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Rural Community Auto Insurance Review

Rural Community Auto Insurance
  • 33333
Address: 3501 Thurston Ave
City: Anoka
State: Minnesota
ZIP: 55303
Phone Number: 1-800-328-9143
AM Best Rating: A
Market Cap: $500 Million to $750 Million
Year Founded: 1980

A Rural Community auto insurance review determined that this company is dedicated to the agricultural community. Since 1980, the company has provided insurance for farmers all over the country. The inception of the company was around the time the federal government privatized insurance for crop farmers.

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Rural Community Insurance Services is licensed to do business in all 50 states while it maintains its standing as a good insurance provider for American farmers. The company earned an A (Excellent) from insurance rating company A.M. Best for its financial stability and service to the public.

Rural Community Insurance Products and Agents

Rural Community offers its agents and policyholders automated technology, giving them a convenient and quick way to get things accomplished. They also offer tools and resources for their subscribers that help them navigate their way through the tangled web of the insurance industry. Agents are located throughout the country and trained to assist with any subject matter. If they are not able to answer your question, they will either find the answer or transfer you to someone who can.

Rural Community Insurance Services offers multi-peril coverage to cover the many uncertainties that are associated with unpredictable weather conditions and other threats to crops. The company provides risk management to their policyholders and offers other programs to help them save money. There are 5,000 agents across the country who specialize in customizing the coverage to a customer’s needs.

Ranchers are the other rural industry experts that have a need for agricultural coverage. Whether you have livestock or not, your needs are covered with Rural Community’s many products. Many agents are experts in the industry themselves, and some are family-owned businesses.

They know the language of different soil types and what works best for your crops. Your agent will even provide you with free maps and information on maintaining records and other subjects related to daily operations. You will learn how to communicate with vendors in addition to the many referrals they have at their fingertips.

Many farmers and ranchers use heavy equipment to get their jobs done. Tractors, riding lawn mowers, and plows constitute heavy equipment. Sometimes it becomes necessary to rent this type of machinery for special projects on the farm.

A Rural Community Insurance Services policy includes standard terms that will replace equipment that is in need of repair and allow a customer to obtain rental equipment under special circumstances. These special circumstances may involve flooding, which is common in many rural areas.

Producers, as most farmers and ranchers are called, also have the responsibility of maintaining records. Farmers have to produce annual records on crop production, and losses for the year. Rural Community helps its policyholders stay in compliance with the FSA or Farm Service Agency. When it comes to claims, your adjuster will help you to coordinate everything.

Rural Community Insurance Claims

Policyholders are issued a RCIS claims brochure in advance so they will know what to expect during the claims process. All customers have access to electronic claims filing while their agent has access to CIMax, the software they use to stay updated and keep policyholders updated on any outstanding claims. Agents also have access to technical crop reporting information, which is important because it helps them to stay ahead of prospective problems.

Rural Community has 1300 adjusters ready to support policyholders under any circumstances. When a policyholder needs an expedited payout, there is the Rural Community Insurance Services Electronic Funds Transfer or REFT. With this program funds may arrive in as little as two days after approval.

Rural Community Insurance Risk Management

Risk management is an important aspect of the agricultural business because the industry relies on preparation. CLU data is another software application the company uses for accurate reporting. RCIS representatives get access to this data through the Farm Maps II system.

Avoiding the losses possible with crop farming depends on having the latest in information technology to map out a strategy to protect your plants ahead of time. Training and resources are made available so that you can map out a plan in advance of any crop losses or heavy equipment breakdown. More information is available on the company website.

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