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9200 Northpark Drive, Suite 300

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515 559 1000
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Things to remember...

  • Agri is licensed to write policies in 47 states
  • Ace American Insurance Company purchased Agri and subsequently was rated A+ by A.M. Best
  • Agri offers a variety of discounts to include good driver, student, and multi-policy discounts

An Agri General Auto insurance review uncovers a company under the Rain and Hail Agriculture Insurance, L.L.C., umbrella. This is Agri General’s parent company, which was just purchased by ACE American Insurance Company. Agri General was established in 1983 and is based in Johnston, IA.

The ACE acquisition prompted A.M. Best to upgrade Agri General’s rating from an “A” to an “A+”.

The company invested $1billion in repurchase agreements in industry terms, which was instrumental in the rating upgrade. Agri General writes policies for farmers to protect land, equipment, and livestock.

Agri is licensed to write policies in 47 states, with a specialty in insuring farmland. Headquartered in Iowa, it is located in the middle of the country’s heartland. The company expresses its pride in operating on a rural values system.

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Agri General Insurance Policies


This company protects farmers in the heartland as well as other parts of the country. Agricultural insurance takes property coverage to the next level. This type of policy covers:

  • Livestock
  • Plants
  • Crops
  • Equipment
  • Automobiles
  • Tractors
  • General liability

Managing a farm presents the challenge of operating the different aspects of a farm. Operating a farm constantly presents the possibility of safety and liability incidents. Farmers also have to concern themselves with weather conditions.

Catastrophic weather conditions may wipe out a whole season of crops for a farmer. In addition, the farmer and hired help face safety concerns on a daily basis when handling heavy equipment and livestock.

If you own a large farm, or ranch, Agri General group insurance is an option. Workman’s compensation is mandatory with approximately five employees, therefore a more comprehensive and commercial group policy may be necessary.

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Agri General Auto Insurance for Farmers

Modern farmers use more technology in the daily operations of a farm today. Even heavy equipment is manufactured with sophisticated technology

So your average tractor is not going t run, like your granddad’s old tractor. They are designed however to meet the objective more efficiently.

Farmers usually have a pick-up truck and maybe a dump truck as well. Farmers with a ranch and larger property may have a whole fleet of vehicles including heavy equipment.

Agri General offers customized coverage with discounts for multi-policyholders.

Agri General Auto Insurance Savings

Saving money is easy if you simply talk with your agent, and offer detailed information about your specific needs. There are several discounts available for customized policies, and simply for the asking. Some of those discounts are as follows:

  • Advanced premium payments
  • Higher deductibles to start
  • Multi-policies
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Good driver
  • Good student
  • Length of policy

Insurance companies reward policyholders who maintain good safety and driving records. Your agent may even be open to the shrinking deductible idea if they do not have this policy already.

Agri General Auto Insurance: Policy Inclusions

Your Agri auto insurance policy will have the bare minimum coverage requirements amounts for your state to start. Many farmers add additional coverage to make sure they have enough for medical payments that may exceed the minimum. Most policies will have:

All of these are necessary inclusions for operating farmland, especially large acreage such as in the heartland.

Agri also offers additional coverage for farmers such as offered in standard auto insurance policies. Towing and rental reimbursement are available in the event your car is totaled or in repair.

Agri goes a step further by offering its farmers advanced repair and labor cost in the event your auto or farm equipment breaks down.

Agri Auto Insurance and Technology and Convenience


Agri General offers its policyholders a combination of technology and convenience as is necessary today to be on the cutting edge of production. Farmers may submit claims online by registering an online account profile.

Claims may be submitted 24 hours per day with 24-hour express service for expedited requests.

Lay-up credit lines are available for trailers and other types farming trucks. Agri offers billing plans and several payment options for your premiums to allot for your specific needs.

Agri understands when operating a farm, time is crucial in making sure when something needs repair there is a back-up so that production continues.

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