Corporate Slogans and Car Insurance

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Things to Remember...
  • Slogans for companies are all over the place
  • Customers recognize the slogans when they’re shopping
  • Comparing car insurance rates can help you save on your policy

“Fewer dropped calls.” “You’re in good hands.” “Eat Fresh.” “I’m loving it!” “You could save a lot on car insurance.” “More bars in more places.”

Ever heard one of those slogans before? If you’ve spent any time near a television or radio in the past ten years, chances are you have, and chances are those slogans now mean very little to you.

Corporations broadcast and repeat a slogan, customers get to know that slogan and associate it with that brand, and customers then eventually consume whatever product that brand has to offer.

Unfortunately, this also destroys the meaning of the slogan itself. Whatever credibility it once had now gets turned into a cheesy sales pitch.

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“You could save on car insurance” is one of those phrases which suffers from this over-saturation.

I drive a sporty, new car and I’m under the age of 30. After I got my car, I signed up with Esurance at the dealership simply because I figured they offered paperless billing. My monthly premium was rather high, and I pre-paid for 6 months.

When it came time to renew, I figured I’d at least call around and see what kind of rate I could get. To my surprise, the first competing auto insurance company I spoke to was able to offer me a much better rate.

We’re not talking a few dollars here, but a HUGE difference. Turns out, simply by calling around the average consumer can actually save a bundle of money.

Unfortunately, trying to explain that to anyone you immediately sound like you’re selling something.

Even saying “I saved $50 a month by switching to [some insurance company]” to my friends and family I feel like I’m being filmed in a commercial – repetitive broadcasting stole my sincerity.

I don’t know if anyone is truly “Loving it” at McDonald’s, I don’t know how fresh subway sandwiches are, and I don’t know if Chevrolet actually produces trucks that are “like a rock.”

I can tell you, however, that doing a bit of research before buying car insurance will save you money, despite how cheesy that slogan may sound.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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