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Acceptance Auto Insurance Review

Address: 3813 Green Hills Village Drive
City: Nashville
State: TN
ZIP: 37215
Phone Number: 1-800-321-0899
AM Best Rating:
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1969
Things to remember...
  • Founded in 1969, Acceptance Auto Insurance was originally called First Acceptance
  • First Acceptance Auto Insurance is based in Nashville, Tennessee, but maintains close to 400 retail locations
  • Acceptance Auto offers coverage for high-risk drivers

Acceptance Auto Insurance, also called First Acceptance Inc., was founded in 1969. Acceptance retails, services, and underwrites non-standard auto insurance for those individuals who have a high-risk insurance rating.

They also cover individuals have been denied insurance by other companies, or have had their policies canceled by other providers.

Details on items including services, claims info, contact info and even careers with the company follow. Drivers with that high-risk label are almost guaranteed to pay higher insurance rates. So it’s important to compare options.

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Acceptance Auto Insurance Services


First Acceptance Auto Insurance often provides basic insurance to those individuals who need auto insurance to comply with state laws yet have a poor record either in terms of their driving history or payment history.

They also provide an array of auto insurance policies including:

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Acceptance Auto Insurance Locations

First Acceptance Auto Insurance is based in Nashville, Tennessee, but maintains close to 400 retail locations across twelve states including Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Acceptance is also licensed to insure motorists in 13 other states. Be sure to contact them directly if you’re unsure of coverage in your area.

Acceptance Auto Insurance Contact Information


Acceptance Auto Insurance has its main headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. While you can find information online for Acceptance, it is recommended that you speak with an agent directly before purchasing a policy.

If you wish to contact First Acceptance the following addresses and numbers can be used. Representatives at these numbers can provide you with contact information for a local agent or office in your region.

Corporate Headquarters:
3813 Green Hills Village Drive
Nashville, TN 37215

Customer Service:
3813 Green Hills Village Drive
Nashville, TN 37215

Acceptance Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are considered a high-risk driver and have had difficulty obtaining insurance through other providers you may wish to obtain a quote from First Acceptance.

People who fall into this category may include:

If you fall into one of these categories or are considered high risk for another reason, you can investigate a First Acceptance Auto Insurance online.

By entering some personal information onto a form you can also obtain a quote online. After that, it is recommended that you speak to an agent due to the specialized nature of this insurance.

Although certain circumstances could still result in denial of coverage by Acceptance, this provider does insure most people who apply. First Acceptance does not require a credit check in order to determine who will qualify for insurance.

Acceptance Auto Insurance Careers


First Acceptance Auto Insurance lists several part-time and full-time openings in several different states within their company. These positions include:

  • Sales Agent
  • Retail Customer Service Representative
  • Claims Analyst
  • Claims Supervisor

The company’s website contains an easy search option to search for employment in a field or location of your choice.

Acceptance Auto Insurance Claims

There currently is no option for filing auto insurance claims online. Acceptance insurance recommends calling a claims representative at 1-800-779-2103 if you wish to file a claim. The company states on its website that it is in the process of developing a system for online claims filing.

Acceptance Auto Insurance Customer Reviews


In examining reviews online it becomes clear that many consumers have been displeased with their experience with First Acceptance Auto Insurance.

These included complaints about First Acceptance not providing money when they say they will, providing much less money than the estimate to repair the vehicle, or the rudeness and unprofessional attitude of customer service staff.

Customers of First Acceptance also complained about the claims process, rates changing frequently without explanation, hidden fees, refusal to cover many claims, or only paying a small portion of the repair cost.

The positive aspect of First Acceptance is the fact that they will often provide drivers with insurance when no other companies will.

Every state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry some level of car insurance or risk suspension of their license to drive.

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Reviews for Acceptance Auto Insurance

  1. Charla Mosley says:

    this company is poor extremely poor. I had an accident on December 30th, 2011, and no one has called me or inspected my car yet. I will never deal with this company ever again.

    Plus the customer service people are very rude and disrespectful. I am telling everyone on twitter and facebook to spread the news on horrible this company is.

    • 11111

    First Acceptance is by far the worst insurance company ever I find it appalling that they are still allowed to do business every complaint that is listed above is complete truth and that’s sad. They are the epitome of unprofessional,rude, incompetent,and just plain the worst mistake you can make when choosing an insurance carrier.

    I don’t see how they have been in business this long and I will do whatever is in my power to try and shut them down. Their business practices are disgraceful and it is assinine that the BBB has them with an A+ rating, but that means nothing because businesses pay for a good grade with the BBB.

    Please send your complaints to the Department of Insurance for your state the BBB does nothing.

    • 11111

    If there was a 0 rating, they would receive a 0!. This is the worst place to do business. The staff is GHETTO beyond GHETTO and unprofessional. They will not be around much longer.

    They smile while taking your money, but when a “CLAIM” comes up, it’s a problem. Please take your business elsewhere. The few extra dollars you may pay will be worth it should an emergency arises. “Sabrina Ramos” and Delana Johnson are the sneakiest claim representatives they have.

  2. I have only been with this company a few months and I am NOT pleased.

    I am a College student, soon to be a Graduate and I caught a flat tire the other day and they gave me the third degree just to get my information that they already had, which caused me to miss my classes this morning and to be late for work.

    When I called my agent LIZBETH DOMINGUEZ out of Grand Prairie, TX she was rude, unprofessional, and very disrespectful, but yet when it’s time to pay my insurance everything is all smiles.

    People shouldn’t be treated this way, I will contact everyone I have to until this issue is taken care of. At the end of the day, we are doing them a favor by CHOOSING to be their customers, not the other way around.

    • 11111

    I, just like the person who put no adjuster came to inspect the vehicle am going through the same thing.

    Somebody egged my car while in a different state and no one has come to inspect my car. I was upset on the phone and the woman ‘tracy’ kept laughing at me! This insurance IS ghetto!

    Geico treated us so much better, my advice is stick to the BIG NAMES IN CAR INSURANCE! This was our FIRST CLAIM too! I hope people read this and take these reviews seriously. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! a lady named Rhonda draper handling my claim first… Then they gave me a new rep to handle my case. Why?!

    And another thing- I am pretty sure when you call the many numbers on their website it’s all in one building because the same people always pick up. G H E T T O -when I said that no one has come to appraise my car damage in a month tracy said ‘ohhh, sorry.’ I can get someone to come out’… Really?! Wow. Sorry, my review is everywhere.

    • 11111
    R. Gibbons says:

    When my policy was written up, the agent didn’t even ask me what coverage I wanted. He just wrote up liability, and that was it. Poor service. Goin to another provider Asap.

    • 33333
    Todd Box says:

    I pay my bills early. I always pay a month in advance by the 3rd of the month that is before when the bill is due. The rates from one month to the next change. I pay with a money order, and I call every month to see what the bill is. Every month they tell me I have a late fee because it is the 3rd of the month, even after they look me up in their computer.

    I was told the home office puts this on me. Every month I take my paid in full receipt down to the office and show them, and they remove the late fee. In the meantime at the credit agencies, this is affecting my credit rating and I have not been able to get this corrected. I have only been late once in 2 years and that was because I was on vacation in January of this year, and I thought I had already paid the car insurance bill.

    I am looking for a more reliable insurance company that does not penalize you for early payment of your car insurance fees. Besides this, I have had no complaints but then again no accidents.

    • 11111
    anita postell says:

    I have been a customer for about 4 years now and i just recently had to file a claim. I am so not pleased with this company what a rip-off. I am still waiting to get an acceptable amount of money for my vehicle being vandalized.

    I have been paying full coverage for 4 years and the most they tried to tell me I could get for the damages is 200 dollars I don’t think so if I don’t get this resolved the way it should I will be suing this company and taking them to small claims court for my money. I also feel very much to hear anything back from somebody by Monday then I will be going to court.

    • 11111

    How do you report a claim?

    I was hit by someone who is getting insurance through them, and this is the only available number. HOW DO I REPORT IT?

  3. Corey Haney says:

    This is the worst company I’ve every had to deal with , I’m amazed they are allowed to still do what they do, so disrespectful, I have never called them and someone answered the phone, please don’t use this company You will regret it consider this a warning !!!!

    • 11111

    Had to pretend to want a quote in order to get a live person to take claim information since my car was totaled by one of their insured. Even the state farm rep gave me her personal info to be a witness to the extreme rudeness portrayed by adjuster Nicholas Owens.

    My attorney will take over for me today but I will let everyone on facebook, twitter, and in person know how unprofessional this company is

    • 11111
    jose perea says:

    bad business unprofessional they did not answer the phone there are record that said leave a message at the tone, then after the tone hang up, I realize that somebody must to be at the accident to take pictures and take a report and nobody answer the phone even the roadside assistance I’m going to make a report to a BBB

    • 11111
    jose perea says:

    nobody answers the phone even the roadside assistance. I had and accident and nobody answered the phone. They said at the tone leave a message and at the tone, they hang up.

    • 11111
    B Williams says:

    claims department is the worst. hardly any calls back and they take forever to settle. frustrating process!!

  4. I have the reviews and I can not agree more that this company is the worst for claims I am in the middle of a claim and keep getting the run around the staff is rude and give you the runaround.

    I wonder if they train them to be that way I am working my to file reports with top people of the company and will continue to write complaints where ever I can they are by far the rudest people I have ever dealt with ….. It’s not my fault that one of their insured hit me ….. And I should not get the runaround ….

    • 55555

    Never had to make a claim and hope I shall ever have to, but I must say Hope in the South County office is awesome she is very knowledgeable extremely helpful no her craft very well and was excellent and handling sign me up. but like I said at the beginning I hope I never have to deal with anyone else I give up Hope 5 stars.

    • 11111

    This company is the worst! One of their customers totaled car and this just has been the worst experience of my life! They screw around, take forever and never answer the phone or call you back, They are giving me the run around so I can’t get shit from them. I already have a lawyer ready to sue these people for everything! They don’t deserve to be In business! If you have to deal with these people I am so sorry!

    • 11111
    Angry Customer says:

    This is by far the WORST insurance company I have EVER dealt with. I will not be renewing my policy.

    First its extremely difficult to get through to them when filing a claim, very LONG wait times and sometimes after waiting so long their IVR hangs up and make you start over. Funny how fast they answer when I wanted to start a policy.

    Secondly, the insurance adjustor Leidy V. has the WORST attitude and will prolong the payment process as long as possible. She NEVER answers her phone and advice all calls are returned within 24 hrs. This is a lie I called for 5 days straight and no call back until finally, I called her super and what do you guess happened? She called multiple times in one day with a nasty attitude. SMH.

    I am the victim of someone vandalizing my car and the insurance company I pay money to for this, is ran by a bunch unprofessional individuals that refuse to do their jobs, have nasty attitudes, no respect for their members, prolong paying claims that you are entitled to, have you waiting in excess of 30 mins and may/may not answer… pure TRASH!!!!

    • 11111
    Irritated says:

    One of their customers backed into my car on private property. My car was parked and she backed into it while talking on her cell phone. This property is huge and the driveway sits back from the street, out of sight from people traveling on the road. The agent I spoke to said I could not use a personal witness, which is all that was at this location.

    The witnesses know both parties. A police report could not be filed because there were no injuries. The representative that called me was rude and even though I knew her story about not being able to use my witness was BS, she got mad when I refused to take off of work to go to these locations she gave me, especially when I was told an adjuster would come to me.

    They were located in a very bad area of town. Then she goes on and mentions that the policy holder will not contact them back and it may not be covered. I told her to contact me after she gets a hold of her policy holder. I have also sought legal counsel in this matter.

    This is by far the worst insurance company I have had to deal with, I would not recommend them to anyone!

  5. Sherrome Nichols says:

    It has been almost two months since filing a claim for storm damage to my vehicle..the appraiser came right out but the adjuster and the process thereafter has been a total nightmare. My adjuster, Kimberly Hansen didn’t return my call, I actually had to keep calling her.

    Finally, I spoke to her and fortunately for her she was going on vacation and referred me to a different adjuster, Lisa Whaley. Lisa processed a check but for some reason I never received it. However, I did receive letters to pay my bill at the same address. Been calling and calling and nothing. Waiting for them to stop payments for a month and still nothing.

    This is the worst insurance company I ever had to deal with. $507 is all I’m waiting for. I paid almost double that just in down payments for my policy to be written. What a shame.

    • 11111

    The worst insurance company there is. I am still waiting for my September 18 claim to be settled. I must find an attorney.

    • 55555
    Ashley fell says:

    I’ve been with Acceptance for eight years. And have never had a problem knock on wood.

    • 11111

    Worst bulls$#@ a*$ company. they deny my claim so now I’m suing their client my car was parked and their stupid client hit my car they won’t cover my damages but I’m suing yall you d@#$ pieces of s$%#. f#$@ yall motherf&*%$#@

    • 11111
    horrible liars says:

    Someone hit me. Got a call once and have not heard back after leaving multiple messages and being told I will get a call in 24 hrs. They have all the info, police report, witness statement, even the insured made his claim. But still, no one has come to look at my vehicle to assess damages and was told I would within 5 days. They lie lie lie just to get you off the phone. Renae Mcwright…. You should be ashamed of yourself…

    • 11111
    Ken Butler says:

    They obviously do not pay their claims. This company should be put out of business. I have been waiting 14 days and still no word from the adjuster. They will not answer phone calls. They lie constantly. They deserve a zero rating.

    • 11111
    marcoringo says:

    I agree…too bad there is no “zero-star” rating.

    An “Acceptance” client hit my car while I was asleep in bed….legally and safely parked on the street in front of my house. Acceptance ignored their own estimate, and totaled my car, even though the cost to fix it was way lower than the blue book.

    My car would qualify for top dollar blue book, in that I had just paid seven thousand dollars to have everything in the world fixed and redone, including paint and body. It’s like a new car. Acceptance didn’t offer any money, they just sent a bully letter telling me I have to sign away my car to them, and accept (thus the name of their company) whatever they say, unless I want to take nothing or next to it. They didn’t even offer any dollar figure at all. Just bossed me around.

    The person at fault had his car fixed immediately, while I, the victim here, was bossed and bullied and lied to and jerked around. These people should stop wasting water by not taking showers because their slime is nonwashable.

    • 11111
    Ashley Welburn says:

    I do not understand why you guys who have such a horrible experience don’t call the BBB and file a complaint against this company. Some of the reviews are from 2011, well it’s now July the 4th 2014 and only 2 reviews had something to say that differed from all the others.

    The reason why I am posting a review is for the same reason everyone else did. I am extremely angry with this company. The extreme lack of business ethics is deplorable.

    My husband was rear-ended on May 2nd, 2015 and it’s now the 4th of July and we are just now receiving the check for our car that was totaled. No one single person would pick up the phone nor return calls. FOR 2 MONTHS!! Lied numerous times and that was in the final week. The adjuster lied saying the check was sent overnight, that overnight turned into a week and I was still charged $20 for FedEx.

    Also stuck paying $300 for a rental car because the adjuster never had it extended and didn’t notify us on the matter. Report this company to

    • 11111


    • 11111
    D'Eriak Hudson says:

    This company is so full of s@#$ it is sad. One of their clients hit my car and it has been over two months ago. No one has returned my calls or came to look at my car when clearly it was her fault. Thye want me to keep calling, but I get NO callback. This truly is a company that needs to be shut down!!!!!!

    • 11111

    This company deserves Zero Stars! Poor Customer Service. Even it’s employees are treated poorly. Being promised a careered path that doesn’t exist.

    I Had an accident on July 18 and now mid-August no adjuster or body shop. Who pays the storage daily? How about the Excellent and convenient way Acceptance makes it rent a car? You need about 20 pieces of paperwork to get repaid. WOW.

    I am amazed that the Insurance Commission has allowed this company to do business so long. People instead of complaining and whining call the newspapers and television stations in Acceptances hometown and put them on notice.

    • 11111

    This is by far the worst company ever stay away first off i started a policy the guy on the phone wrote my wrong bank account down which caused my policy to cancel and my license to be suspended due to me being on a sr22 so I called staff was very rude telling me it was my own fault and that I would be responsible for the $20 fee for NSF since the guy entered the wrong account number.

    When I started the policy I was quoted $77 a month when I get my insurance card and declaration page my monthly payments are not what I was quoted at the $77 but surprisingly they are $175 per month. I called to ask why once again was met with a rude employee who once again stated it was my fault for omitting information on my driving record.

    When I first got the policy they ran my driving record and had quoted me the price based on that. So once again stay clear they are a scam I’m currently with safe auto which my 3-month premium is cheaper than what I was going to pay for 1 month with acceptance if you w want cheap prices and honest people I suggest you go through them

    • 11111

    I am so sorry for anyone that has to deal with this company. My review is to show how long they take to get a claim resolved.

    I was hit by their client in September 2012! My car was fixed immediately, thank God! However, the adjuster Andrew Johnson gave me the runaround. Never returned my calls….weeks at a time.

    After a few months, I saw this was going nowhere fast, so I hired an attorney. The next msg. I left Andrew was “If I don’t hear from you, I will be contacting an attorney” and he called back! REALLY??? Because I knew he was OBVIOUSLY getting my messages and ignoring me, I told him that he could speak with my attorney and I never spoke with them again. It has been 3 YEARS!!!!

    It is now September 2015 and we just reached a settlement on August 30th. I have yet to receive my money, but I am hoping soon.

    If you are hit by their client, go ahead and hire someone. It will save you time and headaches.

    • 11111
    horrible cust. service says:

    Someone rear ended me Labor day weekend. Called to file a claim after the weekend and got ahold of someone right away and was given a claim number and then was told someone would call me within 48 hours.

    Three weeks later I have yet to hear from them. Just called the claims number and after a few mins of being on hold, someone picked up the line and after a couple of mins of dead silence, I said, “hello?”. Several seconds go by and I hear “just a second”. A good minute or two of dead silence goes by and then he says “can I have the claim number”.

    Didn’t even bother to introduce himself or ask for my name. He then says, “give me a couple of seconds to look at this claim”. A couple of mins of silence go by and I say “are you having problems with that claim number?” No reply. I wait another min and asked the same question again. Next thing I know, I’m back in the call queue. Stay on hold for a few mins and then I get a recording to leave my name and number and they will get back with me. Yeah, right…

    • 11111

    This company is an absolute nightmare. I was in an accident two months ago and have been bounced back and forth, given numbers that don’t exist for contact information and have had two people come and “inspect” my car without sending me copies of ANYTHING.

    This has been an absolutely horrible experience as if getting in an accident that wasn’t even your fault wasn’t already hard enough.
    Get your act together, Acceptance. Totally unacceptable.

    • 11111



    • 11111

    This company is shady as hell. My dad missed 2 weeks of work because they wouldn’t answer their phone when their client hit my dad in the back. We had to pay that expensive insurance from the rental car business in order to drive the car.

    For 2 months my family got so far behind on our bills because of them. They stop paying for the rental car a week before we even got a check and we are left paying a $300 plus bill. And the check was worth nothing.

    They didn’t include my dad missed work days or doctor fees. Even the rental car company had trouble contacting them about paying the fees. We are suing big time and I hope they get put out of business soon. SCAM & CROOKS.

  6. Marcie Coterel says:

    Worst ever! Do not purchase this insurance! Please go somewhere else. No customer service at all. Rude agents. Just horrible!!!

    • 11111

    This is by far the worst company ever, I will be reporting them and I pray they get shut down soon! My advice to anyone who has to file a claim with Acceptance, just get an Attorney.

    • 11111

    I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone. I got coverage Dec 22, 2015, Dec 31st I received an email since I opted in paperless billing. It says I did not provide all my info and my down payment increased to $435. I gave them a called on Jan 2nd spoke to a rep who advise me I did not report a ticket (which I did, I’m sure I did), that’s why the deposit increased from $188.

    I asked if I cancelled what do I need to do. She says we’ll charge you from the start date till today’s date and there is a 40% charge for cancelling the policy prior to end date. I said ok b/c I refuse to deal with this bs when I plan on selling the car. The car was sold the following day and I’m awaiting an email confirming my cancellation.

    Honestly, it slipped my mind til I received an email today Jan 26th saying my payment was not processed. I called to see what payment you should not be charging me if I no longer have a policy.

    Come to find out the policy was never cancelled and they tried charging my acct on Jan 21st which gave me a charge with my bank of $35. So I asked why the policy was not cancelled she says I never requested a cancellation. I asked her to cancel the policy she as of Jan 2nd. She says I need to provide proof that I no longer have possession of the car and it has insurance.

    Why is it any of their business that what company the car is covered thru and who has the car. She asked for the title too. I told her the car was taken over by someone else who is making the payments now and I do not know who has the car b/c the car was not in my name. She says the owner should have been on the policy. But they ask if any drivers in the household are over 16 years of age.

    But longer story short, this company is full of bull. They do not want to refund my money back from when I asked for cancellation and giving me a runaround. ***ACTUALLY NO STARS**

    • 11111
    Andre Williams says:

    My car was stolen sorry and insurance said I just wanted to get paid. no help


  8. kandice golebiewski says:

    By far the worst car insurance on the planet. I got into a car accident Jan 11 and they totaled out the car 2 months later and bow its April and both my lien holder and I are still waiting on the check.

    Not only do they keep telling us we are missing paperwork but they never answer the phone and when they do they are the rudest people on the planet and know absolutely nothing. It’s gotten to the point where I now have to obtain a lawyer because it’s getting nowhere and affecting my credit.

  9. David Williams says:

    This company is horrible!!!!! I am an employee. I want to quit every day I walk in there. The people at corporate talk to us like we’re idiots. They gave us a pay cut and make working Saturdays mandatory. My co-worker was written up because he attended his aunt’s funeral. They said uncles are not in the handbook.

    They are hiring people with no insurance license so they can brain wash them. They make their employees market for the business. They do not reimburse for gas. They figure you should market for yourself on your own dime. I can’t wait to quit this piece of #$@* job!!!!

    • 11111
    Ashleygillon says:

    They haven’t given me my refund in a month. I’m filing a lawsuit on them. they are rude and greedy

    • 11111
    Gwendolyn Henson says:

    I have been a client of First Acceptance Insurance for a while. Recently I had my insurance reinstated and a couple days later I was involved in car accident. Never seen an adjuster come to my home or where my vehicle is but they sent me an app to download to my phone that guides you to take pictures of the damages on your vehicle.

    Well, what about the damages underneath the car. They sent me a check without any type of estimate minus my deductible and once I tried to contact the adjuster inquiring about additional damages that you could not see I never received a response regarding this issue. Now the matter at hand once my adjuster called to see where to send the check she let me know that I did not have rental coverage (reimbursement) on my policy I couldn’t believe it because I had coverage on all of the other policies. She then told me if I had the declaration page from the policy before the re-reinstatement she would honor the rental car.

    How this mishap came about when I reinstated with BHall the premium was not the same price as before it was lower I asked why she indicated policy goes up and down, come to find out it was at a cheaper rate because the rental car reimbursement of up to $900 was not on my policy as before and the adjuster is changing her story to say unless the agent sends her an e-mail indicating this is a mistake there is nothing they can do to get me a rental while my car is being serviced. Even talked to the Director and he said it was my fault this was not on my policy.

    ALL of my previous policies had rental car coverage now all of a sudden because of the agent negligence and who wants to admit they are wrong or made a mistake. Several attempts have been made to the agent and to this day no return call or response via email. Every time I asked someone to connect me they never told me they were transferring me the phone would ring and then hang up. The body shop even asked me how did they write me out a check and never looked at my car or gave me an estimate. I am so stressed and depressed over this I cannot perform my daily responsibilities. Then they try to tell me that I have coverage to get a rental car and they will reimburse me, that is not how things work maybe in their world.

    I live paycheck to paycheck and do not have the funds just to go out and purchase a rental car. Then I find the paper that says PROOF OF INSURANCE it shows the rental car coverage and policy dates and they tell me it must be on the declaration page well how come it is on this Proof of Insurance page they will not honor, it should show on the declaration page as well. Each time I pay my premium it is a different amount….So sick of this company.

    Hope higher ups can assist with this but they stand by their employees who they believe do not make mistakes and now I have to go without a vehicle while my car is being serviced, let alone to know my car has way more damages that what the check they wrote because it was not looked at by anyone from this company. They make sure you pay those premiums but you receive no benefits from them when the times comes for them to put benefits in place back to the consumer. We give by paying our premiums and that is all the giving with this company.

    • 11111
    Gwendolyn Henson says:

    In regards to them not issuing me a rental – they are on recorded lines how come no one can pull those records to see that I asked the agent why my premium was much cheaper and she said because the policies go up and down but in reality the premium was cheaper because she did not have my rental car coverage on there and I did make sure to ask her if I had the same coverage from the previous policy and she agreed it was the same.

    so unless she owns up to her mistakes I am out of a rental unless I pay for it myself. this is life changing and If I can’t go to work every day I can’t make my premium payments.

    • 11111


  10. Barbarette Legette says:

    This company is really terrible. Don’t get insurance with them.

    • 11111

    My son was hit in MY car by this company’s insurer! THIS occurred on 5/7/2016!! As of today, 7/13/16, I STILL cannot get this company to 1. Return phone calls 2. Tell the truth in their statements 3. Follow through on getting my car repaired!!!



  11. Patty M. says:

    Good luck if you are trying to collect on an accident.

    My car was hit by a man with Acceptance Insurance in February. I am still waiting to collect on my repairs. The low ball the claim to the point where I could not find any reputable car repair shop in my area who would even look at my car because of the horrible track record this subpar insurance company has.

    It is now almost August and still waiting for them to pay out my insurance company. First Acceptance tells them “the check is in the mail” and then runs and hide! Why are they even allowed to sell any type of insurance???

    This is by far the worst insurance company I have ever encountered! What a piece of s***!

    • 11111

    I wouldn’t recommend this insurance to my worst enemy ??????????????

    • 11111

    This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with in my life.

    My car was hit almost head on in October. Almost three weeks passed by before the adjuster, S Ramos, returned my calls. She only did that because I called the insurance commissioner for my state. It has been almost a month and still no resolution.

    Now, they are claiming coverage issues. They told me that they removed my car from the wrecker service 3 weeks ago. I found out recently that my car is still there incurring fees.

    When I brought this to their attention, they told me that it was my fault that the car is still there and I should call my insurance to have it removed because they probably won’t pay for it since “I’ve” let it sit there.

    This company is a real joke. I need for everyone to do the following:
    1. File a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner for your state
    2. File a complaint with the BBB

    It won’t help by merely complaining on this site. We have to hit them where it hurts. It’s time out for this.

  12. I just got that same person….Ramos was in an accident yesterday someone hit me and I have full coverage but they said I DON’T HAVE rental or two services added to my policy so I would have to pay out of pocket for a rental.

    I submitted the pics and I call to see what’s next she says SHE’S waiting for an estimate and police report to come on her desk because she has nothing yet reading these post gave me insight on them… I’m going straight to file a complaint with commissioner and bob and look for a lawyer

    • 11111
    Chanon Dillard says:

    This company is a total scam.

    Still holding my brother’s car for ransom after 3 months. The guy who hit him is insured by these people. Took him two months just to get approval to get the car fixed, now they won’t pay the shop for the repairs.

    No one will call him back and they NEVER would approve a rental car so he has to sue for lost wages, injuries, rental car fees and still has no car unless he pays the repair shop himself. This company should be shut down!!

    Filing complaints with the Insurance commission and taking them to court. This is ridiculous.

    • 11111

    This company is pure garbage!! First, they raised my rate again for the fourth time, then told me after I found a better rate elsewhere that they are charging me 10% of the total policy charge for cancellations fees!!! WHAT!

    So they owe me $200 & my total policy was 800+ !! Instead of refunding my full $200, they’re taking 80 something I cancellation fees!!! I will NEVER do messiness with them again!! A piece of s*^# a@$ company!!

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