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Knightbrook Auto Insurance Review

Address: 4751 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 111
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
ZIP: 90010
Phone Number: 888-333-8198
AM Best Rating: B++
Market Cap:
Year Founded:
Things to Remember...
  • Knightbrook is a specialty insurance underwriter
  • Knightbrook focuses on niche business insurance
  • They do not offer personal auto insurance
This review is for the Knightbrook Insurance Company.

Knightbrook Insurance is a specialty insurance underwriter that focuses on niche business insurance. They do not offer any types of auto insurance coverage for personal use.

Knightbrook Insurance is affiliated with the Knight Insurance Group and the Venbrook Group.

Knightbrook Insurance was formed through a merger in 2008 between the Excess Reinsurance Company and the Northwestern Insurance Company.

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The Knightbrook Insurance Company Underwriting Program


The Knightbrook Insurance Company uses a ten-step process to maintain the high standard of underwriting insurance products and special programs.

These ten steps are:

  • Quantitative review – determines if the product is worth the time and investment of both the partner and the Knightbrook Insurance Company
  • Qualitative review – questions one-on-one or to groups of people to help define problems and learn more information the about the customers
  • Program structure – outlines the deal and makes sure that all parties involved have the same goals
  • Form development and approval – the development stage of the process
  • Rate making and approval – insures that the rates will contribute to the program’s success
  • State filings – documents filed with the state that proves financial responsibility
  • Information technology and accounting integration – function to make sure that the program has open communication and meets the expectations of all the parties involved
  • Claims communication – communicate with clients about claims including the filing, processing, and payouts
  • Performance –
  • Results analysis – analyze the finished product and determine customer satisfaction

The Knightbrook Insurance Company does not offer personal lines of auto insurance, but there are many auto insurance companies where you live that do.

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Reviews for Knightbrook Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    Please be aware of this insurance company how the handle the case.My son stopped at the stop sign in the college campus, lady who didn’t see behind and hit my son’s SUV on 10/05/2011

    I waited for the police report and called the claim office and reported, the staff who took report but didn’t give me any claim reference number, told me that in 72 hours the adjuster will call me. No one called me again I called to report and the staff gave me the name and number of the adjuster to call, I called and left my home number and cell number so I do not want to miss his call. He didn’t call me.

    Monday 17th I file a case in small claim Court to get the money to fix my car. THEREFORE, THOSE WHO WANT TO BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY, THINK TWICE.

    • 11111

    I wish there was no star so that I could go even lower or may be a negative star rating. This insurance is the WORST IN COMMERCIAL INSURANCE and which is why it has been black listed by the NY state.

    I had an accident (rear ended) and it took me more than a month getting something out of them which was not even enough to pay my d@#$ bills and that’s after calling them everyday I got luck getting my money after one month……….BE CAREFUL DO NOT GET THEIR POLICY AND IF YOU HAVE ONE GET OUT OF IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!

    • 11111
    Richard E. Raji says:

    Filed a claim when KnightBrook insured taxi hit my car. Claims adjuster Emailed me directing me to trade in my car and send sales contract & NADA valuation to them to get diminished value. Traded -in car & sent them sales contract & NADA valuation.

    Now they say I received Blue Book value and denied my claim. It’s common knowledge that the Blue Book and the Black book are nothing more than tools that auto dealers use to maximize their profits. All reputable insurance companies use NADA (National Auto Dealers Assoc.) to value vehicles.

    Not KnightBrook, they use a “bait and switch” scheme to defraud people with claims against them. They also brag about having “developed personal relationships with the Cayman (Island) authorities, and has extensive experience in maneuvering programs through the regulatory tangle…” on their Knight Management Insurances Services website, They also do “claims adjusting for other insurance companies.

    NEWS FLASH: ” Cayman (Island) Premier McKeeva Bush in custody after arrest for suspected corruption” Maybe Knightbrook no longer has a “personal relationship with Cayman authorities.” It’s time to put KnightBrook out of business.

    • 11111

    Tried calling to report a claim on a Friday afternoon…..put on hold for 30 minutes before I hung up.
    Tried calling to report the claim on a Saturday at 10:00…… closed…please call back during normal hours.

    What a Fly By Night outfit!!!

    • 11111

    I would never use this company again.The female claims whatever she is was very rude and asked me questions, and before I could answer she barked out more questions. She would never shut up, and I wasn’t even at fault in the accident but they jacked up my renewal insurance almost $3,000 bucks… do not use them… you been warned…

    • 11111
    Knightbrook: rob you broke at night says:

    I patiently waited a month for this company to respond to my complaints. NO calls were made to me, they do not want to pay, and they want to extend conversations and wait times just to screw with you.

    I called today and was supposed to get a call back from RODOLFO and MICHAEL (MGMT). Of course, I was made a fool yet again. After being transferred from one rep to another for 30 minutes, I finally got a hold of Rodolfo and it appears he had a hard time getting a hold of his insurance company….

    so pretty much, giving them all this time to collect information about the accident was simply put into the bottom of the batch.

    I’m going to do my best to report the flaws of the company as much as I can and although it’s going to be an extensive effort, I will do anything to make sure the company continues to fail and soon lead to its own demise. 🙂

    • 11111

    One of their policy holders hit my car while parked two weeks ago. So far, every time I call Knightbrook to see where we are in regards to my claim, they are nowhere near resolving the issue.

    The guy that hit my car gave me all his information and admitted he was at fault. He lives across the street from me. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long for them to pay my claim. They are the absolute worst.

    • 55555
    Jaques Mayoff says:

    I must have been a lucky one! Had a claim in 2011 and my adjuster (Eric) settled my damage claim without any hitches. The only wait time was for the independent appraiser to come out and inspect my car.

    I agree that no one picks up calls there but whenever I called Eric, he answered most of the time. I had lots of questions and concerns and he satisfied all of them.

    At first, I was unhappy because his repair estimate did not match my shop’s repair estimate. He assured me that he would contact the shop and take care of any differences directly with the shop. Sure enough, when I picked up my car, all the shop asked for was the check I had received (It was even sent overnight!)

    Oh, my other gripe was I had to pay for my rental car up front. But again, when I faxed my receipt, I was promptly reimbursed. A+.

    My expectations were certainly exceeded, and I wasn’t even their insured!!

    • 11111
    Bobby Rountree says:

    I am currently dealing with a claim and this has been by far the worst experience I have ever had with an insurance company to resolve an issue. I have constantly attempted to call and speak with someone and never received a callback. When I finally get in contact with the right person, I receive excuse after excuse to prolong the process.

    My car was hit 2 months ago and even with a police report and everything in place, nothing has been resolved. I am unable to access my trunk to my car due to the damage. Most insurance companies would get the process moving pretty quickly, even for customers not with their insurance if they are at fault..

    I do not recommend this company for anyone, and hope that you never get into a car incident with someone who has this insurance.

    • 11111

    I was hit by a policy holder. There is absolutely no regard for a person’s time or vehicle. My advice, don’t deal with Knightbrook Insurance. Contact an auto accident attorney and have them handle it. This is the most corrupt insurance company I’ve ever dealt with.

  1. Knightbrook is Awful says:

    By far the most unprofessional and useless company I have ever dealt with. It has taken almost 4months to get my car fixed. The broker named Peter is the absolute worst. No manners, rude and totally incompetent. It is in you best interest to stay far far away from them.

    • 11111
    George Edwards says:

    I would give them a -0 if I could.

    One of their insured hit my can over a month ago and they are still giving us the runaround. I talked with Margarite and she was the rudest person ever, who then transferred me to another rep who hung up on me.

    I am in the process of getting a lawyer to handle this. They are a joke! Never ever have I had to deal with such a horrible insurance company such as this! Something needs to be done about them.

    • 11111

    These morons deserve no stars. My mother was hit by one of their clients a month ago and still haven’t got a response yet. Everyone need to file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner, the Federal Trade Commissioner, and the State Attorney General in each state that they are located so that these rats can be shut down. They even treat their own clients like crap.

  2. … By far T.H.E. W.O.R.S.T…. In every aspect… R.U.D.E. and very unprofessional. I actually hit/rear ended someone & they filled a claim on my policy… I received a call, however, was busy and advised the lady I would return her call the next day…… She said that would be fine, however before I could get her name and my claim number she hung up……

    Each time I’ve attempted to call I would have to hold for at least 30 minutes… And never got anywhere… I finally got fed up and demand to speak with a supervisor once I did get through… I was hung up on… Called back and waited another 30 minutes the lady asked for my claim number… I advised her I was never provided the claim number and again asked to speak with a supervisor… She hung up on me…

    Now, I just received a letter that I have been uncooperative and may be liable for damages myself…… Lol… Wow really…… Oh, and I’ve just totalled my car after hitting a Cow…… This should be interesting…

    • 11111
    Edgar Khachatryan says:

    Hi guys, so I want to let you know that this insurance customer services if afoul. I called them to have the info about a driver from “Red Star Transportation LLC” because on insurance ID card was missing the phone number I found them on google. So far they start to ask me about my privet info without letting me know way and reason.

    When I ask what is the step by step things we have to do, Denis who works at claim department with the rude tone, passed the phone to the supervisor. so far, he started to explain to me that his worker was right and after 20m conversation, he said to me ” I will make sure that the next time they will explain to other person’s way they starting to ask privet info and then questioning the people”

    So, if you start to search your insurance agent or company, go with other fox please, because if you will have the accident you will become the worst person for this company and they will just start to scrim on you and hang up the phone.

    • 11111
    Taltsequoni Lee Asgina says:

    I was fortunate enough to not have an accident claim, but I am facing the possibility of a year in jail because of this company. The VIN number of my car was misspelled when it was added to my brother’s policy with them, it took months for the company to fix the typo in their own system and I still have not been able to obtain a proper payment history for our account with them, after repeated requests. I’m in the process of getting a lawyer also.

    • 11111
    Yvette Johnson says:

    WOW! Is all I have to say…

    if anyone wants to be treated with respect and wants to be taken care of check this out

    • 11111
    Chad Sage says:

    This insurance company is by far the worst insurance company that we have ever had to deal with. The customer service is unheard of and I hope that after reading this review, you will rethink your decision to work with them.

    I was in a car accident at the fault of driver insured by aggressive. We contacted our insurance company the very next days as we are supposed and they advised us to let the other insurance company (aggressive) take care of the claim as the fault was not mine. After more than a week of not hearing back from Aggressive to inquire about a temporary solution to our transportation needs, we took matters into our own hands and rented a vehicle comparable to the vehicle lost.

    Finally, after hearing from the company that our car was totaled, several weeks went by before we settled. After several unreturned phone calls, we received the settlement paperwork and several more weeks a check for the lost truck. Two days after receiving the check we returned the rental even though we had not had enough time to purchase a new car. After returning the rental, the following business day we submitted the rental receipt for reimbursement.

    A week after submitting the receipt, we received a letter stating that we were only receiving a partial refund for the rental which was $1200 less than the cost. A full two months without our car and working with a company who were dragging their feet through the process and we now owe money after being hit from behind at a red light, a wreck that was clearly not our fault.

    So now, we not only have medical bills accumulating, required to purchase a new vehicle, we are also having to pay for a rental car for an over a month due to an insurance company who has proven to be as low as they come.

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