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HIH Auto Insurance

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50 Bridge Street

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+61 (0)2 9650 5777
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UPDATE: This company has been liquidated as of 2001.

Things to Remember...

  • HIH Insurance collapsed in the year 2001 and no longer exists
  • The main office for HIH Insurance Group was located in Sydney, Australia
  • Scheme of Arrangement is an arrangement or compromise between a particular company and the creditors it owes money to
  • HIH provided insurance from 1968 to 2001

This HIH Auto Insurance Review will discuss an insurance company that is no longer around.

While it may have offered different types of auto insurance, it no longer can. HIH Insurance collapsed in the year 2001 and no longer exists.

Since HIH Insurance can no longer sell insurance if you are searching for personal auto insurance feel free to enter your zip code in the space below and compare auto insurance quotes!

Before its demise, HIH Insurance was located in Australia and was a large insurer, second largest in fact, in that country and operated in others as well.

When the company failed, the HIH group was made up of over 240 companies and eight of those were licensed companies that were incorporated in the country of Australia.

HIH Insurance Locations


The main office for HIH Insurance Group is located in Sydney, Australia. For correspondence about policies that were written by the Scheme Companies in Australia the mailing address is:

  • Capita CMGL, Level 41, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

For claims against the HIH companies that were not Scheme Companies the address is:

  • Mr. AG McGrath, GPO Box 9986, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

For insurance claims that are handled by the HIH claims support scheme the address is:

  • WGB HIH Claims Management, Locked Bag 4830, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

HIH Insurance also had offices in the United States. For claims that are against Great State Insurance Company or HIH America Compensation and Liability Insurance Company the address is:

  • Estate Operations Officer, Conservation and Liquidation Office, PO Box 26894, San Francisco, CA, 94126- 0894, USA

For claims against the HIH America Insurance Company of Hawaii the address is:

  • Dept. of Commerce & Consumer Affairs Insurance Division, 335 Merchant Street, Honolulu, HU, 96813, USA

There are also offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Their mailing addresses can be found on the website.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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HIH Insurance Telephone Numbers

For the HIH Scheme helpline, in Australia it is +61- (0)2- 9650- 5777 and in the United Kingdom it is +44- 2077430900.

The phone number for the San Francisco office is 1-415-676-5012 and the fax number is 1-415-676-3930. The phone number for the Honolulu office is 1-808-586-2790 and its fax is 0-808-586-2806.

HIH Insurance Royal Commission


After the HIH group failed, an HIH Royal Commission was formed by the Australian Federal Government to look into the reasons for the failure.

After the investigation the Royal Commission put out a report that became public in April of 2003. It also made a lot of the information available via its website for public access.

Some of the documents that the Royal Commission put together after the inquiries include the corporate chart, which is a chart that shows the ownership structure of the more significant companies that were a part of the HIH group, as well as the eight companies that were licensed in Australia.

A chronology of key events is another document, which summarizes the key historical events of the HIH group starting from its beginning in 1968 and ending in 2001.

Another document is the historical introductions, which are short summaries of the eight insurance companies who were licensed.

These eight companies are also the ones who are involved with the Schemes of Arrangement.

HIH Insurance Scheme of Arrangement

The definition of a Scheme of Arrangement is an arrangement or compromise between a particular company and the creditors it owes money to.

Although it is administered parallel to the Liquidations, the Scheme is administered separately.

The Scheme Administrators are the ones who will deal with the creditors.

The benefits of a Scheme are that the claims agreement is more efficient and there is an earlier final closure.

Instead of taking 20 years, the creditors will get a scheme payment in about 8 years. There were eight companies from the HIH group who are involved in the Schemes of Arrangement.

The eight companies include:

  • HIH Casualty & General Insurance Limited
  • CIC Insurance Limited
  • FAI General Insurance Company Limited
  • FAI Traders Insurance Company Pty Limited
  • FAI Reinsurances Pty Limited
  • FAI Insurances Limited
  • World Marine & General Insurances Pty Limited
  • HIH Underwriting and Insurance Pty Limited

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