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1 Kemper Drive
Building 1

Long Grove
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Things to Remember...

  • American Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Company no longer has operations in the U.S.
  • Their parent company, however, is still providing insurance coverage in Japan
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American Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Company was a property and casualty company operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.

According to an October 2009 announcement by A.M. Best, the well-known financial service ratings company, ratings for American Fuji were withdrawn in 2009 because the company was discontinuing its U.S. operations.

The company website is gone and there appears to be no way to contact any offices that may remain in the United States.

American Fuji’s parent company is still alive and well and providing insurance coverage in Japan. The curious can visit their website to see what the company is all about.

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American Fuji Locations and Agents


As far as can be discerned by the limited information, American Fuji’s corporate headquarters were located in a suburb of Chicago. They also appeared to have several regional offices in a handful of other states.

For purposes of general information, the former headquarters had the following address:

American Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Company
1 Kemper Drive Building 1 Long Grove, IL 60049-0001
Phone: 847-320-3923

It is unclear whether or not American Fuji operated any local offices in the states where they were licensed to do business.

Often times this type of scenario is accomplished through a network of local, independent agents certified to represent a larger insurer and their policies. Other times, local offices are staffed by corporate personnel.

American Fuji’s parent company lists overseas offices in in the U.K. and the U.S. as of April, 2011.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the locations of these offices and whether or not they are still involved in day-to-day businesses operations.

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American Fuji Claims

It is assumed that part of American Fuji’s casualty line included auto coverage, as that is common among insurance providers.

If that was the case, the company probably offered auto insurance claims filing service through the corporate or regional offices. They probably had a 24-hour telephone number for claims service as well.

If there were local agents working for American Fuji, making auto insurance claims through them were probably possible.

American Fuji Reviews


Looking at financial reviews for American Fuji gives some indication of why they may have closed up shop. A.M. Best gave them mediocre ratings; not only for current financial stability, but also for their long-term outlook.

Where most companies get ratings of A- or better, American Fuji had ratings consistently at B or worse.

To understand how this applies, consider the fact that these ratings are determined based on a company’s current ability to meet financial obligations, including paying their creditors while still maintained a policy surplus to pay out claims.

The ratings also take into consideration how well the insurance company’s investments set them up for future financial stability.

In the case of American Fuji, their ratings were low enough that there was some question of their ability to maintain liquidity in the case of a catastrophic event.

As far as customer reviews are concerned, they are almost non-existent for American Fuji. Customer reviews are a good indicator of whether or not customers are happy with coverage options, cost, customer service, and claims service.

The lack of customer reviews suggests that perhaps the company didn’t have many customers in the U.S.

Unfortunately, in a situation like this, it’s virtually impossible to give consumers a clear picture of a company’s auto insurance coverage.

If you’d like more information about American Fuji’s parent company, you may do a simple Internet search on the name Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.. They should pop up as the first result. When you first navigate to the site you’ll need to select the English option in the upper right corner.

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