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Things to Remember...

  • Tesco auto insurance is a UK product from Tesco Bank
  • They provide auto coverage, life insurance, homeowner’s policies, and supplemental health insurance
  • In terms of auto insurance, UK residents have several different levels of coverage depending on their needs

Tesco auto insurance is a UK product from Tesco Bank, the financial services arm of United Kingdom retailing giant Tesco Plc. As one of the UK’s largest retail companies, Tesco’s products and services reach nearly every British home to one extent or another.

As a retailer, Tesco is the world’s third largest, behind only Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Add in their non-retail sector and they easily become one of the world’s top companies in terms of overall sales.

Tesco Bank provides a long list of standard consumer and commercial banking products, including financial investment services and all types of insurance.

At the consumer level, they provide auto coverage, life insurance, homeowner’s policies, supplemental health insurance, and much more.

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Tesco Insurance Products


The Tesco Bank insurance division reaches well beyond simple automobile coverage. Tesco Bank also deals with specialized insurance policies such as personal, accident, breakdown coverage, over-50 coverage, and even pet insurance.

Like some of their UK rivals, Tesco Bank aims to insure every possible scenario that their customers may encounter.

In terms of auto insurance, UK residents have several different levels of coverage depending on their needs.

They have minimum liability coverage similar to what we carry in the United States, plus coverage for glass replacement, vandalism, full replacement for a totaled vehicle, and umbrella coverage.

Tesco Bank also offers travel policies, which enable UK drivers to take their cars into other European Union countries. This travel coverage is similar to what U.S. citizens might purchase if they plan to drive in Mexico.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Tesco Insurance Agents

Tesco Bank does not employ individual agents in the same sense that American insurance companies do. But because their insurance is sold through their retail banking outlets, they have a built-in agent system through their various local outlets.

Customers can purchase their auto insurance products through their website, by calling them on the telephone, or by visiting a branch location.

It makes finding auto insurance coverage very convenient and flexible for the customer.

The one major difference between the American system and what Tesco Bank does lies in customer service after the sale.

The agent at the bank simply sells the policy and does the paperwork, unlike the American agent whose responsibilities include servicing the policy, acting as a liaison between customer and carrier, and even initiating accident claims.

All the extra services an American agent would provide are accessed instead directly from Tesco Bank.

Tesco Insurance Claims


The nature and setup of Tesco Bank’s business dictate that their insurance policies work on a direct-to-customer basis. This means claims will be initiated by calling their insurance office to report an accident.

Their claims office is fully staffed 24/7, 365 days of the year, to ensure that you have access at any time.

A claims representative will take your information and initiate the process, while also giving you instructions regarding anything you need to do.

Like most insurance carriers, Tesco recommends customers not deal with other parties involved in an accident on their own. They say you should simply exchange information and let insurance companies work it out.

Tesco Insurance Quotes

Tesco Bank offers a quote tool on their website for consumers interested in auto insurance. However, there are some stipulations. First, the online quote tool is only applicable to individuals who wish to purchase their policies online.

Secondly, by law, UK auto insurance providers can only sell insurance online to individuals that meet certain criteria.

Third, as with any online quote tool, once Tesco thoroughly reviews your information for accuracy the quoted price may go up or down.

The nature of auto insurance in the UK also dictates that Tesco’s quote form is a bit more complicated than what Americans are used to. It starts with a UK version of the zip code but then asks for much more detailed information about the vehicle and its drivers.

To us, the form might seem a bit complicated and overbearing, but to UK residents, it’s something they’ve grown accustomed to. Once all the information is filled in, you simply click the quote button and wait for the bank’s computers to return a number.

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