Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Need auto insurance? Ag Workers Mutual was founded to cover agricultural workers. They offer full auto insurance policy coverage. Compare rates from multiple companies below.

Company Details
Address: 5500 Lower Birdville Road
City: Fort Worth
State: TX
ZIP Code: 76117
Phone Number: 1-800-772-7424
Year Founded: 1948
AM Best Rating: A-
Company Rating 2.33 (3 reviews)

Things to remember...

  • In 1948, Ag Workers Mutual was founded in Fort Worth,Texas by agriculture teacher William C. Young
  • Ag Workers Mutual soon expanded into Oklahoma and Arkansas
  • Some of the types of auto insurance coverage offered by Ag Workers Mutual are liability, personal injury protection including medical payments, and uninsured or underinsured motorists

This Agricultural Workers (Ag Workers) Mutual Auto Insurance review will provide an overview of the company, as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes.

Ag Workers Mutual was founded in 1948 by agriculture teacher William C. Young. Mr. Young’s idea was to establish a mutual company for agricultural workers, owned by policyholders who vote on company standards and elect board members.

Each policyholder’s safe driving record would keep costs down for all company members. Every year, each member would receive a dividend based on the company’s savings.

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Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Locations



Ag Workers Mutual was founded in Fort Worth, Texas, and then expanded into Oklahoma and Arkansas. Each location has its own website, although customers can go to the site of the main location to access all three websites.

Specific contact information and hours of operation can be found for each office on the individual websites.


Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Quotes

In the states of Texas and Oklahoma, a potential customer can obtain a free quote by clicking on the quote tab.

Arkansas customers can also use this method on either the Texas or Oklahoma site, or simply click on the Arkansas home page’s link to find a local agent.

At any of the three locations, the contact information will connect a potential customer to an experienced local agent who will start the process of finding the best combination of price, coverage, and customer service.

Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Products


The Ag Workers Mutual website states that even though each state has its own requirements to maintain minimum auto insurance coverage, this amount might not be adequate if the customer is involved in an accident.

Trained customer service professionals are always prepared to counsel the customer as to how much coverage is warranted, based on individual customer needs. The customer service phone number is the same for all three websites: 1-800-772-7424.

Some of the types of auto insurance coverage offered by Ag Workers Mutual are liability, personal injury protection including medical payments, uninsured or underinsured motorists, collision, rental cost reimbursement, and trailer insurance.

Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Claims

In the event a customer is involved in an accident, the Ag Workers Mutual website has a tab that lists instructions on reporting an accident and filing a claim.

The process begins when the customer calls the claim center. Texas and Oklahoma share the same claims phone number, and Arkansas has its own.

The Ag Workers Mutual customer service professional who answers the phone will take the customer through the initial steps of the process.

Exchanging information with the other involved parties, and making sure to record driver’s license numbers and insurance information will help the Ag Workers Mutual agent to file a claim more efficiently.

The claimant should file a police report, and also have the police report number handy when calling Ag Workers Mutual to report the accident. If an insurance adjuster is required to further investigate the accident, the claimant will be contacted within 24 hours.

Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Customer Service

Since their beginning in 1948, Ag Workers Mutual has worked to establish trust within its communities.

Marcus Hill, the president of Ag Workers Mutual, posted a letter to customers on the website, stating that, being from a small farming community himself, he learned how important it is to treat people fairly.

The company was founded on that principle, and the loyalty of Ag Workers Mutual members has enabled the company to grow steadily. For more than 55 years, the company has continued to pay annual dividends to its members.

Ag Workers Mutual has created an Academic Excellence Award to be given to students pursuing agricultural degrees. The company also publishes an outstanding newsletter that contains valuable information for policyholders, as well as news about the company and its members.

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