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Peak Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: 1800 North Point Drive
City: Stevens Point
State: WI
ZIP: 54481
Phone Number: 1-800-373-6879
AM Best Rating: A+
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1990
Things to Remember...
  • Peak Property and Casualty Insurance is a subsidiary of the Sentry Insurance Group
  • Peak Property is a privately owned mutual insurance company, as is Sentry Insurance
  • Peak Property strives to maintain excellent customer service and claims management
This Peak Auto Insurance Review explores Stevens Point, Wisconsin-headquartered Peak Property & Casualty Insurance Company.

Peak Property & Casualty Insurance Company is one of the operating subsidiaries of the Sentry Insurance Group.

Both Peak and Sentry are found in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. According to the company website, Stevens Point is one of the best places to live in the United States.

Sentry Insurance Group and Peak Property & Casualty are privately owned mutual insurance companies, which means that policyholders actually own the companies.

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Peak Auto Insurance Overview


Peak Property & Casualty has 89 office locations around the country and was formed by parent company Sentry Insurance Group in 1990.

The company shares Sentry Insurance Group’s “A+” rating by A.M. Best.

Sister companies of Peak Property & Casualty include:

  • Viking County Mutual Insurance Company
  • Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin
  • Patriot General Insurance Company
  • Dairyland County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas
  • Dairyland Cycle Insurance
  • Dairyland Insurance Company (Wisconsin)
  • Parker Centennial Assurance Company
  • Middlesex Insurance Company
  • Sentry Life Insurance Company of New York
  • Sentry Life Insurance Company
  • Sentry Equity Services Inc.

Peak Auto Insurance Partners

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sentry Insurance Group, Peak Property & Casualty is a preferred insurance line of The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association.

In addition, the Industry Supply Association, the Power Transmission Distributors Association and the Industrial Supply Association give Peak Property & Casualty Insurance a “thumbs-up!”

John Deere insurance subsidiaries also offer Peak Property & Casualty insurance policies to their customers.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Peak Auto Insurance and Parent Sentry Insurance Group

Policyholder surplus is one of the important financial factors to consider about Sentry Insurance Group.

Since the company isn’t publicly traded, exploring the company’s financial factors requires additional investigation.

Sentry Insurance Group’s highly recognized Minuteman logo declares the company’s combined “Strength, Protection, and Vigilance.”

The company offers property & casualty insurance products to clients in Massachusetts, where the Minuteman statue of Captain John Parker is located (in Lexington, Massachusetts).

According to the state insurance departments of Wisconsin and Virginia, Peak Property & Casualty Company has no history of outstanding customer complaints.

According to the company website, maintaining excellent customer service and claims management is one of the ways the company hopes to secure long-term clients.

If you’re considering a new auto insurance company, contact your state department or division of insurance and ask about the company’s customer complaint record.

Peak Auto Insurance Competitive Markets


Peak Property & Casualty competes with a wide field of insurance companies on a national and regional basis.

The company competes with top U.S. insurance companies like:

According to Morningstar Financial, the U.S. auto insurance industry isn’t considered ripe for rapid growth.

Auto insurance companies like Peak Property & Casualty must compete for other insurance companies’ clients in order to grow their premium revenues.

Peak Auto Insurance Claims


According to Sentry Group’s website, policyholders have access to customer service and auto insurance claims professionals around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Customers may also request contact through the company’s website communications portal by clicking on “Contact Us.”

Each state in which the company does business has dedicated claims agents on call.

Peak Property & Casualty Insurance Company utilizes a network of employed sales agents as well as an independent network of brokers and agents.

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Reviews for Peak Auto Insurance

    • 11111
    Kumar bhandari says:

    Stay away from this company.

    One of the insured women from this company ran into my vehicle. They came to see my vehicle and mailed me the estimation of $4,000. when I call them for rental car they just told me that investigation is not complete we just asked the police report it will come after2 weeks. when I call after /weeks they told me it takes 2 months after that 4 months.

    I, therefore, paid my own money for police report n fax them after 1 months.when I call after few days they simply denied my claimed they told me that the sentence which we give to police didn’t match

    • 11111
    SERGIO M says:

    FIRST OF ALL MY RATING FOR THIS SCAM IS ZERO……………..I got involved in an accident in Florida in March of this year and the person that caused the accident is insured by PEAK AND PROPERTY CASUALTY. My car was totaled and when I asked them for my car, they offered me only 1/3 of the cost of my car in the market and they don’t want to pay for the car that I had to rent in the meantime.

    In other words, this company doesn’t want to assume their responsibility, because they say that the law in Florida allow them to collect money for the car policies and PAY BACK WHATEVER THEY WANT…….But I don’t think this is true.


    • 11111
    F Chavis says:

    #sentryinsurance (aka Peak Property and Casualty) is the WORST to deal with!! They allow shady drivers to purchase their policies and when you get in an accident with them being at fault… It’s like getting into an accident in the dinosaur age!! These people could care less about anybody but themselves! So glad I have Geico; the best agent as my warrior against them!!!

  1. I give them a no star rating. My payment of $268.43 was due on 12-14-15, I paid the premium on 12-4-15. After several conversations with my daughter, I shopped around and found progressive was $100 dollars cheaper.

    I changed to progressive and canceled with Peak Property & Casualty on 12-13-15. My refund was $22.91. Yeah, I was robbed of $245.52. And insurance companies wonder why consumers DO NOT TRUST THEM. But it’s like the old saying goes, what goes around – comes around.

    Have a great day Sentry Insurance (aka Peak Property & Casualty)………

    • 11111

    They are a scam and cheaters. They don’t want to take responsibility when their driver is at fault. They have very bad customer service. Recently, one of their drivers pulled in front of my van and they are saying they don’t only use police report but needs a third witness. They still have to fix my van. stay away from them.

  2. John Giglietts says:

    I was involved with one of the insured drivers on 7/6/2016.
    The insured driver crossed the raised median & struck my truck on an off-center head on.
    Both vehicles required vehicles require the FD to cut us out.

    I can’t get them to return any calls. I’ve had to rent a vehicle out of my own pocket.
    Thank God I’m insured with USAA. My own Insurance company has already recovered my truck. It has been determined a sustained a total loss.
    The offer they made was almost retail value. No fight just did the right thing by. They even have made follow-up calls to keep my posted to the progress of the claim.

    Peak is the type of company that does nothing for you.
    They are what pushes you to seek legal representation.


  3. They’re a bunch of shady scam artist who run this company. If you have to deal with these snakes then the best of luck to you. Peak insurance can go f*** themselves.

    • 11111

    Reading these ratings I can believe them. Their insurer back into my car and they were given all the information..the adjuster said we would hear something in a couple of days and it has now been a month…

    never have I seen a couple like this…they will not return your phone call or even answer their calls always a voicemail.

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