Allstate Auto Insurance Review (2021)

This Allstate auto insurance review will cover Allstate auto insurance ratings by real users for overall satisfaction and claims, cost, billing, and service satisfaction. The Allstate A.M. Best rating is A+. To compare insurance rates from the best companies in your locale, enter your ZIP code below.

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Company Details
Address: P.O. Box 660598
City: Dallas
State: TX
ZIP Code: 75266-0598
Phone Number: 1 (877) 810-2920
Year Founded: 1931
AM Best Rating: A+

Are you in good hands with Allstate?

Who are the best auto insurance companies out there? And if you’re shopping for insurance, you’ll want to know how the companies you’re considering compare. If Allstate Auto Insurance is one of your choices, you might be wondering how it stacks up overall.

Well, wonder no longer. This Allstate Auto Insurance review covers everything, from how much you may pay, company ratings, and discounts, to how to make a claim, and much more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Allstate auto insurance.

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Does Allstate Have Cheap Auto Insurance Rates?

So you’re considering different auto insurance companies and need to know how much you might pay with Allstate. What are their average rates?

Different factors can have a significant effect on your rates. For example, if you’re a married 60-year-old female, you’ll receive the lowest available rates, while if you’re a 17-year-old male, you’ll likely be paying the highest rates.

We’ll take a look at some of these factors and the effect they have on your auto insurance rate in just a bit.

What is Allstate Auto Insurance’s availability by state?

Allstate is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. But what are the average rates in your state? Take a look at this table to find out.

Allstate Average Auto Insurance Rates by State

StateAverage Annual Rates
District of Columbia$6,468.92
North Carolina$7,190.43
North Dakota$4,669.31
New Hampshire$2,725.01
New Jersey$5,713.58
New Mexico$4,200.65
New York$4,740.97
Rhode Island$4,959.45
South Carolina$3,903.43
South Dakota$4,723.72
West Virginia$3,820.68
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The cheapest state for Allstate is Hawaii, with an average annual premium of $2,173.49. The most expensive state is Michigan, with an average annual premium of $22,902.59. 

If you blinked twice at the annual average of Michigan auto insurance premiums, you’re not alone. A few reasons why premiums are so high in Michigan include:

How does Allstate compare with the top 10 companies by market share?

Market share is how much of the national market a particular company holds.

In this table, we compare average rates by state, so you can see how Allstate stacks up against its competitors.

Average Auto Insurance Rates for the Top 10 Insurance Companies by State
StateAllstateAmerican FamilyFarmersGeicoLiberty MutualNationwideProgressiveState FarmTravelersUSAA
Alaska$3,145.31$4,153.07Data Not Available$2,879.96$5,295.55Data Not Available$3,062.85$2,228.12Data Not Available$2,454.21
Alabama$3,311.52Data Not Available$4,185.80$2,866.60$4,005.48$2,662.66$4,450.52$4,798.15$3,697.80$2,124.09
Arkansas$5,150.03Data Not Available$4,257.87$3,484.63Data Not Available$3,861.79$5,312.09$2,789.03$5,973.33$2,171.06
Arizona$4,904.10Data Not Available$5,000.08$2,264.71Data Not Available$3,496.08$3,577.50$4,756.25$3,084.74$3,084.29
California$4,532.96Data Not Available$4,998.78$2,885.65$3,034.42$4,653.19$2,849.67$4,202.28$3,349.54$2,693.87
Colorado$5,537.17$3,733.02$5,290.24$3,091.69$2,797.74$3,739.47$4,231.92$3,270.77Data Not Available$3,338.87
Connecticut$5,831.60Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,073.66$7,282.87$3,672.34$4,920.35$2,976.24$6,004.29$3,190.00
District of Columbia$6,468.92Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,692.81Data Not Available$4,848.98$4,970.26$4,074.05Data Not Available$2,580.44
Delaware$6,316.06Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,727.29$18,360.02$4,330.21$4,181.83$4,466.85$4,182.36$2,325.98
Florida$7,440.46Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,783.63$5,368.15$4,339.60$5,583.30$3,397.67Data Not Available$2,850.41
Georgia$4,210.70Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,977.20$10,053.44$6,484.90$4,499.22$3,384.88Data Not Available$3,157.46
Hawaii$2,173.49Data Not Available$4,763.82$3,358.86$3,189.55$2,551.83$2,177.93$1,040.28Data Not Available$1,189.35
Idaho$4,088.76$3,728.79$3,168.28$2,770.68$2,301.51$3,032.19Data Not Available$1,867.96$3,226.29$1,877.61
Indiana$3,978.81$3,679.68$3,437.55$2,261.07$5,781.35Data Not Available$3,898.00$2,408.94$3,393.75$1,630.86
Kentucky$7,143.92Data Not AvailableData Not Available$4,633.59$5,930.97$5,503.23$5,547.63$3,354.32$6,551.68$2,897.89
Louisiana$5,998.79Data Not AvailableData Not Available$6,154.60Data Not AvailableData Not Available$7,471.10$4,579.12Data Not Available$4,353.12
Maine$3,675.59Data Not Available$2,770.15$2,823.05$4,331.39Data Not Available$3,643.59$2,198.68$2,252.97$1,930.79
Maryland$5,233.17Data Not AvailableData Not Available$3,832.63$9,297.55$2,915.69$4,094.86$3,960.87Data Not Available$2,744.14
Massachusetts$2,708.53Data Not AvailableData Not Available$1,510.17$4,339.35Data Not Available$3,835.11$1,361.86$3,537.94$1,458.99
Michigan$22,902.59Data Not Available$8,503.60$6,430.11$20,000.04$6,327.38$5,364.55$12,565.52$8,773.97$3,620.00
Minnesota$4,532.01$3,521.29$3,137.45$3,498.54$13,563.61$2,926.49Data Not Available$2,066.99Data Not Available$2,861.60
Missouri$4,096.15$3,286.90$4,312.19$2,885.33$4,518.67$2,265.35$3,419.14$2,692.91Data Not Available$2,525.78
Mississippi$4,942.11Data Not AvailableData Not Available$4,087.21$4,455.94$2,756.53$4,308.85$2,980.48$3,729.32$2,056.13
Montana$4,672.10Data Not Available$3,907.55$3,602.35$1,326.11$3,478.26$4,330.76$2,417.74Data Not Available$2,031.89
North Carolina$7,190.43Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,936.69$2,182.71$2,848.03$2,382.61$3,078.65$3,132.66Data Not Available
North Dakota$4,669.31$3,812.40$3,092.49$2,668.24$12,852.83$2,560.35$3,623.06$2,560.53Data Not Available$2,006.80
Nebraska$3,198.83$2,215.13$3,997.29$3,837.49$6,241.52$2,603.94$3,758.01$2,438.71Data Not Available$2,330.78
New Hampshire$2,725.01Data Not AvailableData Not Available$1,615.02$8,444.41$2,491.10$2,694.45$2,185.46Data Not Available$1,906.96
New Jersey$5,713.58Data Not Available$7,617.00$2,754.94$6,766.62Data Not Available$3,972.72$7,527.16$4,254.49Data Not Available
New Mexico$4,200.65Data Not Available$4,315.53$4,458.30Data Not Available$3,514.38$3,119.18$2,340.66Data Not Available$2,296.77
New York$4,740.97Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,428.24$6,540.73$4,012.93$3,771.15$4,484.58$4,578.79$3,761.69
Oklahoma$3,718.62Data Not Available$4,142.40$3,437.34$6,874.62Data Not Available$4,832.35$2,816.80Data Not Available$3,174.15
Pennsylvania$3,984.12Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,605.22$6,055.20$2,800.37$4,451.00$2,744.23$7,842.47$1,793.37
Rhode Island$4,959.45Data Not AvailableData Not Available$5,602.63$6,184.12$4,409.63$5,231.09$2,406.51$6,909.45$4,323.98
South Carolina$3,903.43Data Not Available$4,691.85$3,178.01Data Not Available$3,625.49$4,573.08$3,071.34Data Not Available$3,424.77
South Dakota$4,723.72$4,047.47$3,768.80$2,940.29$7,515.99$2,737.66$3,752.81$2,306.23Data Not AvailableData Not Available
Tennessee$4,828.85Data Not Available$3,430.07$3,283.42$6,206.69$3,424.96$3,656.91$2,639.30$2,738.52$2,739.28
Texas$5,485.44$4,848.72Data Not Available$3,263.28Data Not Available$3,867.55$4,664.69$2,879.94Data Not Available$2,487.89
Utah$3,566.42$3,698.77$3,907.99$2,965.57$4,327.76$2,986.57$3,830.10$4,645.83Data Not Available$2,491.10
Virginia$3,386.80Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,061.53Data Not Available$2,073.00$2,498.58$2,268.95Data Not Available$1,858.38
Vermont$3,190.38Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,195.71$3,621.08$2,128.21$5,217.14$4,382.84Data Not Available$1,903.55
Washington$3,540.52$3,713.02$2,962.00$2,568.65$3,994.73$2,129.84$3,209.52$2,499.78Data Not Available$2,262.16
West Virginia$3,820.68Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,120.80$2,924.39Data Not AvailableData Not Available$2,126.32Data Not Available$1,984.62
Wisconsin$4,854.41$1,513.27$3,777.49$3,926.20$6,758.85$5,224.99$3,128.91$2,387.53Data Not Available$2,975.74
Wyoming$4,373.93Data Not Available$3,069.35$3,496.56$1,989.36$3,187.20$4,401.17$2,303.55Data Not Available$2,779.53
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As you can see, unlike some of its competitors, Allstate is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. And in most cases, Allstate’s rates are higher than the state average, though by how much varies from state to state.

What is the average Allstate male vs. female auto insurance rates?

We know that the myth of males paying more for auto insurance than females is true in certain instances.

While the practice is illegal in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and some parts of Michigan, it’s still legal in most of the rest of the country.

With Allstate, it’s no exception. Take a look at this table to see how your age and gender can affect your rates with Allstate.

The Average Allstate Car Insurance Rates based on Age and Gender
Age and GenderAverage Annual Allstate Rates
Married 60-year old female$2,913.37/year
Married 60-year old male$2,990.64/year
Married 35-year old male$3,123.01/year
Married 35-year old female$3,156.09/year
Single 25-year old female$3,424.87/year
Single 25-year old male$3,570.93/year
Single 17-year old female$9,282.19/year
Single 17-year old male$10,642.53/year
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As previously mentioned, married 60-year-old-females get off the cheapest at Allstate. Single 17-year-old males will be paying the most expensive rates.

What are the average Allstate rates by make and model?

The vehicle you drive also factors into insurance costs. Certain makes and models will cost you more to insure. Take a look at this table to see some examples of how different vehicles can affect your rates.

The Average Annual Allstate Car Insurance Rates by Make and Model
Make and ModelThe Average Annual Allstate Car Insurance Rates
2015 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6$4,429.74/year
2015 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT$4,753.69/year
2015 Toyota RAV4: XLE$4,324.99/year
2018 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6$5,491.12/year
2018 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT$5,380.28/year
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If you drive a 2015 Toyota RAV4 XLE, you’ll pay lower average premiums than any of the other vehicles we looked at in the table.

What are Allstate rates for commuting?

The more you drive, the higher your rates may be, because the more time you spend on the road, the higher your chances of getting in an accident.

Take a look at this table to see whether Allstate adjusts rates based on commute.

The Average Annual Allstate Car Insurance Rate by Commute
10 Miles Commute
6,000 Annual Mileage
25 Miles Commute
12,000 Annual Mileage
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A longer commute will have you paying a bit more in annual premiums, but not by an overwhelming amount.

What are Allstate rates based on credit history?

When it comes to credit, in the United States, it seems we’re faring well. In a recent Experian reportthe average credit score in the United States stands at 675 — the highest it has been since 2012.

And your credit score does factor into the price of your auto insurance. Take a look at this table to see how much your credit score can affect rates with Allstate.

The Average Annual Allstate Car Insurance Rate by Credit History
Fair CreditGood CreditPoor Credit
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Much like with coverage level, the amount you pay as a result of your credit is directly proportional to how good your credit is. If your credit is good, you’ll get the best car insurance rates. If your credit is fair or poor, you’ll wind up paying more.

What are Allstate rates based on driving record?

If you have a clean driving record, Allstate rewards you with lower rates. Is Allstate Insurance a good insurance company if you’ve got a few dings on your record? Take a look at the rates below.

The Average Annual Allstate Car Insurance Rate by Driving History
Clean recordWith 1 accidentWith 1 DUIWith 1 speeding violation
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With accidents and speeding violations, you’re paying about $200 more. If you choose to drive under the influence, you’re paying about $2,000 more.

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How good is Allstate auto insurance?

One way to find out if Allstate is right for you is to compare ratings from different companies that offer rating information based on a variety of factors that can help you decide.

There are a number of rating agencies that can help you to work out what is the best car insurance company as well as what’s the worst insurance company. We’ve listed ratings from some of the top agencies below.

A.M. Best gives Allstate an A+ rating. This rating is focused on an insurer’s financial strength and creditworthiness, which are periodically updated.

The Better Business Bureau gives Allstate an A+ rating. This rating is focused on business-customer trust and complaint history. According to the BBB, Allstate strives to solve any customer complaints.

Moody’s Rating gives Allstate a stable outlook. This rating is focused on bonds and global markets, ultimately generating credit ratings for companies, which can be used to influence whether an investor puts his or her money into a company.

J.D. Power gives Allstate an About Average rating. Their ratings focus on consumer opinions from those who have actually used the product or service.

The NAIC Complaint Index shows how a company compares to other companies in the same line of business by considering a company’s share of complaints in relation to its market share. The NAIC Complaint Index for Allstate is listed in this table:

Allstate NAIC Complaint Index Data
Private Passenger Policies201720182019
Total Complaints261224161
Complaint Index (better or worse than National Index)0.97
National Complaint Index1.001.001.00
U.S. Market Share4.88%4.88%4.95%
Total Premiums$3,150,166,400$3,325,117,600$5,944,597,095
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Consumer Reports’ ratings for Allstate Auto Insurance, which are based on consumer opinions, are listed below:

  • Reaching an agent: Excellent
  • Simplicity of the process: Very Good
  • Promptness of response: Very Good
  • Damage amount: Very Good
  • Agent courtesy: Excellent
  • Timely payment: Excellent
  • Freedom to select repair shop: Very Good
  • Being kept informed of claim status: Very Good

What Allstate Auto Insurance Coverages Are Offered?

So what kind of coverages are offered through Allstate Auto Insurance? What about discounts? Can you qualify for discounts if you’re a good student? What about if you’re a good driver? Read through the next few sections to find what options you have through Allstate Auto Insurance.

What are Allstate’s bundling options?

Like many insurance companies, Allstate offers bundling discounts. If you have a life insurance policy with Allstate, you’ll qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. The same holds true for homeowners insurance.

Bottom line? If you have one kind of insurance with Allstate (car, auto, or home), it’s a good idea to purchase your other insurance policies from Allstate if you want discounts. In fact, with multiple policies, you may save 10 percent on auto and 25 percent on a home.

You might want to take a look at Allstate home insurance reviews before you make a final decision to make sure it’s the right choice for your needs.

What discounts are offered by Allstate Auto Insurance?

Since you’re required to carry auto insurance to drive, it makes sense to find out what discounts may be available to you if you purchase a policy from Allstate. Take a look at this table to see what you may qualify for.

Allstate Auto Insurance Discounts
Vehicle EquipmentCustomer LoyaltyYoung DriversEnvironmentally FriendlyStabilityDriving RecordDriver's EducationEmployment
Anti-lock Brakes - 10%Family LegacyDistant Student - 35%Green Vehicle - 10%Continuous CoverageClaim Free - 35%Defensive Driver - 10%Military
Anti-Theft - 10%Life InsuranceGood Student - 20%Paperless Documents - 10%Early Signing - 10%Driving Device/App - 20%Driver's Ed - 10%Occupation
Daytime Running Lights - 2%Multiple Policies - 10%Paperless/Auto Billing - 5%Family PlanLow MileageSenior Driver - 10%
Electronic Stability Control - 2%Full Payment - 10%Safe Driver - 45%
Farm Vehicle - 10%On Time Payments - 5%
Newer Vehicle - 30%
Passive Restraint - 30%
Utility Vehicle - 15%
Vehicle Recovery - 10%
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Please note that when it was available, we included the percent you can save for various discounts.

It seems that Allstate is the best company for both safe drivers and students (specifically if they either live far away from home or are doing well academically). Allstate also offers military discounts for both active and retired military.

You won’t get any discounts from Allstate related to your relationship status, nor will you be able to get any membership-based discounts based on where you’re going (or went) to school.

What programs are available from Allstate Auto Insurance?

In addition to the numerous discounts you may qualify for through Allstate, the company offers some additional programs you can benefit from, which include:

  • Allstate Rewards® — rewards drivers for safe driving habits beyond safe driver discounts by offering the opportunity to earn points for safe driving. Points can be used for a variety of items such as gift cards, electronics, apparel, accessories, and more.
  • New car replacement — coverage drivers can purchase that replaces a vehicle if it was totaled in an accident. The vehicle must be less than two years old to qualify.
  • Accident forgiveness — coverage drivers can purchase to ensure that insurance rates don’t go up when an accident occurs.
  • Safe driving bonus — bonus rewards drivers qualify for every six months that they are accident-free.
  • Deductible Rewards® — enrolling decreases drivers’ collision deductibles by $100 and continues to reduce the deductibles each year, up to $500 off.

Speak to a licensed Allstate insurance agent to find out more.

How Easy Is Canceling Your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy?

What about cancellations? Will you be penalized if you cancel a policy with Allstate? How easy is it to cancel? Read through the next few sections to learn more about canceling a policy with Allstate.

Is there a cancellation fee with Allstate?

Allstate doesn’t require you to pay a cancellation fee, though it varies from state to state. Ask your agent for more information.

Is there a refund with Allstate?

Allstate offers prorated refunds for any unused days on your policy. Speak with your agent to find out more information.

How do you cancel an Allstate policy?

To cancel your Allstate policy:

  1. Contact your Allstate agent (you can find your agent details on your insurance card)
  2. Have your account number available.
  3. Tell your agent you want to cancel your policy.
  4. If it’s required, submit a written request to cancel.
  5. If it’s required by state law, provide proof to support the reason for your cancellation.
  6. Contact the lienholder, your financial institution, and your state department of motor vehicles to let them know you’re canceling your policy.

When can I cancel my Allstate policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time by contacting your Allstate agent. The cancellation goes into effect on the day you request your policy to be canceled.

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How Do You File an Allstate Auto Insurance Claim?

Now that you know more about Allstate, average rates across the country, how to purchase (and cancel) a policy from Allstate, what about claims?

Regardless of why you may need to file a claim, you need to know the process is simple and easy. Keep reading to learn more about Allstate’s claims process.

We’ll also spend a little bit of time discussing the number of premiums Allstate has written in recent years and the company’s loss ratio (which is an indicator of whether or not they payout on a reasonable number of claims or not).

How easy is it to make a claim with Allstate?

Accidents happen, and claims sometimes need to be filed. So what is the process for filing claims with Allstate?

You can:

  • Call 1-800-ALLSTATE 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Use the Allstate® mobile app
  • Contact your agent to report a claim
  • Log in to My Account to file your claim

Allstate even makes the claims process easy. After you file your claim, Allstate will:

  1. Investigate your claim
  2. Evaluate the damage
  3. Review the estimate
  4. Wrap up your claim

How many premiums are written by Allstate?

Each year, the number of premiums written by Allstate increases.

Take a look at this table, which includes the total of direct premiums written over four years, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Allstate Direct Premiums Written
YearDirect Premiums Written
2015$30.2 billion
2016$30.9 billion
2017$31.5 billion
2018$33.3 billion
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What is the loss ratio of Allstate?

The loss ratio is the number of claims a company is paying out. Too low and the company isn’t paying any claims. Too high and the company is losing money.

Here are the loss ratios at Allstate, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Allstate Auto Insurance Loss Ratio
YearAllstate Loss Ratio
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In 2015 and 2018, the loss ratio was about the same. From 2015 to 2017, the loss ratio jumped up each year.

A healthy loss ratio range is between 60 and 70 percent, which indicates that a company pays between $60 and $70 on claims for every $100 of earned premiums. Higher loss ratio numbers suggest that while more claims are paid, insurance companies are actually losing money.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Allstate’s loss ratio is reasonably within a healthy range.

How Do You Get an Allstate Auto Insurance Quote Online?

You won’t need much to get a quote from Allstate. All you need is your vehicle make, model, household information, and the kind of coverage you want.

Once you have all that:

Step 1: Visit Allstate’s homepage.

Head to to get a quote. They make it easy by putting the link to their “get a quote” function on the top page.

Allstate Auto Insurance Quote Home Page

Step 2:  Click on “Get a Quote” and then “Auto.”

When you click on the “get a quote” in the top menu, you’ll see a drop down with options for different things Allstate coverage. For this purpose, we’re selecting “auto,” but you can choose any of the options, depending on what you’re looking for.

Allstate Auto Insurance Get a Quote

Step 3: Click the “Get Started” button.

Once you select “auto,” you’ll be taken to the “get started” page. Allstate should already have your location, but if they’re wrong, you can update your ZIP code in the window above the “get started” button.

Allstate Get a Quote - Getting Started

Step 4: Enter the basic information requested.

Once you “get started,” you’ll be required to provide some basic personal information, so Allstate is able to customize your quote based on your age, where you live, etc.

Allstate Get A Quote - Basic Personal Info

Step 5: Enter your vehicle information.

The next step is to provide your vehicle information. This is important because as we noted previously, different vehicles may be associated with different rates.

Allstate Auto Insurance Quote Vehicle Information

Step 6: Enter your household information.

You’ll need to provide some information on your household, which specifically focuses on who all might be driving the vehicles you want to insure.

Allstate Get A Quote - Household information

Step 7: Select your preferred level of coverage.

Finally you’ll need to choose the level of coverage you prefer, in order to for Allstate to generate a customized quote.

Allstate Get a Quote - Coverage Levels

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll receive your quote.

While the process for getting a quote from Allstate is relatively simple, when you’re shopping for insurance, having to follow even this simple process over and over again across multiple companies can be time-consuming and frustrating. Instead, why not use our free quote tool to compare quotes from different companies, all in the same place?

Allstate: What Is Its Auto Insurance History?

Allstate has a long history and a well-known name. They first opened their doors in 1931 when General Robert E. Wood, the president of Sears, Roebuck, and Co., had the idea to start an auto insurance company and sell insurance by mail. A quick overview of their history notes that Allstate:

  • Was among the early companies to give safe drivers lower rates in the 1930s
  • Was one of the first to open a drive-in claims office in the 1950s to make handling claims easier
  • Was an advocate for mandatory seat belt laws in the 1960s
  • Was an advocate for establishing the safety factors supporting the use of airbags in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Instituted the Good Hands Network in 2000 so consumers could purchase insurance policies over the internet

What is Allstate’s market share?

Now let’s turn the pages of the history book and delve deeper into the financial history of Allstate. The company has indeed grown in market share since its humble beginnings in the 1930s. When it comes to how much of the market Allstate now owns financially, the short answer is, it varies from year to year.

The long answer, with detailed percentages, can be seen below:

Allstate Auto Insurance Market Share
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Market share in the United States has seen a slow but minuscule decline in market share. In 2015, Allstate owned 5.07 percent of the national market, as compared to the following year, when it owned 5 percent of the national market. In the year 2017 and 2018, the market share was the same, standing at 4.88 percent.

What is Allstate’s position for the future?

Allstate’s market share has decreased slightly over the past four years, and their ranking over the past four years has also dropped slightly (in 2015 and 2016 they were ranked third in the country, and in 2017 and 2018 their ranking slipped to fourth).

However, they’re still ranked well within the top five, and in 2019, their market share actually increased slightly (from 4.88 to 4.95 percent). They’ve also worked hard to maintain a competitive presence through their website, app, and discounts (all of which we’ll discuss in more detail later on).

Next, we’ll take a few minutes to dive into Allstate’s marketing tactics, community involvement, and more.

How is Allstate’s online presence?

Allstate makes it easy to buy insurance from them, as you can look for quotes online or search for an agent in your area if you prefer face-to-face interactions. Allstate is available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Does Allstate have commercials?

Even if you don’t know what Allstate is, you’ll definitely recognize them from the commercials you see on TV with the company mascot, Mr. Mayhem.

Have a laugh at this one: Mayhem being a car thief.

And Mayhem as your mother-in-law:

Is Allstate involved in the community?

Allstate is more than just an insurance company with funny commercials. They pride themselves on a culture of service. Over 78,000 Allstate agent and employee volunteers have put in 1 million volunteer hours since 2011. Over 7,500 service projects are completed each year by agents, volunteers, and community service heroes.

In 2018 alone the Allstate Foundation contributed $7.5 million to community initiatives, assisted 2,983 community groups, and had volunteers log 258,000 hours of volunteer work.

Allstate has formed The Allstate Foundation, which provides opportunities for agents and employees to donate time and resources to the community. As a part of the foundation, Allstate supports the “Good Starts Young” program.

The Allstate Foundation started Purple Purse® to aid victims of domestic violence. Since 2005, the organization has helped 1.7 million women achieve financial freedom to go from domestic abuse victims to domestic abuse survivors.

Allstate also strives to reduce its carbon footprint. The company takes climate change seriously and works with organizations at both the national and local levels to develop the necessary infrastructure to reduce damages from, improve response to, and reduce recovery time from national disasters.

They also support the fight against climate change by reducing the energy and emissions they use by focusing on energy and space efficiency, cutting down on waste by reducing the amount of paper they use, reducing employee cafeteria waste, recycling small electronics, and offering water fountains and bottling stations at all their offices.

What do Allstate employees have to say?

Allstate employs an inclusive and diverse workforce. Take a look at this table for a quick summary of statistics from the Allstate 2017 Prosperity Report.

Allstate Employee Data
Allstate Company Info 2017Details
Female Employees56.30%
Minority Employees35.10%
Total Employees82,900
Employee Retention86%
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Due to this inclusive and diverse workforce, Allstate has earned the following honors:

  • Top 50 Companies for Supplier Diversity 2017 — Black Enterprise magazine
  • 2017 Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index — Diversity Best Practices
  • Top 50 Companies for Diversity 2017 — DiversityInc
  • Best Companies for Diversity 2017 — Black Enterprise
  • Top 60 Companies for Executive Women 2017 — National Association for Female Executives
  • Best Companies for Multicultural Women 2017 — Working Mother
  • Top Corporation for Women’s Business Enterprise 2017 — Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • Best-of-the-Best Corporation for Inclusion — National Business Inclusion Consortium
  • Military Friendly Employer Gold Award — Military Friendly
  • Military Friendly Spouse Employer — Military Friendly

They pride themselves on being open and honest with their employees, along with encouraging work-life balance, and it shows in employee reviews and ratings. For instance, on Glassdoor:

Glass Door Allstate Insurance Ratings and Trends
Allstate Ratings and TrendsDetails
Overall Rating3.4 (out of 5)
Culture and Values3.4
Work/Life Balance3.5
Senior Management3.0
Comp & Benefits3.0
Career Opportunities3.2
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Another 59 percent of surveyed employees would recommend working for Allstate, 72 percent approve of the CEO, and 51 percent have a positive business outlook.

One review on Glassdoor from a senior consultant at Allstate from July 11, 2019 states that the people and benefits are among the positives of working for the company, while the focus in some areas of the company on being the best at “selling yourself” is one of the downsides.

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How Is The Design of Allstate Auto Insurance Website/App?

Allstate has both a website and a mobile app. Take a moment to read through the next couple of sections to find out more about the ease of navigation and usability of both.

How easy is it to use the Allstate Auto Insurance mobile app?

The mobile app contains the following features, as per the app page:

  • Drivewise® — Earn rewards for safe driving
  • Insurance ID cards — The glovebox digging ends now
  • View auto coverage — Know how you’re protected
  • QuickFoto Claim® — File claims in a flash
  • My agent — Access your agent’s info
  • Gas finder — Locate and compare prices of nearby gas stations

The most common complaint is that the app freezes up and drains the battery considerably. However, out of 31,625 reviews on the app, there are a considerable number of five-star reviews. 

Additionally, Allstate appears to be responsive to complaints by answering them and providing recommendations to improve the operation of the app, while noting the company is actively working to fix the issues.

How easy is it to use the Allstate Auto Insurance website?

When it comes to using the website on a computer, the information on the website is organized into drop-down menus. Pictures and descriptions help users find information quickly.

Company and corporate information are located in link categories at the bottom of the page. They also have articles about various tools and resources. Allstate also clearly indicates the different ways you can connect with them on social media.

Overall the navigation is simple, and it’s easy for users to find the information you need. Any tools and resources are under the category “Tools and Resources” at the top of the page, and Customer Support — where you can find the answers to any of your questions — is easy to find under the link “Customer Support” at the bottom of the page.

On mobile, however, the website is less navigable. While it’s still easy to get a quote, the dropdown, easy-to-use menu isn’t on the mobile site. Instead, like many mobile sites, it’s hidden under a hamburger menu — an icon that consists of three horizontal lines. When you click on it, additional links appear.

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What Are The Pros and Cons of Allstate?

So now that we’ve covered all the information you need to know about Allstate, what are the main pros and cons? Take a look at this table to see what we’ve found.

Allstate Auto Insurance Pros and Cons
Has a low number of complaints
for a company of that size
Customer satisfaction is only about average
Available in all 50 statesTheir settlement process is only rated about average
Offers a number of discounts,
offers bundling opportunities,
has a strong supplemental coverage offering
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Now that we’ve considered all of the different facts you need to know about Allstate, take a moment to read through the final few sections.

What Is The Bottom Line?

If you’re a safe driver and you’re interested in supplemental coverage options, Allstate may be a good option for you. They are available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. They also offer numerous discounts to save you money.

Allstate is also heavily involved in communities, community initiatives, sustainability, and the environment, so if you purchase a policy from Allstate, you know you’re insured by a company that cares.

Frequently Asked Questions: Allstate Auto Insurance

#1 – What is required for the smart student discount?

  • Your grades have to average a B- or above, or you need to have a GPA of 2.7 or above.
  • You must have successfully completed the teenSMART driver education program.
  • You must attend school at least 100 miles away from where your car is normally parked

#2 – What is the Claims Satisfaction Guarantee?

Allstate promises a fast, fair, and hassle-free claims experience or you get a six-month premium credit. No questions asked.

#3 – If I have to file a claim, how long will it take?

According to Allstate, because every claim is different, they can’t accurately estimate how long the process will take, but the sooner you get them involved and the more complete the details you provide are, the smoother the process will be.

#4 – What is Drivewise®?

Drivewise® gives you personalized feedback to help make you a safer driver, which can result in discounts and cashback. It’s available through the Allstate mobile app.

#5 – What other companies compete with Allstate?

While all auto insurance companies are competitors, Allstate is a top ten insurer, which makes its biggest competitors other top ten companies. Check out a few of them and read reviews to compare:

Now that you know everything there is to know about Allstate, it’s time to talk numbers. Ready to compare auto insurance quotes? Enter your ZIP code above.

Comments Rating

(4 reviews)

for Allstate

4.00 (11,408 reviews)
January 18, 2021


Amazing company

Though I am thankful for the experience, because it wasn't the worst gig to have ... Allstate is an amazing company to work for, the company values, the benefits ...
January 17, 2021


Allstate is a leader company

Allstate is a company respect the customer and it has a good customer service . i feel safe with Allstate ,it's the best at all
January 15, 2021



Allstate is an all-around great company. They truly care about my family and me and make every effort to help me save money.
January 14, 2021



Its a overall amazing company and reliable I wouldn't change the company and would recommend it to family and friends
January 14, 2021


Allstate car insurance made easy

Great experience, the process was easy to start and they offer great student rates. They also have various plans that can fit each budget and needs
January 13, 2021


Good Company

They have always been friendly and easily accessible when I needed to file a claim. I've only have to file twice and both times they were very easy to deal with.
January 12, 2021


Great customer service

Trustworthy and customer service is great! They were really nice and did a really good job explaining things to me.
January 9, 2021



Let me start by saying I have been through many different insurance companies and always going for a lower rate and Allstate has finally got me for the long run. Every renewal period my plans go down instead of going up like every other company I have been with. I've also had a lot of personal issues going on at home since Covid and they have been nothing but helpful. I have NEVER had an issue getting through to a real person or having an issue ...
Let me start by saying I have been through many different insurance companies and always going for a lower rate and Allstate has finally got me for the long run. Every renewal period my plans go down instead of going up like every other company I have been with. I've also had a lot of personal issues going on at home since Covid and they have been nothing but helpful. I have NEVER had an issue getting through to a real person or having an issue solved. They make me feel like family for sure, i'm not just a number to them. I have had some truly horrible situations with some big name insurance companies in the past and in the last almost 6 years I have not once been let down which says a lot. Also the app is amazing everything I need to do including sign important papers can all be done right from your phone which is a blessing these days.
January 9, 2021


Great coverage and agents

I’ve had a great experience with Allstate. We had an auto accident last year and our insurance agent was really helpful in helping us navigate the incident.
January 9, 2021


Very reliable.

Good and reliable insurance. Consistently covers my problems. Amazing staff as well that are nice.
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