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National Casualty Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: 8877 North Gainey Center Drive
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ
ZIP: 85258
Phone Number: 480-365-4000
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1982
Things to Remember...
  • National Casualty Company is a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance
  • National Casualty Company provides high-risk insurance through independent agents
  • National Casualty strives to maintain a positive presence in the community
National Casualty Company is a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide has a division of insurance under the Scottsdale Insurance Company division.

This auto insurance review will look at operations through both this Scottsdale entity and National Casualty.

The subsidiary, the Scottsdale Insurance Company, was established in 1982 with only 12 employees. Now there are over 1300 employees and annual premium sales in excess of two billion dollars.

National Casualty Company has contributed to the success of Scottsdale as one of their insurance groups.

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National Casualty Auto Insurance Company Policies


National Casualty writes policies for high-risk drivers through wholesale agents, brokers, and program managers.

Excess and surplus line insurers are not allowed to sell policies over the internet. Policies are sold only through agents and brokers who are local to the client.

National Casualty provides a variety of coverage for commercial vehicles such as ambulances, garbage trucks, public automobiles and vehicles of that nature.

National Casualty provides auto liability, auto physical damage, cargo, excess auto, garage liability, garage keeper’s liability, and trucker’s general liability.

National Casualty Auto Insurance Agents

Auto insurance agents can only be found by calling Scottsdale Insurance.

If you are an insurance professional looking for a National Casualty Agent, Broker, or Program Manager, you have the ability to locate the agent by inputting the agency name and state into the website’s tool box.

If you are an agent for National Casualty, the Scottsdale website allows you to login to the site with a username and password.

National Casualty Auto Insurance Company Claims


Through Scottsdale Insurance, National Casualty Company policyholders can either report their auto insurance claims by telephone or through the website.

If you are filing your claim on the website, you should have:

  • Your policy number
  • Information regarding the accident (time, place, and date)
  • Names and numbers of other parties involved
  • Details of the accident
  • Police report information

It takes approximately five to ten minutes to report the claim online. The site even provides a claim entry overview in video form for further explanation on filing a claim.

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National Casualty Auto Insurance Careers

Jobs for National Casualty are available on the Scottsdale Insurance website. Simply input the job category, location, and any keywords to view all job opportunities.

There is even a separate area for “hot job opportunities” that you can click on to view the job description, location, and requirements. The site also provides the ability to do the following:

  • tell a friend about the job
  • save to a job cart to view later
  • apply online

On the website, there is the ability to establish an account, but it is not mandatory. By making an account you can save your resume and set up a way for managers to contact you for jobs that fit your experience.

Scottsdale Insurance provides numerous benefits to its employees. For instance, there is profit-sharing, a 401(k), business casual attire permitted, flexible schedules, on-site ATM, professional development, tuition reimbursement.

A unique attribute to working for National Casualty through Scottsdale Insurance is the associate assistance program which helps its employees when they need child or elder care.

Should you become employed by Scottsdale, there is even information on the website regarding the area of Scottsdale. There is a brief description of the area and links to learn more about the city.

National Casualty Auto Insurance Community Involvement


National Casualty believes in giving back to the community. They are active in the United Way campaign in Arizona and contribute yearly to local organizations.

The company also encourages its employees to be involved in local charities like:

  • St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance
  • American Red Cross
  • The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale

In addition to community involvement, National Casualty believes in making a difference within their organization.

They have implemented campaigns to cut water usage, recycling, energy conservation, implementing organized carpooling, and conservation of paper usage.

National Casualty Auto Insurance Awards

National Casualty is the proud recipient of many awards. For example:

  • Healthiest Employers in 2011
  • Most Admired Companies by Arizona Business Magazine in 2010
  • Top 125 businesses in the area of training by Training Magazine
  • Corporate Leader by Scottsdale Leadership, Inc., a local non-profit organization, in 2008

Nationwide is considered to be one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. It maintains an A+ rating by AM Best and an A rating by Standard & Poor’s.

National Casualty receives the same ratings as Nationwide is their parent company.

National Casualty Auto Insurance Customer Reviews


National Casualty is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has given National Casualty, under the Scottsdale Insurance name, a rating of an A+.

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Reviews for National Casualty Auto Insurance

  1. NEVER BUY INSURANCE FROM THESE CLOWNS! I have a taxi business, HAD a taxi business before I made the mistake by giving these idiots $4200.00 to put me out of business.

    Their strategy is to confuse you with their unprofessional claims agents to mislead and lie to their policy holders. My agent Yolanda admitted she did not know how to do a commercial taxi claim. Pretty Sad business practices.

  2. Steve Feuerstein says:

    Worst insurance company I have ever delt with.. Agents will lie to you and then pass the buck to some other idiot agent. WARNING—IF ANYONE HAS INSURANCE POLICY WITH THESE PROGRAMMED IDIOTS I SUGGEST CANCELLING ASAP.

  3. You are better with no Insurance than to throw money away on a policy that takes months to settle!

    • 11111

    This Co’s policy on claims is to Deny 100%, which then forces you to hire an Attorney to “prove” your claim was Legit in the 1st place!!

    Makes for a nasty long process, but if you follow thru, it costs them much more than it would have to just pay the claim, so just have to let the CFO know how foolish they were & he will note it at next Board meeting.

    Got all my exp, fees & Court costs back. Now that’s satisfaction!!

    • 11111

    We 185 cab drivers of Seattle area, had our taxi cab liability insurance with them from last three years. We had to maintain an efficient and low loss runs, but conspiring with insurance agent they refuse to renew our policy in sept 2012.

    They even did not inform us about their intention as per the state law of 20 days. We all are making below poverty level wages.Their unfair biased business practice occurred as an irreparable loss of $2000 per cabs.

  4. I wonder why this company is in the business of insuring properties? This Co’s policy on claims is to Deny 100% as indicated earlier and I wonder why? The FCC must drop this company among the company of insurers since this company is incapable of doing business ethically.

    If they insured a motorist, and an accident happens, why doesn’t settle the case as reported in the police records and as per admission of guilt by their insured clients. They are trying to circumvent the process by denying that they are liable and thus continue to pocket insurance fees without settlements for aggrieved parties. Their goal is 100% profit with no expense!

    Lawyers profit because companies such as this are around. Sue them. Do not even file a claim yourself. Use a lawyer so that they are able to get this point sound a clear!

  5. VERY pathetic so called insurance company …

    I was involved in an accident with a driver who was insured by the pieces of crap. I have a police report and because it was not specific enough I got told they will only pay half when their insured driver ran me off the road.

    Melody Harris the claims agent I spoke to was very rude laughing the matter off and told me your probably going to take the money and spend it on something else anyway.

    What kind of business is this ?? What kind of insurance is this ?? Very pathetic if you ask me. Now I have to file a claim on my insurance and probably risk having my rate go up.

    This is bogus insurance, remember the name MELODY HARRIS 480-365-2698, she is a liar, a fake, and is part of a business stealing money and conning innocent victims out of insurance claims. MELODY HARRIS … the worst I have ever seen

    • 11111
    Janet Lasalle says:

    I haven’t been in a car accident in over 25 years so when I was hit by a tractor trailer a little over a week ago it was such a shock to me. The driver and/or the company who owned this truck has National Casualty as their insurance company.

    This accident was the other drivers fault as he made a right-hand turn from the left-hand lane. He turned, or attempted to, onto a very small residential road that wasn’t big enough for an 18 wheeler. I believe he may have been lost.

    It has been 11 days since this accident and I am playing phone tag with these people. My vehicle is totaled I believe but one wouldn’t know since they haven’t sent an adjuster out to look at it.

    I am a disabled 52 year old woman and this accident has just made everything worse. I can hardly get out of bed. I have missed several events I should have gone to with my grandchildren. I can’t even get to the doctor unless I can find a friend or neighbor to take me. That certainly doesn’t work for the 3 days a week my doctor wants me to come in right now because of my injuries. I can’t get anyone to answer me about a rental car.

    If I don’t get an answer today I am calling the actual company the driver was employed by and seeing if I can’t get service from them.

    • 11111
    Jacqueline Stay says:

    I was on my motorcycle when a car came full speed out of a gas station right at me. The driver of that car fled the scene. Thankfully he was caught 1 1/2 weeks later. He carried National Casualty Ins. His story changed several times, but thankfully witnesses at the scene stayed and gave statements to the police.

    Nat’l Cas. first said they wouldn’t pay because they couldn’t establish liability, then they said the policy was invalid so they wouldn’t pay. I finally got a lawyer & Nat’l Cas. wouldn’t return his phone calls or letters. Only when the case was filed in court did they start talking, accept liability, reach a settlement.

    Another month has gone by and they have not sent the settlement check and are back to not responding to calls or letters.

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