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Things to Remember...
  • Interinsurance Exchange is part of AAA of Southern California
  • AAA provides a variety of incentives including roadside assistance and discounts
  • AAA also offers different types of insurance coverage including auto and home insurance

This Interinsurance Exchange Auto Insurance review shows that all searches for Interinsurance Exchange lead to AAA of Southern California.

AAA has a long history of assisting drivers, and a membership offers many incentives including:

  • discounts
  • roadside assistance
  • insurance and financial services.

When most people think of AAA, they automatically think of the roadside service that they offer.

A lot of people are unaware of all of the other products and services that AAA provides for its members.

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A History of Interinsurance Exchange Through AAA


AAA, or the American Automobile Association, was founded in 1902. At the beginning of the 20th century, the interstates system in the United States had not been built yet.

As a result, when a person wanted to travel in the car, they had to use a system of roads that were not fitting for the newly invented automobile.

AAA was formed to provide roadside assistance to these automobile pioneers.

Today, AAA works much the same way as it always has. AAA members belong to one of the 69 clubs, and these clubs are the owners of AAA.

The clubs are funded by membership dues. These dues not only fund the clubs individually but also the national organization’s operations.

AAA has also spread far beyond the borders of the United States. There are AAA clubs in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, and Canada.

The foreign AAA clubs extend benefits to American AAA members traveling in their countries. Also, members of these foreign clubs are given benefits when traveling in the United States.

Products Offered by the Interinsurance Exchange


The Interinsurance Exchange offers many types of insurance policy options through the AAA of Southern California.

Some of these insurance policy options include:

Having an auto insurance policy with AAA gives a person certain benefits they would not have when they have a policy with a more typical auto insurance provider.

By having an auto insurance policy with AAA a person automatically becomes a member and has access to all of the other services that AAA offers its members.

The most recognizable of these services is the roadside assistance. After a car accident, AAA will send a roadside assistance provider to the scene of the accident to tow the member’s car to the chosen repair shop.

AAA will also call any family on behalf of the member, arrange for a rental car, complete the insurance claim notice for the member, and even schedule the repair of the damaged vehicle without the delay of having to wait for an adjuster.

AAA offers the same types of auto insurance coverage as a more typical auto insurance provider.

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Interinsurance Exchange and Auto Insurance Discounts

AAA also offers a wide range of auto insurance discounts. Some of these discount options include:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Persistency discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Car with airbags discounts
  • Driving course discounts
  • Professional discounts
  • Car with an alarm discount

One of the easiest ways to receive a substantial auto insurance discount is by also having your homeowners insurance through AAA.

AAA gives its members two distinct homeowners insurance policies to choose from:

  • Your Home insurance policy – a basic home insurance policy that includes extended replacement cost coverage and personal property replacement cost coverage
  • Your Home Advantage insurance policy includes extra coverage options such as green coverage and identity fraud expense coverage

AAA also offers many discount opportunities for those with a homeowners insurance policy including protective device discounts, roof type discounts, and a new home discount.

Even though Interinsurance Exchange is only available to those living in Southern California, you can still use our FREE online tool to compare the auto insurance rates of companies where you live.

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