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Things to Remember...
  • Dallas National is a property and casualty company that focuses on construction businesses
  • Dallas National offers a variety of business insurance options including worker’s comp and liability
  • Dallas National uses advanced technology to make filing insurance claims convenient and easy

A Dallas National auto insurance review uncovered a company that exists because of a merger between Dallas Fire Insurance Company and California Indemnity Insurance Company.

Dallas Fire Insurance Company’s history dates back to 1962. California Indemnity Company was started in 1988, and the merger was initiated in 2005.

Dallas National has a “B++” rating from A.M. Best insurance rater and operates as a property and casualty company, which provides this type of coverage mainly to construction businesses.

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Dallas National Auto Insurance for Businesses


Just as an individual does, a business needs property and casualty insurance to cover the office, office equipment, vehicles, worker’s compensation, and liability.

All of these components are important aspects of a business insurance policy. Business interruption is another aspect of a business insurance policy that comes into play in claim filing.

The office building usually falls under the casualty category in addition to business interruption. Monies lost also falls under this column because of the inability to conduct business during a business interruption phase.

They most certainly have stop loss protection, which allows the re-insurer to take up the slack when a worker’s compensation or liability claim exceeds a certain amount. The worker or workers involved in an incident could be involved in an auto accident.

Dallas National Auto Insurance: Transportation

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The construction business uses several means of transportation that require auto insurance coverage. Most construction companies own dump trucks and other heavy equipment.

If they do not own Caterpillars and cranes, they might rent them. Either way, these vehicles have to be covered.

Dallas National offers coverage to its policyholders whether they rent or own this type of equipment.

To re-distribute money in other directions, Dallas National allows its policyholders to exercise the pay-as-you-go plan for mandatory worker’s compensation. This way more money is available to be allocated elsewhere in the company.

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Dallas National Auto Insurance Risk Management

Most construction company insurers, such as Dallas National, offer risk management consultation and training.

Risk management services are designed to save the company from catastrophic losses related to incidents involving the company. Most companies include the services of a team of attorneys to assist in these matters.

Services offered by Dallas National and law firms affiliated with the company include assessments beforehand and after a claim is filed.

After a claim is filed, they use arbitration and other means to minimize losses. Safety is at the top of the list of preventative measures.

Dallas National Auto Insurance Safety


Most construction companies take the measures necessary to avoid the possibility of catastrophic losses.

When it comes to transportation, most companies conduct an extensive background check of new employees while monitoring the personal and business driving habits of existing employees.

It is also important to make sure the equipment used is in proper working order.

Businesses save money when they stay abreast of new technology and current operating practices. An example is GPS technology, which can be used in several ways to minimize business expense.

Updated equipment may seem expensive at first sight, but if it will minimize accidents and promote safety, it may be worth the investment.

Dallas National Auto Insurance Claims


Filing an insurance claim with Dallas National is made convenient thanks to the technology and systems used by the company.

The company uses the Stingray System and the 4Sight P&C to process its claims and other services it offers.

Although many services are automated, there is a team of representatives available to service your business’s specific needs.

Under the Professional Employer Organization program, the usual mountain of paperwork is cut down to a reasonable size.

This program allows all of your employee documents to be processed under one roof. This includes employee insurance claims that might otherwise be routed to different locations for processing.

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