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175 Water Street, 18th Floor

New York
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Things to remember...

  • American Home Assurance Company was founded in 1899
  • The company is also involved in underwriting policies for consumer electronics
  • A.M. Best gives the company an “A” for financial strength despite its negative future outlook

American Home Assurance Company is an American casualty and property company founded in 1899. It focuses solely on business lines of insurance including workers compensation, wholesale umbrella, and catastrophic risk.

The company is also involved in underwriting policies for consumer electronics to be covered under manufacturer and retailer warranties. There is some speculation as to who American Home Assurance Company’s parent company is at this time.

There are some business websites that list American Home Assurance Company as a subsidiary of PineBridge Investments, LLC.   PineBridge was the investment arm of American International Group (AIG) until it was sold in March of 2010.

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American Home Assurance Company Current Business


American Home Assurance Company, its business is currently undergoing restructuring. As of last year, it was having trouble meeting its short-term obligations to the extent that that A.M. Best withdrew its ratings from the Canadian division.

It was downgraded the future outlook of the American Division from stable to negative. A negative future outlook indicates that A.M. Best is not confident in a company’s long-term growth and viability.

With such a rating it is understandable that American Home Assurance Company would be undergoing a restructuring.

In a situation like this, a company typically continues servicing current policies and customers but refrains from any new business until it regains its financial footing.

From all indications, it would seem that American Home Assurance Company is following such a plan. The company doesn’t maintain its own website, so it is very difficult for us to verify this information.

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American Home Assurance Company Financials

It’s interesting to note that A.M. Best gives the company an “A” for financial strength despite its negative future outlook.

Financial disclosures on file for 2010 indicate American Home Assurance is doing well. The company reported total assets of $25.3 billion working capital of $25.4 million and a policy surplus of $5.3 billion.

It is possible that these numbers apply to all of AIG and its subsidiaries rather than just American Home Assurance.

American Home Assurance Company Agents and Locations

AdobeStock_41983916-1600x1600 (1)

The only address we could uncover in the United States for this company is the New York City address listed above. There are a couple of other addresses associated with it as listed in various court documents, but these addresses cannot be verified.

As far as independent agents are concerned, we also couldn’t find out any current information on them.

It doesn’t seem likely American Home Assurance Company would use independent agents due to the nature of its business. That’s not to say it’s impossible, just unlikely.

American Home Assurance Company Claims

When an insurance company enters a reorganization, it is still obligated to meet all claims made against issued policies. There’s no reason to believe that American Home Assurance is not honoring current claims.

Since no formal court action is involved yet the company retains all of its own decision-making power in settling claims brought by customers.

If the company reaches a point where court intervention is required, it’s quite likely the court would then make all decisions regarding claims.

Because business insurance is drastically different in many ways from personal assurance, filing a claim with American Home Assurance Company can be a time-consuming process.

This is especially true in the area of workers compensation due to the fact that laws differ from one state to the next.

Workers compensation claims tend to cause great financial stress on an insurance company; American Home Assurance is no exception. Nonetheless, if you have a workers compensation claim to file with the company, it should be honored in accordance with policy documents.

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