Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Ocean Harbor Insurance is a subsidiary of Pearl Holding Group and only offers auto insurance in two states: Florida and California. Our Ocean Harbor auto insurance review finds the company with a D from the Better Business Bureau, an NAIC complaint index of 19.54, and has been involved in two lawsuits. Ocean Harbor received a B rating from A.M. Best and is better known for offering stellar home insurance.

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Company Details
Address: 200 E. Gaines Street
City: Tallahassee
State: Florida
ZIP Code: 32399-6502
Phone Number: 954-587-2299
Year Founded: 1994
AM Best Rating: B

Things to Remember

  • Only two states have Ocean Harbor auto insurance: Florida and California
  • A.M. Best rates the financial strength of Ocean Harbor Insurance with a B
  • Ocean Harbor Insurance received a D from the Better Business Bureau

Finding cheap auto insurance can be difficult, but if you expand your search to smaller car insurance companies, you may be able to find the best auto insurance companies with auto insurance costs that work for you.

Ocean Harbor auto insurance is limited to only a few states and provides auto and home insurance for its customers. That can make finding Ocean Harbor car insurance reviews harder to find, but we’ve got you covered.

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What are Ocean Harbor’s auto insurance rates?

Ocean Harbor’s official name is Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company. Unfortunately, they do not list general auto insurance rates on the internet. However, we can provide general car insurance rates by state.

Here’s a data table that shows the average annual rate for every state in the U.S.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates as a Percent of Income by State
StatesAverage Annual RatesAverage Annual IncomeInsurance as a Percentage of Income
West Virginia$2,595$63,3434.10%
New Hampshire$3,152$63,3094.98%
North Carolina$3,393$65,7665.16%
New Mexico$3,464$72,7714.76%
South Carolina$3,781$62,6326.04%
South Dakota$3,982$63,4486.28%
North Dakota$4,166$66,3146.28%
New York$4,290$66,3146.47%
Rhode Island$5,003$65,5127.64%
New Jersey$5,515$58,6279.41%
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In addition to the average annual rate, we’ve included the average salary in every state. This will show you how auto insurance rates affect the average income within a year.

Based on the average income, auto insurance does not take a huge chunk out of the average person’s salary. However, these are just averages, and your income and auto insurance rates may be lower or higher. The data table is meant to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay based on where you live.

What is Ocean Harbor’s availability by state?

General Ocean Harbor Insurance is available in only these states:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

However, Ocean Harbor auto insurance is available only in Florida and California. All other locations only deal with home insurance, which the company calls property insurance on its website.

You should be able to find auto insurance agents at the Florida and California offices. Your car insurance costs and available coverage will depend on the state you live in.

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What auto insurance coverages does Ocean Harbor offer?

There are five types of car insurance coverage available through Ocean Harbor: liability, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist coverage, collision, and comprehensive.

Ocean Harbor doesn’t mention any other types of auto insurance coverage outside of the aforementioned five, so if you choose Ocean Harbor as your auto insurance provider, your options will be limited.

Continue through this section to learn about other options and discounts available to see how you might save money on auto insurance with Ocean Harbor.

What are Ocean Harbor’s bundling options?

Bundling is an insurance term that refers to having two or more insurance policies with the same company. Since Ocean Harbor is a writer of homeowners insurance, you can bundle your home and auto insurance policies with them if you wish.

Does bundling your auto insurance with other types of insurance save you money? There are pros and cons of bundling insurance policies.

If you happen to need home insurance, ask Ocean Harbor about bundling options and how much you can save on auto insurance when you do. Remember, it never hurts to shop around for other insurance options to see if you can get a better deal.

What are the auto insurance discounts offered by Ocean Harbor?

Bundling your auto insurance with other insurance policies can often earn you a discount. Did you know you can also get a discount for having good credit, a clean driving record, or even being a senior driver? Many auto insurers offer these and lots of other discounts.

Ocean Harbor does not list any discounts on its website, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. It just means you’ll have to get all the discount information from one of Ocean Harbor’s auto insurance agents.

Can I find auto insurance company agents in my area? Likely, yes, if you live in the state the company operates in.

Even though we can’t give you specific information on Ocean Harbor’s auto insurance discounts, we can show you some data on how much these common discounts tend to save drivers on their auto insurance rates in the states where Ocean Harbor does business.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rate Discount Savings
StateAverage Annual RatesGood Driver Discount
(up to 20%)
Multiple Vehicle Discount
(up to 15%)
Mature Driver Discount
(up to 5%)
New Jersey$5,515$1,103$827$276
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Auto insurance discounts can save you a decent sum on your annual auto insurance rates. If you’re eligible for several discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars on a six-month or 12-month auto insurance policy. Make sure to bring this up when you talk to an agent.

What auto insurance programs are available from Ocean Harbor?

Ocean Harbor doesn’t tell us much about any programs they have either, so this is another question you’ll want to ask your insurance agent. Popular programs for auto insurance companies include things like usage-based auto insurance and accident forgiveness.

Usage-based auto insurance is the term given to a policy in which your auto insurance rates are based on how much you drive your car.

Ocean Harbor doesn’t appear to carry usage-based auto insurance, but it doesn’t hurt to know how it works.

Accident forgiveness is another common program. It simply means that your provider will not increase your auto insurance rates after your first accident.

It’s not clear whether Ocean Harbor provides accident forgiveness, but you should ask an agent if they carry this program, as it could end up saving you some money.

You might also want to ask an Ocean Harbor agent if they offer a roadside assistance program. This program is designed to ensure that if you end up with a flat tire, a dead battery, or any other equipment breakdown on the road, someone will come to your assistance.

How do I cancel an Ocean Harbor auto insurance policy?

Maybe you’ve found a cheaper auto insurance policy elsewhere, or maybe you’re not going to be driving on a regular basis anymore. At some point, you may need to cancel your auto insurance policy.

Information on the Ocean Harbor insurance cancellation policy isn’t found online. We’ll give you some general information about canceling an auto insurance policy in the subsection below.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Canceling your auto insurance before the end of your policy term may result in a penalty. Penalties are usually in the form of fees, which vary from company to company. The cancellation fee can be anywhere from $25 to a percentage of the total cost of your auto insurance policy.

Is there a refund?

Some customers pay their car insurance policies in full after the quote process. If you decide to cancel your auto insurance policy after you’ve prepaid, you may receive a refund.

Refunds can be tricky. If you happen to cancel your auto insurance policy two months into a 12-month policy, you should receive eight months of the estimated monthly rates as a refund.

However, some auto insurance companies will give you a percentage of your refund.

Always ask about the refund policy before you cancel your auto insurance policy (or even before you sign up for a policy), so you can avoid surprises.

How do you cancel?

The best way to cancel is to call your auto insurance provider and tell them you want to cancel. In addition to calling, you may want to send a certified letter and an email telling your auto insurance company that you want to cancel your auto insurance policy.

When can I cancel?

Give your auto insurance provider notice when you want to cancel. If possible, try to cancel your auto insurance policy 15 to 30 days before your next bill. This will give you enough time to get another auto insurance policy to replace your old one.

Are you looking for a new auto insurance policy right now? Start comparing auto insurance rates from different companies in your area by entering your ZIP code in the free comparison tool below.

How do I file an Ocean Harbor auto insurance claim?

To file an auto insurance claim with Ocean Harbor, you’ll have to call, email, or send a letter to the company’s offices in California, Florida, or New York.

The best method for filing an auto insurance claim with Ocean Harbor locations in Florida is to contact them by phone at 1-954-587-2299, ext. 203. In California, you have to contact AFA Claim Services at 1-714-912-2484, or you can email them at [email protected]

There’s a New York location that deals only with auto insurance claims but does not offer auto insurance coverage to New York residents. You can make a claim at their offices by calling 1-212-344-8700.

When you file a claim, be sure to have all the relevant information handy, such as your policy number, driver’s license, police report, and the information of the other driver involved if applicable/possible. If you’re emailing information to Ocean Harbor, be sure to include some photos of the accident if possible.

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Can I get an Ocean Harbor auto insurance quote online?

Ocean Harbor’s website does not have an online quote process, but it does give visitors information on how they can obtain a car insurance quote in the states where the company sells auto insurance policies.

You can only receive an auto insurance quote through an agent or another company associated with Ocean Harbor. Here is the contact information you can use to receive a quote:

Pearl Holding Group
P.O. Box 452799
Sunrise, FL 33345
(954) 587-2299

All Star General Agency
P.O. Box 502180
San Diego, CA 92150
(858) 300-8875

SCJ Insurance Services
P.O. Box 9
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 474-3600

The first company only provides auto insurance in Florida, while the last two only provide auto insurance in California.

What are Ocean Harbor’s auto insurance ratings?

Small auto insurance companies don’t usually have many reviews or ratings that are easily accessible, but we did find some useful information on Ocean Harbor, and we’ve summarized it in the table below.

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company Ratings
Rating AgenciesOcean Harbor Ratings
A.M. BestB
Better Business BureauD
Demotech Inc. A'
NAIC Complaint Index19.54
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A.M. Best and Demotech ratings show that the company performs fairly well in terms of finances and meeting its obligations to customers. However, the Ocean Harbor Insurance Company BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is a D.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reported that Ocean Harbor had a 19.54 complaint index. That’s 18 points above the average frequency of complaints.

What is the history of Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company?

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company was founded in 1986. The company focuses on auto and home insurance in the northeast, southeast, mid-Atlantic, and Gulf states.

Ocean Harbor consists of five insurance companies. They sell auto insurance predominantly in Florida and California and home insurance in both of these states, as well as the others listed above. Ocean Harbor writes over $300 million in premiums, and it’s in the top 100 insurance companies for home insurance in the United States.

How is Ocean Harbor’s online presence?

Many smaller insurance companies don’t have any online presence at all, but Ocean Harbor does have a website. That being said, they don’t offer any way for potential customers to get a quote online, and if you want to make an Ocean Harbor auto insurance payment, you’ll have to go through one of its affiliate companies.

Does Ocean Harbor have any commercials?

We looked around the internet, but we couldn’t find any commercials from Ocean Harbor or its affiliates. With $300 million in premiums written, a commercial may have been aired on local television stations where Ocean Harbor does business.

Is Ocean Harbor involved in the community?

Ocean Harbor also doesn’t list any community involvement programs on its website. Even though Ocean Harbor doesn’t list any community involvement, it’s likely that they’ve donated money and/or time to local nonprofits or charities in the states where they sell insurance.

What do Ocean Harbor employees have to say?

We couldn’t find any reviews on Glassdoor, but we did find a profile on LinkedIn that reported 11 to 50 employees working for Ocean Harbor. Pearl Holding Group, an Ocean Harbor affiliate, has 51 to 200 people.

Pearl Holding Group has a 3.7-star rating on Glassdoor, and 74 percent of former employees said they would recommend Pearl Holding Group to a friend.

If you’re interested in Ocean Harbor careers, visit the company’s website and click “Employment” at the very bottom of the webpage.

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How intuitive are the designs of Ocean Harbor’s website and app?

We’ve mentioned Ocean Harbor’s website a few times in the guide, but we haven’t shown you what the website looks like. Take a look at the screenshot below to see the homepage.

We went through the website and found it to be easy to use. You can get information quickly, and the website can fit the screen of any device. However, the information on the site is minimal. Specific questions will have to be answered by an agent.

Bridger Insurance Service is the only Ocean Harbor affiliate that allows customers to pay their premiums and manage their auto insurance accounts on a mobile device.

Bridger Insurance Services and its subsidiary SCJ Insurance Services are based in California.

You can start comparing auto insurance rates in your local area from your smartphone by entering your ZIP code in the free comparison tool below.

Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance: The Bottom Line

Now that we’re at the end of our Ocean Harbor Insurance review, here are some takeaways. Ocean Harbor auto insurance is limited to two states: California and Florida. In addition to only doing business in a small number of states, they don’t offer a wide range of auto insurance coverages.

The company also had a poor Better Business Bureau grade, and the number of complaints documented by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for Ocean Harbor was unusually high.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested, give them a call and ask for insurance quotes. It’s never too late to start comparing auto insurance rates from Ocean Harbor auto insurance and other auto insurance companies in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance

For the final section of this Ocean Harbor auto insurance review, we’ll explore some common questions associated with Ocean Harbor insurance. If you want more information on auto insurance, browse our website for more articles, guides, and reviews.

#1 — Does Ocean Harbor auto insurance have a grace period?

Most auto insurance policies have a grace period in which you can pay your bill seven to 10 days after the due date. There may be a late fee. Ocean Harbor’s insurance grace period may be different. Contact an Ocean Harbor agent to find out the grace period.

#2 — How can I find Ocean Harbor auto insurance claims reviews?

Ocean Harbor insurance claims reviews are close to nonexistent online. The company ratings we mentioned earlier in the guide can give you some idea of the company’s handling of claims.

#3 — Does Ocean Harbor Insurance have a Fort Lauderdale location?

No. Ocean Harbor Insurance is often confused with Ocean Harbor Marine Group Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s described as a long-running vendor specializing in new and used pleasure boats, boat parts, and boat engine service.

Ocean Harbor’s Coral Springs, Florida, is not listed as a location. There may be agents in the Coral Springs area.

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company’s address is:

1801 NW 66th Ave
Plantation, Florida 33313

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company’s contact number is 1-954-587-2299. It’s Ocean Harbor’s only Florida location.

#4 — Does Ocean Harbor offer sea harbor insurance?

Ocean Harbor offers auto and homeowners insurance in select states. If a sea harbor is somehow part of your home, you may be able to insure a sea harbor, but it appears to be unlikely otherwise since Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance only does auto and home insurance policies.

#5 — Was Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company involved in a lawsuit?

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company has been involved in two legal cases.

One was on June 7, 2000 (Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company v. Francisco Aleman and Legia Lorenza) at the District Court of Appeal in Florida, Third District. This appears to have been an Ocean Harbor Casualty lawsuit about an individual insured’s claim denial.

The second one was on September 26, 2018 (Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance, etc., Appellant v. MSPA Claims, 1, etc., Appellee). This case was also at the District Court of Appeal in Florida, Third District.

This lawsuit involved a health insurance company suing Ocean Harbor to recoup losses from medical bills paid out for individuals that had Ocean Harbor auto insurance and were injured in an accident.

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Choosing an Auto Insurance Plan

Now that you’ve seen a review on Ocean Harbor auto insurance, you can compare rates and see if it’s the best option for you. Check out our online comparison tool to discover accurate auto insurance quotes today.

for Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance

2.12 (22 reviews)
February 2, 2020


Fiesta Ocean Harbor Best Insurance Company Ever

This a an awesome insurance company. They even came to my home to meet me and take the first payment. They were so awesome and I've been with them for over four years now with no problems.
December 9, 2019



The overall experience has been good, however, I do believe the prices could be a little bit lower. They could even offer some time of student or healthcare professional discounts.
June 12, 2019


Prices are great!

I am satisfied with this company. I especially like that every month that you continue to be insured by the company that there is a deduction is prices monthly.
July 18, 2018


Ocean Harbor Insurance

They have an easy pay setup and the payments are low and affordable. They send you information for renewal quick and let you prepare
March 8, 2018


My thoughts on Ocean Harbor

This company provides a driver with a very affordable choice for a 6 month insurance plan. I am paying about 20 percent less each month than I did with my previous insurer. The payment application is easy to use and payments are immediate. I really feel they get it in the insurance business.
October 9, 2017


Easy car insurance

I've had ocean harbor insurance for all of a year now so far I'm very happy with the service my payments decrease two dollars every month which is great i was late once and instead of canceling my policy they we're very conciderant and gave me a few extra days to handle the situation i would recommend this company to anyone who is seeking insurance
October 1, 2017



I had other insurance company. Down payments are to high that's why a lot of people ride with no insurance.but there down payments are affordable $100 to $125 for me. I was with another company for years .never had I accident .but every time I renewed it was higher and higher $275 to 350 insane. Love ocean habor Low payment and renewal.
September 30, 2017


Good and cheap

My experience with this company is limited because I have never had to make a claim but they are cheap and offer roadside assistance and other options.
August 4, 2017



I've needed towing service and they answer immediately and their costs are acceptable. It's good and I could recommend
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