ACE Seguros Auto Insurance Review (2020)

ACE Seguros is the Mexican division of ACE USA. ACE offers property, casualty, accident, auto, health, and other insurance products throughout the United States.

Company Details
Address: Edificio Arcos Oriente, Bosque de Alisos 47A Piso 1
City: Bosques do las Lomas
State: Mexico D.F.
ZIP Code: 05120
Phone Number: 52-5-258-5800
Year Founded: 1999
AM Best Rating: N/A
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Things to remember...

  • ACE Seguros is the Mexican division of ACE USA, which offers property, casualty, risk management, occupational accident and health insurance products throughout the United States
  • offers more coverage choices than any other Mexican insurance agency
  • Mexican law states that liability insurance is mandatory, but the customer has a choice of various types of coverage in addition to what’s required

This ACE Seguros auto insurance review will notify consumers that the company provides auto insurance only through certified independent insurance agencies.

ACE Seguros is the Mexican division of ACE USA, which offers the following insurance products throughout the United States:

  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Risk management
  • Occupational accident
  • Health

For those seeking auto insurance rates for travel into Mexico, a review of Auto Insurance follows. writes auto insurance policies for ACE Seguros.

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This auto insurance review will provide an overview of the company, as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes. provides auto insurance for consumers who travel into Mexico only to find that their U.S. auto insurance policies are not recognized or accepted.

If someone is involved in an auto accident, Mexican authorities will only acknowledge Mexican-issued auto insurance. is an independent agency, which means that it represents multiple Mexican insurance carriers. Auto Insurance Quotes’s online quote process is very simple. Consumers can opt for daily, six-month, or one-year policies. Coverage can begin right away, or at any time up to one year from the time the quote is generated.

Once the quote is available, the potential customer can access that quote by logging onto the website. offers more coverage choices than any other Mexican insurance agency. In addition to standard mandatory liability protection, offers three package types.

The GNP Deluxe Package, ABA Seguros Plus, and the ACE Platinum Package each provide protections that many Mexican carriers do not, such as partial theft, vandalism, and reimbursement for the higher cost of repairs completed in the United States. also provides roadside assistance and legal information for customers. Truck, recreational vehicle and motorcycle policies are also available.

When a potential customer decides to travel into Mexico and wants an auto insurance quote, he or she can click on’s quote link.

The online form asks for the following information:

  • Travel dates
  • Vehicle information
  • Whether or not the vehicle will tow a trailer

Mexican law states that liability insurance is mandatory, but the customer has a choice of various types of coverage in addition to what’s required.

The quote form also asks for other information such as how long the vehicle will be in Mexico and whether the car will be used for business or pleasure. Once the form is submitted, it takes just moments for the quote to be available. Auto Insurance Claims

If a customer is involved in an accident in Mexico, the incident must be reported to his or her insurance carrier before leaving Mexico.’s home page contains a tab called “Insurance Information,” which provides details regarding how a customer can start the claims process. also lists all represented carriers and their contact information.’s carriers will allow vehicle repairs to be made in the U.S. or Canada, as long as the claims process is begun in Mexico.

The claimant should follow the same procedures as for an accident in the U.S. This means that they should exchange insurance and vehicle information with other involved drivers, and call the police to file a report.

Claimants are warned not to leave the auto unattended since basic Mexican insurance policies do not cover theft of auto parts.

An insurance adjuster will visit the scene of the accident, where the claimant will be asked to provide both a valid driver’s license and a copy of the insurance policy.

Once the claim is submitted to the insurance carrier, the claimant can seek follow-up service through that carrier, or through’s toll-free phone number. That number is 1-888-467-4639.

A claimant should also inform his or her U.S. insurance carrier of the incident. Auto Insurance Customer Service

While is an online-only agency, its represented carriers all have agents and customer service departments to help with quotes, claims, and questions.’s website is very helpful for customers seeking information as to why Mexican insurance is necessary while traveling to Mexico.’s article about why Mexican insurance is necessary takes the guesswork out of finding a policy that will cover the customer’s assets. also contains helpful information about how to use the website. This section details every step of the process for quoting and buying an auto insurance policy, filing a claim, and following up on that claim.

The website also contains a section that provides details on all its represented carriers, so that the customer can contact that company directly with any questions.

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