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  • Update: Vest Insurance was liquidated December 22, 2006

Update: Vest Insurance was liquidated December 22, 2006.

This Vesta Auto Insurance Review is for the Birmingham, Alabama- based company. Vesta Insurance Company offered several insurance products for individuals, including both auto and homeowner’s coverage.

At one point in time, Vesta Insurance Company had more than 2,500 independent insurance agents.

Unfortunately, Vesta Insurance policies are no longer available. Don’t worry though — simply enter your ZIP code now and we’ll get you online auto insurance quotes in your area!

Most of Vesta Insurance Company’s business was done in Texas and Florida, and there was a subsidiary in Hawaii.

However, as of 2006 the Commissioners of Insurance in Texas, Florida, and Hawaii canceled all existing policies and stopped writing new policies for the Vesta Insurance Company.

Because of this, customers looking for auto insurance must contact another carrier for a quote or for more information.

Vesta Insurance Bankruptcy


At one point in its history, Vesta Insurance Company had more than 400 employees and provided auto insurance coverage in 16 states and life insurance coverage in 41 states.

It was considered one of Alabama’s top publicly traded companies in 1998 when shares were selling for $50 each.

Part of a larger organization at that time, Vesta Insurance Company was a member of Vesta Insurance Group, which included Texas Select Lloyds Insurance Company, Vesta Fire Insurance Corporation, and the Shelby Casualty Insurance Company.

However, the Vesta Insurance Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2006, and the Vesta Insurance Group website is no longer active. In addition, the phone number for Vesta Insurance Group is perpetually busy.

The company went insolvent in 2006 following years of accounting mishaps, including a $17.3 million loss in 2004, the same year Vesta Insurance spent $1 million on top executive perks.

When Vesta Insurance filed for bankruptcy protection, it had $14.9 million in assets compared to $214.3 million in liabilities. In December of 2006, Vesta Insurance Company’s bankruptcy was approved.

Vesta Insurance Agents

There is no record of any insurance agents for Vesta Insurance. This is most likely because the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2006 and no longer offers insurance coverage.

Customers need to contact another insurance provider for insurance-related matters.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Vesta Insurance Locations

The corporate office of Vesta Insurance Company was located at 3760 River Run Drive in Birmingham, Alabama.

There is no record of any other Vesta Insurance company locations, although at one point in the company’s history there were multiple offices in Texas and Florida, as well as operations in Hawaii.

Vesta Insurance Quotes

Vesta Insurance Company does not offer any quotes, either online or over the phone, since going out of business.

Customers would need to contact another insurance carrier to obtain a quote for car insurance.

Vesta Insurance Claims


There is no working phone number for customers to call and no valid website address to use to file claims.

In turn, since filing for bankruptcy and becoming insolvent, Vesta Insurance Company does not offer any support of auto insurance claims to past commercial or individual customers.

If you had a policy with Vesta, you should have already found a new provider for your auto insurance coverage needs.

Vesta Insurance Reviews

Vesta Insurance is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), nor is it even recognized by the BBB.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Vesta Insurance is no longer in business, phone numbers have been disconnected, and mail has been returned undeliverable.

There has been one complaint filed against Vesta Insurance Company with the BBB over the last three years, and that complaint was never resolved.

The Better Business Bureau advises customers who may have an issue or complaint with a company like Vesta Insurance to seek legal advice rather than filing through the BBB.

Vesta Insurance Company does not have a rating through the A.M. Best Company, does not have a financial outlook grade, and has not been issued a long term creditor rating.

This is because A.M. Best no longer considers Vesta Insurance as a business since the bankruptcy ruling in December of 2006.

Vesta Insurance Careers

Since Vesta Insurance no longer exists, there are no career opportunities available. The last positions at Vesta Insurance were eliminated in 2006.

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