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State National Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: 1900 L. Don Dodson Drive
City: Bedford
State: TX
ZIP: 76021
Phone Number: 1-800-877-4567
AM Best Rating: A
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1984
Things to Remember...
  • State National Insurance is part of the State National Companies group
  • State National Insurance provides a variety of property and casualty insurance products
  • State National has a high rating from A.M. Best and provides several employee benefits
State National Insurance Company Inc. has been reviewed because of the large size, vision, and nationwide reach of the company.

A part of the State National Companies group, State National Insurance Company has been a reputable insurance provider in Texas ever since its inception in 1984.

This stock company has been providing insurance plans for many different services like auto, health, home, boat, and airplane, as well as business.

State National Insurance Company has been in business for almost 30 years now.

They were first eligible to receive an A.M. Best rating in 1993 and have achieved an “A” rating ever since.

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State National Insurance Products


State National Insurance Company Inc. is a fire & casualty company that provides property and casualty insurance.

Consumers have access to many different insurance products as the company is licensed to write a whole list of property and casualty insurance.

State National Insurance offers everything from accident insurance to auto liability and auto physical damage insurance.

They cover employers’ liability insurance, workers’ compensation, fidelity and surety, fire, and even rain insurance. The company also writes reinsurance in all lines, as well as health insurance.

State National is one of the most all-inclusive insurance companies within Texas.

State National Insurance Locations

State National is affiliated with the State National Companies group and has multi-line licensing for all 50 states in the country and the District of Columbia.

The State National Insurance Company has been providing auto insurance and auto damage liability services to people all over the country for years now.

They act as a policy issuing program carrier for producers across the nation.

State National Insurance Quotes


There are many ways of obtaining a quote from State National Insurance Company.

  • You can simply call them at their toll-free number
  • You can send them an email
  • You can also visit their website which offers a paperless online form to get a quote

The electronic form is fairly simple and basic. Once they receive the information, their agents will get back in touch with you.

The auto insurance agent might have a few more detail-oriented questions for you as the form is fairly general.

Since State National Insurance provides a wide list of insurance services under fire, marine, and casualty insurance, you will be able to get quotes and other information for any of these insurances.

You will then be contacted by the respective insurance agent as soon as the quote is ready.

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State National Insurance Claims

While there are a few ways to make an auto insurance claim, the best way is to get in touch with your carrier directly.

Since State National Insurance Company acts as your insurance carrier, you can simply get in touch with them on their toll-free number or send them a detailed email.

It is important for your insurance carrier to have all necessary information in place as soon as possible to put your auto insurance claim on the fast track.

State National Insurance Reviews


State National Insurance is an affiliate of State National Companies and has a good reputation to live up to.

Their “A” rating from A.M. Best ensures a high level of service, expansive authority, and exceptional communication and support standards.

There are plenty of individual customer reviews for State National Insurance Company, though reviews directed particularly to their auto insurance branch are not readily available.

The accessibility and availability of the top echelon and management committees have been applauded in these reviews, as well as their competitive pricing and long tenure.

State National Insurance Careers

State National Insurance is a nationwide company and has many job opportunities. They have listed these opening on their website.

State National Insurance Company offer a list of employee benefits including healthcare plans, dental health plans, 401(k), and other additional benefits.

Based on reviews by current employees, it seems to be a place where talent is recognized and merit is rewarded.

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Reviews for State National Auto Insurance

  1. State auto National Insurance failed to report my change of vehicle to the state of Utah and therefore my vehicle was impounded. State auto National Insurance also cancels my policy even after I received a payment confirmation, and it was on time.

    In the state of Utah my driver’s license can be suspended for not having insurance. I have made on time payments for two years with no accidents. It is Utah state law that they report any new insured vehicle to the state. They failed to do this, costing me $400.00 and possibly my driver’s license.

    So this is a formal complaint. Thank you for your time.

    • 11111
    Debi Bright says:

    Don’t use them for your insurance. All they want is the money!

    I bought a car and they want to charge me $400 for a months worth of coverage because my policy on my old car only covered liability. They should charge me for 3 days, not a month, plus NOTHING HAPPEN TO THE CAR. We aren’t talking like there was an accident or a claim. My insurance told me BY LAW your insurance will cover you for 30 days prior to a change in cars.

    State National is complaining because it wasn’t “properly insured”! Give me a break! Will see what my bank has to say about all this…they already said they have had several customers complain about SN!!!

    Also out for the bucks and never to help out your fellow AMERICAN!

  2. Betty Bryant says:

    SNC is a no rate company, they are a rip-off, they take your money, and that is all they do, their insurance is high, and you get a flat 0 out of it, a for sure rip off company

  3. Betty Bryant says:


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