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Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Review

Address: 200 E. Gaines Street
City: Tallahassee
State: Florida
ZIP: 32399-6502
Phone Number: 954-587-2299
AM Best Rating: B
Market Cap: $20 to $50 Million
Year Founded: 1994
Things to Remember...
  • A.M. Best issued the company a “B” rating, which is a reduced grade based on the number of customer complaints
  • Ocean Harbor insurance is based in Florida
  • Ocean Harbor offers basic liability coverage to include personal liability coverage
  • You may be eligible for insurance discounts through Ocean Harbor by combining your life, health, and car insurance policies under one umbrella policy
An Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance review finds that the auto insurance company is a subsidiary of Pearl Holding Group.

Although there is a company with a similar name in New York, Ocean Harbor of Florida is said to represent the state exclusively. The company employs approximately 250 people.

Auto insurance rates are available for you right now, and all you need to do is enter your ZIP code in the box below.

J.A.J. Holding also has a stake in Ocean Harbor Casualty, and its Board includes the executives of Ocean Harbor, Jared and Jay Perlin.

William E. Roche is the president of the Ocean Harbor office in Florida. A.M. Best issued the company a “B” rating.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Inclusions

AdobeStock_74638728-1600x1600Ocean Harbor offers basic liability coverage to include personal liability coverage, which is required in Florida even though it is a no-fault state.

This coverage will pay up to 80 percent of the liability in the event of an accident where liability is obvious.

The no-fault status means Ocean Harbor will pay the medical expenses of its subscriber.

Ocean Harbor products also include uninsured or underinsured motorist’s protection. Collision and comprehensive coverages are optional if there is no lien against your vehicle.

Most lien holders require collision and comprehensive if they finance the loan.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Exclusions

There are some terms that indicate what Ocean Harbor will not pay, should the case arise.

  • The company will not insure three-wheeled vehicles that may be part of the household or are not covered under the policy
  • Only a limited number of claims may be filed on behalf of family members of the policyholder
  • Rental reimbursement clauses have limitations
  • Collision and comprehensive insurance are not included with the standard policy for your vehicle
  • The policyholder does not receive reimbursement for these items if stereo equipment is damaged or stolen

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Discounts

You may be eligible for insurance discounts through Ocean Harbor Insurance agents who are more than willing to assist you.

One of the most common ways to save is by combining your life, health, and car insurance policies under one umbrella policy.

Advanced payments will not only save you interest on your premiums, but it may also save on premiums as well.

Club discounts are popular with most insurers, and they will be happy to honor them.

Your AARP or AAA membership may be worth a 10 percent discount on your payments. Some carriers are offering discounts if you go a certain length of time without filing a claim.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Jobs

AdobeStock_83216923-1600x1600A career with Ocean Harbor is possible if you go through the proper channels. There is no online application, although contact information is available.

There are several positions affiliated with the insurance industry. Some of those positions are:

  • Underwriter
  • Manager
  • Actuary
  • Claims Processor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Agent

An insurance company is versatile enough that you could start with an entry-level position and work your way to a management position with proper training and education along the way.

It’s not too difficult to become an auto insurance agent.

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement in exchange for a two-year commitment, for example.

With the economy slowly rebounding, it is a possibility Ocean Harbor may be currently accepting applications. They may even offer discounted coverage as a company benefit.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Reviews

Testimonials are usually offered on the company website. Complaint and fraud type websites allow people to report objective comments of their experiences.

One complaint involved an Ocean Harbor subscriber who ran a car into the couple’s home. They were offered an amount that did not come close to the actual cost of repairs.

Ocean Harbor was issued a lower grade because of its lack of focus on customer service.

The company supposedly received 42 complaints over a three-year period. Most of the complaints related to unpaid claims.

More than 15 complaints about Ocean Harbor Insurance claims were not addressed in a reasonable time frame. The company has since attempted to improve their record.

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Reviews for Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance

  1. THIS IS THE WORST CAR INSURANCE,MY EXPERIENCE WITH OCEAN HARBOR was traumatic and indescribable, totally deficient in service, ASISTENCI COOPERATION AT THE TIME OF ACCIDENT not recommend

    • 11111
    William Erhart says:

    The worst insurance company I ever dealt with. They do as little as possible to help. I have a claim against them and they have had me do all the work. The people are rude if your lucky enough to have them answer the phone. They don’t return calls.

    • 11111
    Legal Still in Process says:

    For those of you thinking about working with these crooks let me tell you how they treat their customer. All comments below regarding avoidance and failure to respond are true.

    I was hit by a customer of Ocean Harbor. Ocean Harbor refused to respond and the customer openly acknowledged fault and was found at fault by the police. She was visibly shaken up and I tried to reassure her as they loaded me into the ambulance by letting her know it would be ok and our insurance companies could handle this.

    I finally had to call a lawyer even though I did not want to. After they investigated it became apparent that Ocean Harbor was trying to look for ways to drop the customer. If this happened we would go to court and the bills would go directly to the customer and this would potentially drive the single Mother into Chapter 11.

    So I turned to my insurance company, GEICO. These guys are AWESOME, I love them and will never leave them. They began the arduous task of trying to work with these people. After two months of avoidance, the claim went to collections directed at the customer, not Ocean Harbor. GEICO, however, is doing everything in their power to make sure I am taken care of even though I will probably never be fully compensated for the loss.

    We (GEICO and myself) are going to both be out large sums of money because of this event, not to mention the fact that I am going on my third month of physical therapy, my credit is shot and I am now looking to any credit card company that will work with me.

    My point being not only is this company negatively impacting their customers and ripping them off but they are causing substantial cost and loss on other companies that do value their customers. As I research them further I am seeing countless reports like this. This leads me to believe that they are a huge drain on the local economy of the state they operate in.

    This sham of a company needs to be closed down for the good of all. The insured by Ocean Harbor are nothing more than mobile time bombs waiting to cause more financial drain on the economy. How anyone can operate an organization like this and sleep at night indicates a truly twisted and deranged individual.

    Run, Run Fast and Run Far

    • 11111

    This company is HORRIBLE.

    Their insured hit my truck. They towed my truck 2 hours & 20 minutes away (across the state)! You can leave a message but they never call you back. Even their supervisors don’t call you back.

    I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau & the Florida Department of Financial Services and ENCOURAGE EVERYONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME. They placed my Truck at an Insurance Auto Auction across the state, removed my plates from my truck and Ocean Harbor Insurance Company is listed as the Seller.

    This company should not be in business! I have retained an Attorney and again encourage you to do the same.

  2. Jerry Binkley Tallahassee,Fl says:

    They would get -5 stars if it were an option.My wife was the victim of a hit and run from one of their clients.She was very badly injured and some time in the hospital.They will not respond to any of my many messages left for the claims adjuster.

    They insure the undesirables and they are crooks so I guess they stay in their element. My only other option is to go to Sunrise,Fl in person. Maybe I can get something done then.

    • 11111

    This has to be the worst insurance company ever!!!

    I was hit by one of their customers in NC; the claims department has yelled at me, called me names & even hung up on me…..multiple times! I ask for a supervisor & get sent to a voice mail and never get a return call. I’m starting to think he isn’t a real person, just a “file 13” for complaints.

    I was even more thoroughly disgusted when I found out they had made a liability decision WITHOUT my statement, just took the word of their customer, who had constantly lied to my insurance company about what really happened! And sent a demand letter to my insurance company, who already determined I wasn’t at fault. I was also told that since the policy was written in Florida, the laws there applied to the wreck that happened in NC….seriously?!?!

    I wouldn’t trust this company at all!!!!!

    • 11111

    Negative stars. These guys are scum bags and need to be shut down! I’m dealing with the same BS. We all need to come together and put this company out of business. Write to the attorney general and Better Business Bureau. Even write to your local elected officials.

    Insurance is there for a reason and these guys are nothing but opportunist! I wonder what they talk about around the office. Probably the same level of conversation that those kids have that play that knockout game. SCUM BAGS!

    • 44444
    perry lisanti says:

    Very happy with the response of my claim. The adjustor came right out to look at a small accident I had and was very nice and helpful. Check was sent in mail within ten days thank-you

  3. This ins company is the worst!!! Their client hit me from the back Dec.7,2013 it’s over a month now and still, nothing they are giving me the runaround!! Telling me one story to another!! It’s going on 2 months now!!!

    A car that can’t drive/ my shoulder have a small amount of fluid Plus there’s an abnormal high signal intensity in the distal supraspinatus tendon with a cuff tear I’m taking this company and their client to court/ went down to the district court in Miami and filed a small claim on them!!!

  4. SHOCKING INSURANCE COMPANY ! Where is the Better Business Bureau ? This company is clearly ripping off good hard working people who are suffering because of their lack of concern for the well-being of the people involved in these accidents with their costumers.

    Isn’t there some kind of bureau that keeps these kinds of company’s in line with a standard of care and customer service all other insurance company’s ? I pay a lot to keep my Allstate insurance company so others don’t have to suffer like these poor people who are hoping that Ocean Harbor insurance Co.will do the right thing? 🙁 sad!

    • 11111
    Outraged daughter says:

    My elderly parents’ car was rear-ended by one of their insured there months ago and they still have not been able to communicate with anyone from the claims department.

    Their insurance company, Progressive has tried to contact them as well and finally got a response stating that they are still trying to determine fault! Seriously?! They were rear-ended and their insured got a ticket! The police report clearly states that their insured was at fault!

    My parents’ car has not been fixed and I’ve called and left messages at every number listed and I’m still waiting for a response! From reading these reviews I can’t believe they’re in business. Shame on them for taking advantage of so many hard working innocent people. Don’t they have a conscience?

    • 11111

    This is the worst insurance company I have ever in my life. They take forever to answer the phone and when the do the people are rude and they transfer you to answering machines when you ask for a supervisor. When you leave messages NO ONE ever never calls you back. I will be contacting Better Business Bureau and I intend on trying to contact the companies’ president…rating this company would be an insult. They should just close their doors of business.

  5. Michel Pringle says:

    Ocean Harbor Insurance Company is by far the most horrible, incompetent insurance company I have ever had the misfortune to come across.
    On July 11th, 2014, at a complete stop at the red light, a 17-year-old girl driving an F250 truck slammed into the back of my tiny 2013 Toyota Corolla. I had just purchased the car four weeks prior and had not even made the first payment on my car. Upon reporting the accident to the Ocean Harbor claims office, I was told that she is not an authorized driver for the vehicle.

    I am an insured client of Ocean Harbor but did not find out how incompetent and rude their entire staff is until my car was damaged and I had to report the accident.

    Their adjuster finally came to my house on July 18th and assessed the exterior damage to my car but didn’t even have the common courtesy to call me when he arrived to tell me he was outside. He doesn’t even know if there was any damage done to the computer in the car due to the hit the car sustained. It is now July 20th and I have yet to get any correspondence about getting my car repaired or even to give me a follow-up call.

    I have only been with this company for five weeks and I can’t wait for my policy to expire in six months so that I can run as far away as I can from these awful, rude and incompetent people. They have absolute no compassion for their clients who have sustained significant damage to their vehicles.

    If anyone is thinking about signing up with this insurance company for coverage, please, please I beg you to run the other way.
    I am now seriously thinking about having my attorney contact their office because I cannot get my car repaired.

    The Better Business Bureau and the Commissioner of Insurance for the South Florida region should have them investigated and shut down.

    Michele Pringle,
    Coral Springs,

  6. Michel Pringle says:

    Oh. How could I forget…”0″ stars for me…Totally disgusted,disheartened and disappointed.

    I should also mention that no one was hurt as a result of the accident…thank the Lord.

    I can’t imagine how that would have worked out if myself, my mom or my brother had gotten hurt….

    Michele Pringle,
    Coral Springs,

  7. Michel Pringle says:

    Well…here’s an update…it is September 2nd and I finally got my car repaired since having my accident on July 11th, I’m now fighting with some company affiliated with Pearl Holding all the way in Michigan for re-reimbursement of my car rental fees that I had to come up with for a rental car for over two weeks just to be able travel back and forth to work….

    Enterprise Car Rental charged me $25 per day plus $19 per day for insurance coverage,and even though I have full coverage including car rental on my policy Enterprise still refused to take my insurance.

    Only God knows when I’ll be able to get my money back which is almost $500.00, I’m just praying that it’s soon before I get an emotional breakdown from dealing with Ocean Harbor and Pearl Holding Group…both companies are nothing short of a nightmare to deal with.

    Michele Pringle.
    Coral Springs.

    • 11111
    Diamond Touch Body Shop says:


  8. Eugene Jemison says:

    Has to be the worst insurance company I’ve ever dealt with. They were rude, slow and hung up on me. I have been paying my money to this insurance company for 2 years now.

    My car was stolen over the weekend and when I called about having a loaner vehicle I was told by an adjuster, Gene Summer, that my policy did not cover stolen vehicles as far as a loaner went. I responded that I would definitely be switching insurance companies after this is done.

    The agent I talked to told me I should read my policy more carefully and not to call the office again.

  9. roselyn soto says:

    This company gets -0 stars. Their client hit my 2014 Altima and this company doesn’t want to pay for original parts. they are trying to put after market parts on my brand new car. they suck for a company they don’t even have communication.

  10. The WORST ever! They even took out more money than they should from my automatic payment debit card info! They never answer the phone or call you back!…. In fact, it’s been weeks that they owe me my money back and I never even had a claim with them! Horrible!!!!!!

    • 11111

    I called and dealt with Robin and she was the rudest agent I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. She doesn’t answer the phone in a timely manner, didn’t know the answers to some basic insurance related questions and double talks(meaning she says one thing then denies saying it later).

    Avoid dealing with Ocean Harbor Insurance agency and check out Geico. They are Rude, WAY OVERPRICED and have bad staff that lack people skills.

    • 55555
    Jacqueline C. Valdes says:

    I with all due respect must disagree with these reviews. My car was involved in a collision on Friday, February 13, 2014, at 4:30 a.m., while my son was returning home from work when another driver pulled out in front of him and caused my son to hit a fence and a trailer home causing damages as well.

    I will say though the hours of operation are not what I expected. I had to wait until 9 to report an accident that occurred at 4:30 a.m. The Customer Service representative didn’t give me much information to go by as to the claim process and the coverage of the property damages, but nonetheless, 10 days later my vehicle is approved for repair and I am happy as can be. I will be taking my car for repair.

    I would want to make a suggestion, I though by reading all the negative reviews that I would experience the same thing, but honestly I didn’t. The adjusters for both collision and property claims are wonderful and courteous. I called and received return calls or emails is you elect. People, let’s understand them too! You are not the only claim they are handling and if you put in your grain of rice, things will go as smooth as silk.

    Thank You, Victoria and Migdalia, for making this time easy, breezy and taking a tremendous load off my back. I can’t thank them enough.

    My car will be taken to the shop hopefully next week. I can’t wait to see my car back the way it was.

    Thanks, girls… you have made my day a happy day!!!!!!!!

    • 11111

    WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Dealing with them has been a nightmare. Everyone is rude and very unhelpful.

    I crashed my car a month ago. It took almost 2 weeks for someone to come out and look at my car. They wouldn’t give me any information on the damages until I mailed back the police report which I was told they would send me a check for it if there was any charge which I never got.

    The guy who looked at the car didn’t put all the damages. At auto body shops it was estimated of $2,000 of the visible damage and it would be more once the car was taken apart. I was issued a check for $949.00. I received that three weeks after my accident.

    My car is in the shop to get fixed and he is also fighting with them because that is not enough to fix the damages. I called ocean harbor today to get some answers. Everyone was rude. I asked for a supervisor and I was transferred to voicemail I left a nasty message, of course, I didn’t receive a callback, I also called Peggy Powell my adjuster who is awful. She told me this wasn’t her problem that my car isn’t fixed yet.

    I told her someone was going to come look at my car today or tomorrow or she will hear from my lawyer and she said okay my name is Peggy make sure you give your claim number to your attorney. WORST SERVICE EVER. I contacted a lawyer to see if I have a case or if there is anything that can be done. Wish me luck!!!

    • 11111
    Yakeisha says:

    It wasn’t a surprise to learn the final outcome of my accident claim with this company as I very early on stumbled upon these reviews and knew I was in for some difficulty. First, it was a great task just to get a valid working number to contact them about the accident over 1 month ago. Then, I finally spoke to someone who validated just how inept and unprofessional they really were.

    Even the guy who I was in an accident with (their insured) didn’t speak to them about the accident until 1 week later. Amazingly, they needed to get a 2nd statement again, after I already gave one regarding the situation and they told me I was at fault. At that point even when my insurance, Geico, clearly, stated I was not at fault.

    Finally, I knew they were going to do everything in their power to not take any responsibility and it was confirmed by my company today that they can’t even arbitrate against them! It’s absolutely amazing they are even allowed to practice business, let alone continue the farce of being an insurance company.

  11. Zoquiesha Clark says:

    I can’t rate them just yet, but I would like to know why I can’t get the address to their location. Besides that, I pray to God that I don’t have to go through none of this because it really wasn’t my fault and we can corporate with each other and get this done right.

    I just need my driver side fix and I need someone to call me and let me know what’s going on. If my insurance company can corporate then they can. We all have had bad experiences with companies, but I don’t need that right now.

    This is my only transportation and I have 2 kids a 3-month-old and an 8-year-old. I am going back and forth to interviews at the moment and I need everything to fix all that need to be fixed so I can be able to do for my family.

    I will put all of this in God’s hands and I will keep you up with the update. Good or bad praying for great.

  12. Annoyed customer says:

    Give them a 0. They suck. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone and no one should even sell their policies. They are the worst. I hope everyone sees the comments about them before proceeding with this company …

    I was hit by a drunk driver with state farm insurance, my insurance, ocean harbour, on the other hand, which I paid for a policy in full for 6 months, is canceling me even tho I’m not at fault and was rear-ended by a drunken fool.

    I’m also 8 months pregnant and not working and can’t afford to start a new policy at the moment. I asked them to refund me my money and I’ll go elsewhere and they are telling Me I have to wait til it cancels. Which is a week before my due date !!!!!

    I’m so very disappointed in this company I feel they shouldn’t even be in business. What’s the point of having insurance if all u do is drop people when there is an accident or an issue!! I give 0 stars they are so s@#$* they are not worth rating!

    • 11111

    I would rather not rate this company because their rating is horrible.

    I received this insurance through an insurance broker and then I received a crack in my glass which caused me to file a glass claim and I reported this report on May 30th and still have no heard anything. When I filed my claim the girl on the other end taking the report was VERY rude I had dead air time over 2 minutes and then I had already found a shop to do the work and they informed me since I chose my own shop the w/s had to be adjusted!

    Never heard of such a thing in my life because I work in a glass claims industry with hundreds of different insurance companies. Worst call experience I had, then I asked to speak to a supervisor and they transferred me to a voicemail and NOBODY has returned my call.

    I am very upset with this company. I am still waiting to have my glass replaced and its now 07/22/15 and my claim happen 05/30/15. Worst company ever.

  13. Melody Heipmann says:

    O stars for them

    Worst company ever dealt with! Reported them to Fla Dept Financial Services. Minor car damage. Won’t pay claims, stalling. Been a month. Guess I will retain an Atty. call Fla AG. Please do same. Shut them down!

  14. C. Rodriguez says:

    My son was in a car accident on June 23. His car was towed to the shop Ocean Harbor requested, where it was deemed totaled. He has done everything they asked of him and then some.

    He went down and signed over the title, and while he was waiting to hear back from them he received and paid the July bill they sent him. Just so his insurance wouldn’t lapse before this was handled. He has made repeated calls and left dozens of messages, to no avail.

    It has now been over a month, and he has received no return calls and the only correspondence they sent was a letter telling him they were canceling his policy. My son drove at his job, and although they held his position for 2 weeks thinking he would be able to get another car, but now he has lost his job as well.

    Is there no oversight for these insurance companies??! Now I come here and find that an INCREDIBLY LARGE NUMBER of people have been SCREWED by this company, and I wonder HOW ARE THEY EVEN STILL IN BUSINESS?!

  15. Tara Diaby says:

    Don’t do it!!! Worse company ever, also going to BBB and anything possible to shut them down, civil lawsuit with the company as well as the insured who wasn’t driving but her son with a suspended license which doesn’t put them at fault bs!!!

    In due time they will pay and I’ll make sure its way more than what they could have simply taken care of at the time of accident, only more pain and suffering it has cost me due to their negligence of a so-called insurance company FILE CIVIL SUITS!!

    • 11111

    This company doesn’t deserve a star at all. Horrible rude customer service phone call doesn’t get returned, it takes over 30 min or longer for someone to answer the phone. It’s been three weeks since my accident and they haven’t done shit. They want your money every month but does nothing to help. Watch out this company is a scam.

    • 11111
    joacine raymond says:

    This insurance company is the worst. My accident was back in Feb… it is August and I have not gotten a response.
    I am not sure how a company can be allowed to have a book of business and fail at providing the one thing that will keep you in business.
    this company is the WORST!!!

    • 11111

    I agree with all the comments above. This is the MOST HORRIBLE COMPANY EVER…trying to fix a simple thing that damaged my car, they approved some parts even though they knew that only those parts wouldn’t get my car fixed.

    Now I have been waiting for them to approve a supplement to get my car totally fixed and they are giving me the WORST TIME of my life.

    I wonder if it was a big accident how would they handle this! It’s been months and I call and send emails with no answer. Never get a car insurance from this people!!

    • 11111

    Zero Rating!!!!!!!! They are a rip-off……I got into an accident and they told me they cancelled my policy the day before my accident! !!!! Now I’m car less. ….I need help, please! We need to fight these crooks!

    • 11111

    How these people are still in business is beyond me…. Worst insurance company ever. Good luck speaking with a live person on the phone. Buyer beware, if you need assistance from them you are on your own!

  16. very bad service-worst service

  17. My car was hit by an Ocean Harbor policyholder that’ s when my nightmare begins. Today makes it 40 days since my accident. I have been waiting for an estimate from Ocean Harbor since mid-September. My advice to anyone dealing with OH insurance. Good luck. Try your insurance first, then have your insurance deal with them.

  18. Well. An Ocean Harbor policyholder hit my mother’s car just last week. The fault is clear with the Ocean Harbor policyholder. My mother called Ocean Harbor three days later and a voice message said they were out of the office during the holidays. There were no holidays this week. I hope this does not indicate that we are going to have trouble with this company.

    The state regulators and the state of Florida are just as bad as bad insurers. Every driver is forced to buy auto liability insurance policies under Florida laws. The presumption is that in the case of accidents, property damage and personal injuries will be reimbursed.

    Yet, the State of Florida allows bad and rogue insurance companies to do business under these laws, companies that do not intend to reimburse damages and injuries, or companies whose business policies is to make reimbursement difficult. In such cases, this amounts to a fraud on the public backed by the power of the state to pass such mandatory laws.

    I have always been in favor of public advocates. Large non-profit, non-governmental organizations that advocate for the public in consumer matters, that can deal powerfully with government and large corporations, in the courts if necessary. This is what is missing in our political life, We no longer have advocates in statehouses, or in Washington among elected officials.

    As more cases of government complicit fraud rises, and it will be the case, I hope the public strike back in this powerful way. These insurance companies should not be allowed to sell insurance and profit under state laws if they do not intend to insure. The matter is this simple.

  19. Kristin Hazelwood says:

    What a nightmare! I was hit by one of their policyholders and it has now been a month and I think I’ve actually spoken to the Adjuster Mr. Fernandez one time. I have been without a car since the accident and it has now just been sitting in a shop because they have not been able to get a hold of them either. They NEVER answer the phone!!!

    I don’t know how they are still in business! They also sent me a letter saying they needed more information from me or me, myself to get the accident report to them! Ah…you have a policy holder that pays you who hit me! Don’t ask me to get the police report for you! What a crock of S***!

    • 11111

    the worst ever!!!!!

    • 11111

    the worst ever

  20. Negative stars for this company.

    Been with them 5 years, bought a new car and they gave more money for full coverage on it. Somehow, the switching of the policy was very overwhelming for them. They misquoted by 20 dollars. NEVER bothered to send a letter saying hey, could you please send 20 more dollars. Just cancelled with NO notice.

    So driving around in a new car with no coverage, over 20 frigging dollars. They suck, go somewhere else.









  22. Diana Ramirez says:

    It was the WORST experience of my life. Someone who has that insurance hit me on 10/29/1915, and today is 11/17/2015 and no one has inspected my car yet.

    No one takes the phone and Mr. LUIS VELEZ who is supposed to be the adjuster doesn’t answer the phone and is never available. How can a company operate with someone like LUIS VELEZ?

    This company does not have respect for their customers and the people they insure.

    • 11111

    This company sucks terribly. I’m still waiting on my car to get an estimate, it’s been 6 days since they had my car! I’m not even insured with these crooks, it’s the other driver’s insurance. These people don’t pick up their phones nor do they call you back. I hate them and everything they stand for.

    • 11111
    Edward Reyes says:

    Worst experience with Ocean Harbour many attempts to reach my adjuster left messages no call backs. finally, I get through to my adjuster today and Victoria Kingsley put me on hold. I hold for 20 minutes before she came to the line to find out what my call was about.

    Once my car is repaired I will be going elsewhere with my business. You ask for a supervisor and you get voice mail and the reps are kinda rude they tend to not listen to what you’re telling them they repeat like your an imbecile. Fly by night company. The only reason why I have this company is because I did not qualify for All-State or Geico cuz I had no insurance for some time so I was forced to get garbage insurance.

    Now I’m holding again to get some resolution of the estimate for repair to my care been on this call now for over 40 minutes. I think after six months of having fly by night insurance I will qualify for good insurance I’m just about at that threshold now.

    • 11111
    Jacqueline longmore says:

    Don’t know yet will let you know soon very scary just reading the complaints. I just filed a claim Dec 6th, 2015, they gave me a claim number, took my car to they repair shop adjuster, took info and took pictures.

    As soon as I hear something I will comment. I am very shocked on the complaints unbelievable

  23. This company is a joke. They are rude inconsiderate people.

    My accident happened November 3rd its Now December 10th and my vehicle is still not fixed. I have filled coverage and rental reimbursement is suppose to be a part of it, now not only is my car not fixed but after a month of trying to get through and leaving voicemails I get a call at 9a.m. with some rude lady telling me they are not reimbursing me my money.

    This is one the worse experiences of my life and this company is a fraud.

    • 11111

    First of all …THEY never return your calls…..I’m dealing with this horrible company since December 6th ..when there insured client …HIT my car……………They are just the worst ….

    I’ve mailed and faxed them the papers they asked for ..the police report and adjuster came to see my car on December 15th .,….OF course, he has yet to return my calls and I even got his bosses —name and extension and OH boy —he hasn’t called me back either…..what a joke.

    • 44444
    Jacqueline longmore says:

    I had an accident on Dec 5, 2015. I was very nervous about Ocean Harbor from people talking and the bad reviews but I had no problems with them. The client hit me in the rear. As far as them fixing my car wasn’t a lot of damage to the car but received a check in the mail 30 days after the accident. Thank you, Mr. Fernandez, very satisfied.

  24. This company insured hit both of parked cars and my home on February 10th, as of this writing I am on hold for the adjuster for the third time, having never gotten a response any other time. I have been on hold for 30 minutes so far.

    These reviews make me sick to my stomach and it is quite clear that they are all true based on the little interaction I have had thus far. When I reported the claim I was told I would have to leave the damage untouched for at least 3 weeks until they could come out and inspect!!! Seriously?? I feel bad for their customers because it is quite clear I will have to sue the insured personally to get things repaired.

    • 11111
    Gabriela Tirado says:

    Estoy de acuerdo con todos los comentarios negativos anteriores, no soy de escribir ni buenos, ni malos comentarios de hecho esta es la primera vez que lo hago porque esta compañia de seguros Ocean Harbor Casualty es tan pero tan mala que me motivo a escribir acerca de su terrible servicio, cada llamada a customer service en espera es de minimo 30 min. cuando contestan ellos no saben ni donde estan parados o te cuelgan el telefono antes de nisiquiera hablar o te transfieren inmediatamente al adjuster quien lleva tu caso que por supuesto jamas contesta le dejas el mensaje nunca lo responde y luego a llamar otra vez a pasar por el mismo proceso ridiculo y nadie resuelve nada tratan a las personas como bobos simplemente se burlan de ti en tu cara y nada que se pueda hacer, preguntas si puedes ir a alguna de sus oficinas para acelerar el proceso y te dicen que ellos no tienen oficinas donde atienden al publico y por supuesto que no porque ya habria ido mas de uno para alla ciego de la rabia de la falta de respeto de esta compañia hacia las personas, mi reclamo lo hice hace mas de un mes y todavia nada de nada, te piden como eres idiota tu correo electronico para enviarte los papeles por el mismo y MENTIRA!!! no envian nada… es una de las compañias mas horribles con las que he lidiado y miren que siempre hay algun descarado ladron estafador por ahi. pero como estos ninguno llevan la delantera. Este seguro ni REGALADO sirve, pobre de todas las victimas que estan por caer. Mi sentido pesame.

    • 11111
    Gabriela Tirado says:

    Perdon rectifico 20 dias y todavia mi caso no esta resuelto.

  25. JOHN GALT says:

    Anybody who has a positive review of this company is being paid to report a positive experience. There is NO WAY this company provides any kind of service. I am not insured by them, but one of their clients ran a red light and hit me. Three months later my car is still not repaired. Those two good reviews are written by the same person and are fake.

    This company is a joke. They only insure high-risk people and if you have the bad luck of being hit by one of the looser clients they service, best deal with your own insurance. Your insurance will pay then will sue the crap out of this fly by night rip off of a company.

    I don’t have the words to describe how ugly and foul these people are. When this company fails all those 200 employees will be out of a job and good riddance as nobody who works there has an ounce of integrity.

    • 11111
    Will Bryant says:

    They’re insured hit me even got a ticket for an illegal turn. It has now been 24 days. they sent people to take
    pictures of my damage ,now they’re playing a waiting game.

    Saying they’re policy holder hasn’t reported the claim and that they reserve the right to disclaim coverage and may not take care of damage to my property. I do not believe they’re policy holder didn’t report it, that is BS he wants his car fixed too.

    I cannot even get a call returned terrible customer service,they make themselves look very underhanded.I will not be blown off that easy I will be contacting the Florida insurance division and our governor’s office for help. there is no reason this company should still be in business!!

    And as far as a rating they should be out of business much less have a rating!!

    • 11111
    Anonymous says:

    This insurance company is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. They made it impossible to speak with a representative for months. Thayer called the car shop instead of me to tell them they denied my claim on a technicality that was incorrect. Upon fixing the reason my claim was denied it took them another two months to have someone get a hold of me.

    The level of respect they have for clients is zero. The amount of time and effort put into a claim or for that matter, any issue is just atrocious. Word to the wise, do not ever sign a contract with ocean harbor and casualty if you do you will regret it.

    • 11111 says:

    I am personally going to have this company shut down and every insurance investigator and public official will be all over them. the heat and pressure that they receive and the publicity is going to be so negative. they will be so sorry they got me started. and the idiots who runs this rinky dinky bozo agency will be so miserable they will want to go to jail for fraud. bigtime.

    I hope their children suffer the way they make others suffer from mass chaos and frustration. May they never have peace until they do the right thing in the right way.

  26. says:

    Listen everyone, don’t use these miserable, scummy, slimy, poor excuse for a human being. Protest. Riot their possibility of staying in business. File complaint after complaint.

    • 11111
    Kedesha Jackson-Christian says:

    I must and respectfully decline Pearl Harbour Holding group claims. Each time they send the same appraiser out to view the car appraisers that represents them and their company. no one outside of their company has gone to view the vehicle.

    I myself got an appraisal from another company who went and saw the vehicle and asked how did Pearl Holding Group determine it was wear and tear damage on my engine or transmission. how did they determine that when we voted that the vehicle was stolen damage and hit and they blew my transmission then there was no problem?

    so the fact that they’re saying that this is how they came up with a resolution and it’s impossible for them to determine a hundred and eighty-eight thousand miles on my vehicle wear and tear damage people got over 300,000 miles on their vehicle that is in good and perfect condition and has nothing to do with wear and tear.

    I respectfully decline their response and I need them to fix my vehicle or give me back all the money that I paid them that’s it.Or we’ll continue with the civil lawsuit that will definitely be pending against them.

    Wear and tear damages, how? Pls explain to me now how you pearl holding came up with this decision. Because you people that represent Ocean Harbour pearl holding are liars look at the reviews that are on your website your company needs to be shut down and everyone who has ever been cheated and now represented by this company now needs to file a class action lawsuit against Ocean Harbour Causality Insurance company….

  27. Kedesha Jackson-Christian says:

    This is the worst company in history.

    And for everyone who has been misled, cheated on, Miss represented by ocean Harbor, for everyone who’s been suffering painfully, dramatically because of this company. for everyone that is in pain for everyone who’s had a headache sleepless night, for everyone who has endless encounters over the phone, my telephone number is 813-562-2241.

    my name is Kedesha Jackson Christian and I contact Morgan & Morgan and we are open in a class action lawsuit against his company so if you decide to participate please give me a call at 813-562-2241 thank you

  28. I called a week ago to find out how much it would be to keep my police which is not with this company but another one. One of their representatives told me that it would be almost 1000 to keep my current policy for the year and that they could get me with their company for over 800. Which sounds good.

    So I went ahead and paid the down payment which BTW I don’t lIke to do because I pay my car insurance for a year at a time. A few days after that passes and I get a statement for the upcoming year at my car insurance place at its only 412 for the year… so not only did they lie to me about what it would be for my policy I was currently on was going to be but charged me double to get into their company and that is with all their discounts etc… what a load of $#@*… like I want to be throwing away twice as much for liability at a company that would lie to me up front..

    it seems to be a really bad company and I don’t know how they keep their business open.

  29. Mrs. Bethel says:

    Their insured hit me totaling my car and this #*$# up insurance doesn’t want to pay me at all.

    what kind of insurance is this? I’m gone call the better business bureau on them

    rs. Bethel

  30. K. Andrews says:

    Their insured hit and total my car back in Feb 22,2016 and Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance does not want to pay me at all. I got me a lawyer.

    BS insurance. my lawyer contacted them for them to say that the insured did not file a claim with them and that they don’t have bodily insurance. so, I won’t be getting paid from them for my car or nothing ……

  31. Ihateocean habor says:

    Ocean harbor is the worse company not saying this to be funny but I experience it.

    I had insurance with them and they took almost 2 months to fix the car plus it was not totally fixed. After that when my renewal came they doubled it and I wasn’t at fault. Plus they’re not in sunrise they only use that address they’re doing some illegal thing.

    I just hope the state finds out before they destroy other people’s life. I’m warning everyone please be careful. I know we all are big people but it’s best to read before getting onboard with anyone. Have a blessed day.

  32. This company is a fraud. I have full coverage on my vehicle and use the road-side assist on my policy and the tow truck driver destroyed my vehicle bumper to bumper it’s a loss. These ppl don’t want to cover my car when this matter falls under collision & comprehensive is a joke.

    they try to find any reason not to cover you but still want u to pay for ur coverage with them, but ur basically not covered having a policy thru them. it’s like driving with no insurance.

    they’re frauds, unprofessional, they prey on the weak. it’s unfair to good ppl that pay good money to be covered! 0

  33. Michelle Townsend says:

    This is my first experience with Ocean Harbor and it will be my last.

    I have done insurance for over 10yrs a licensed agent. Well on Monday morning I received a text from my bank stating that my account was over drawn. I called customer service and asked them why they took my money out of my account when I was not even insured with them on the 23rd of September.

    My policy went into effect on the 28th of Sept. She told me that they take the first payment 25 days after the effective date of the policy. Oh ok, that was nice to know since now my checking account is now in a negative status because they decided to take my $$ out 5 days early. She said it was their procedure. I asked was there any way for them to reverse the payment she said no they do not have that capability.. They are LIARS!!!!.

    All I wanted them to do was reverse the payment and then I would make the payment on my credit card they would not even do that. Ok since they took my $$ out on the 23rd of the month than my policy should be back dated to the 23rd of the month or either pro-rate and give me the difference back.

    This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. As far as rating is concerned they get a negative 5 stars they get absolutely no good rating from me and I definitely am not going back with this company once my renewal comes around. They can take their renewal offer and shove it right up their A**!!!!!

    and another thing, try and take more money out on the next month guarantee you will not get s*** from me but by via phone. Oh and another thing if anyone else is there anyway, that you can actually look at your policy online if so I do not even see it.. oh and just to let yall all know out there, when you make that down payment they have to cover you by law for the first 60 days regardless if you give them any more $$$ than they can cancel after your 60th day…

    THIS COMPANY REALLY IS A JOKE!!!! never again. Oh, and I will be writing a former complaint to the insurance commissioners office as well and I advise all of y’all to do the same. If you don’t they will keep getting away with it.

  34. Michelle Townsend says:

    Looks like they removed my review… well again here goes.

    This insurance company likes to charge you 5 days early and will not any way shape or form work with you. My account was overdrawn because they decided to take out $$ on the 2nd day of my new policy instead of 30 days later like it should be. And then when you call them to have them reverse the payment and try to charge on my credit card instead they say oh we don’t have that capability..

    They are “LIARS” so now my account is overdrawn and getting hit with fees left and right. Oh and let’s not forget they are suppose to send you a text according to “their policy” before any $$ is suppose to be automatically taken out never happened… This company is a joke and I will never ever go back with this company again.

    Oh, and just to let everyone know when you make that nice BIG down payment by law they have to cover you for the first 60 days… just figured you would like to know that. I will be sending in a formal complaint to the insurance commissioners office I advise all of y’all to do the same. If not they will keep doing what they are doing.

    Oh, and I think my policy needs to be back dated to the 23rd since you took my $$ on the 23rd. Oh that’s right yall don’t care and you sure do not look out for your customers… oh one more thing no EFT next month payment will be called in when I am ready to make the payment…. If I would have noticed these reviews first I would have never ever had my agent go with this company.

    I use to be a licensed insurance agent for 10yrs and in all of my career never ever heard of a company taking $$ before the 30 days…

    oh, one more thing I give you NEGATIVE 5 STARS!!!

  35. STILL PISSED says:



    • 11111

    The biggest scammer in the world.

    I have ocean harbor and was rear-ended by ocean harbor insurer and guess what Ocean Harbor did to assist? Nothing!!!!!! In this supposedly No Fault state.

    Towing company towed my non-drive-able vehicle at the time of the accident then charged me $2000 for storage first day.
    ocean harbor told me I was SOL and needed to pay that money to get that vehicle.

    Couldn’t come up with the money on the spot. So, the towing company put a lien on my vehicle to keep my car(BTW this was their original plan)(they kept telling me how much they love my car)(are you keeping up on this scheme) Then ocean harbor works with them on this lien to help them take my Car.

    Be aware of them cause I’m 7 weeks into my accident. We haven’t even discussed the repairs.

    So I lost My car. And my be stuck with this $15,000.00 loan is my lawsuit doesn’t go thru.

    • 11111
    Richard A Hartford says:

    Took 3 months to finally get payment for small bumper accident. Call them over 25 times over three a week period to get anyone to answer the phone to report the accident. Waited a week to receive the paperwork to file the claim. Three weeks later an appraiser came out to inspect the damage and another three weeks to get authorization for the repair.

    After the repair was completed it took two more weeks for them to send some form that was never mailed to request a check and another two weeks to get the check, all the while my car sat at repair shop and I went without a car for almost a month. The folks at the body shop said it’s always like this hoping we’ll just give up and file a claim with own insurance company.

    Why a class action lawsuit has not been filed against this fraudulent company I am shocked.

  36. I was hit by someone insured through them on November 9th. It took 3 weeks to get an adjuster to my house. Then they sent the Proposed release of property damage to the wrong address. Then they sent me another driver’s proposed release of property damage claim. When I finally received mine it was a very low estimate.

    The body shop stated that they didn’t even include removing the front head lights. So I call Ocean Harbor and they stated if the body shop found additional damage once they opened the hood they would need to send an adjuster out. So I decided how can I get back and forth to work (remember it took 3 weeks to get an adjuster out), so before I sign anything I am asking for a rental car.

    Well, you guessed it NO ONE will return my phone calls. I am beyond frustrated. I have a 500.00 deductible and no rental car coverage on my insurance. Plus I was NOT at fault.

  37. Christopher Oliveri says:

    This is the worse insurance company I’ve ever had. I had a vandalism claim on December 21st it’s now February 12th and they have done nothing. When you call them you’re on hold to talk to someone for 30min then when you finally get someone they give you a load of bull@#$!.

    When they transfer you to your adjuster you always get a voicemail and they.never call you back. It’s been almost two months and I haven’t got my check yet. But they want their money on time.

    They should shut this company down. They suck. I will be getting a different insurance company. Just a word to the wise don’t even do business with this bull@#$% company. Awful. Zero stars.

    • 11111
    Stephen F Ailing says:

    There are 2 positive posts about this company. and they are written by the same person.

    I had to wait on hold for an hour before anyone answered in the claims department. She had horrible grammar. She said A’INT! Anyway, she promised someone would pick up my immobile car from a store parking lot. They never showed and the next day my car was towed by the store. It was in impound for 6 days.

    My towing allotment was eaten up by the tow that should never have happened. Now they expect me to pay for them to pick up my car from the impound lot and be taken to Palmetto where they inspected it. NOT RIGHT

    • 11111

    As I have opened not at fault claim with Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance and Pearl Holding Group I realized immediately that this is not going to be an easy transaction.

    First, it takes about 45 minutes to get someone on the phone whenever you call in. They are open 9 to 4 p.m M-F with only 2-hour open window to talk to someone.

    Secondly, The staff is not knowledgeable at all and explanation of the claim process it total lack of understanding. They still live in late 1990’s and they send everything via USPS mail. Barely communicate over email as every other Insurance company.

    Thirdly, the adjuster they assign to assess the damage of the vehicle cannot and does not provide any update what’s so ever regarding the estimate. You are basically advised to call Pearl Holding Group for info on the estimate. The process to get to estimate with Pearl Holding Group takes 5 days – LOL! Terrible. and after the estimate is reviewed it take another few days to approve and process claim and then they send in payment if everything goes OK.

    I DO NOT recommend this insurance to anyone…. PLEASE try somewhere else. They do not deserve your monthly Insurance payments. Rating (Negative 5 stars)

    • 11111

    this company is a piece of s@#% and takes forever to process claims and get anything done. they need to be shut down.

    the staff is very rude and don’t even care to provide great customer service. they tell you to wait several business days and it turns into weeks and you still yet have no details on your claim.

    this insurance company is the worst ever and I don’t recommend no one at all to these lazy mother f@#%$*&

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