not provide any type of auto insurance, whether personal or commercial
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield provides HMOs and PPOs to their various customers

The Blue Cross name is most commonly associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield, a nationwide health insurance provider with regional and state offices operating as independent franchisees of the organization.

Despite what you may have heard or read, Blue Cross is no longer a separate entity and it does not sell auto insurance of any kind.

Nonetheless, to give you a better idea of what Blue Cross Blue Shield is all about we will still provide you with a complete review here.

Blue Cross Blue Shield consists of an association of 39 health insurance providers in the United States. The members of the association combine to provide medical insurance for more than 100 million individuals and families.

They do so both directly and indirectly through two core products: HMOs (health maintenance organizations) and PPOs (preferred provider organizations).

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Blue Cross Blue Shield History

The organization originally began under the Blue Cross name in 1929, organized to provide low-cost hospitalization coverage for teachers at Baylor University at an annual rate of $6.

The idea caught and Blue Cross expanded to cover other groups of workers in the Dallas area and eventually across the United States.

Meanwhile, Blue Shield got its start in the 1930s by providing one of the earliest forms of today’s modern health insurance policy to workers in California’s mining industry.

Both organizations underwent significant expansion and structural changes leading to the formation of both the Blue Cross Association and the Blue Shield Association, in 1960 and 1948, respectively.

The two associations merged into one in 1982, creating the modern association we all know today.

In their previous forms as separate associations, both were tax-exempt organizations registered under a 501(c)(4) designation as social welfare plans.

The tax-exempt status was revoked in 1986 due to the fact that the association began selling commercial health insurance products.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Locations


Due to the fact that Blue Cross Blue Shield consists of 39 health insurance organizations, the number of locations available in the United States runs into the thousands.

Each independent franchise will have its own corporate office as well as regional and local offices within its area of operation.

Larger states tend to have their own exclusive franchise while smaller states tend to be combined together. Regardless, finding a local location is a matter of contacting the health insurance provider for your area.

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s main Chicago location is:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
225 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 297-6000

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Agents

Some health insurance and auto insurance companies work from a direct-to-customer model which utilizes no local agents in the field.

Others use a network of independent agents who represent them as well as other insurance providers, and still others use a combination of both.

Blue Cross Blue Shield allow the use of individual agents to be left up to each of the 39 member companies. Most, however, do not utilize them.

They prefer direct-to-customer contact because they deal mostly with business entities rather than individuals.

The closest thing to a local Blue Cross agent would usually be a local chamber of commerce that might offer Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to self-employed individuals.

But even in this scenario, all the chamber of commerce does is provide information about insurance plans, collect completed paperwork, and submit the paperwork to the appropriate association member.

In other words, the chamber of commerce is playing the role of the employer in dealing with the health insurance company.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Claims


Blue Cross Blue Shield is a somewhat unique operation in the sense that most customers do not participate in the claims process in any way.

For example, you may see a specialist who then sends you to a lab for specific tests. After paying your $50 or $75 co-pay, the transaction is finished as far as you’re concerned.

You will never see the bill the lab submits to Blue Cross Blue Shield which, in some cases, could be thousands of dollars.

By contrast, when you make an auto insurance claim you are part of the financial transaction every step of the way.

Blue Cross Blue Shield claims are filed by your doctor, health clinic, or hospital under normal circumstances. The insurance company reviews the claims and then makes a direct payment to whoever filed the claim.

Critics of America’s current healthcare system cite this business model as being one of the reasons why health care costs are so high in the United States.

Without the customer being directly involved in the financial transaction, critics maintain that competition among various healthcare providers is virtually nonexistent.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Quotes


If you get your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance through your employer, you will not have any access to quotes and pricing. The association works out a deal with your employer according to the type of coverage he wants to provide and how much he’s willing to pay.

Most employers who use Blue Cross Blue Shield are enrolled in a risk pool based on geographic location and the type of business they are engaged in.

Once Blue Cross Blue Shield sets the premium price every employee in that group will pay that amount.

If you are self-employed, or your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, you can get a direct quote from your Blue Cross Blue Shield provider.

A simple Internet search including the association name and your address will help you quickly locate the Blue Cross Blue Shield franchise servicing your area.

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