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United Republic Insurance became insolvent in 1994.

Things to Remember...
  • United Republic Insurance Company does not offer any type of insurance products
  • United Republic Insurance was a life insurance company before closing down
  • Use our quote tool to compare auto insurance companies who are still open

After a review of United Republic auto insurance, it was determined that this company became insolvent in 1994.

This company was located in Salt Lake, Utah with licenses in many states throughout the country.

United Republic was a life insurance company rather than a property and casualty company.

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United Republic Insurance and Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association


When an insurance company becomes insolvent, it is usually taken over by another insurer.

United Republic Life Insurance Company belonged to the Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, which is made up of several other insurers who have formed a group to cover one another in the event one folds.

When a company becomes insolvent with policyholders who are still paying premiums and outstanding claims, the guaranty company completes the payouts and assists in the transition of policies to another company.

This association is not voluntary, but mandatory by the state as a condition of licensing. 

Therefore, policyholders are encouraged to continue making payments on their policies despite the news of the insolvency of their insurer while the transition process takes place.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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How to Choose a Financially Solid Insurance Company

United Republic Insurance Company took a chance and fell short of long-term success.

When an insurance company obtains a license to conduct business in any state, it goes through the process of a business set-up as well as an insurance company rating.

Several insurance company raters are set up to determine the solvency of these companies.

When it comes to making the choice of insurers, there are several ways to ensure your insurance company will be able to pay when you file a claim.

First, it is a good idea to research the grade or level issue by insurance raters like A.M. Best

Although A.M. Best is regarded as the most reputable insurance industry rating company, there are several others:

These companies also rate other businesses in the community to protect the public against unfair practices and malicious activity with the patron’s money.

It is not enough to know the rating of the company as most companies have “A” ratings in their early years.

There is also an explanation of the rating issued, which may be valuable. The rater normally issues the outlook of the company, which is a good indication of the company’s future.

Policyholders are able to read reviews from others who have had experiences with the company, which is good information for those considering becoming subscribers.

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