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59 Maiden Lane, 6th Floor

New York
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Things to Remember...
  • AmTrust Financial was formed in 1998 to provide workers compensation coverage to America’s small businesses
  • Rochdale Insurance Company’s only office is the one in New York City listed above
  • Workers compensation claims are fraught with litigation and require diligence on the part of both the insurance company and the customer

Rochdale Insurance Company has been in business since 1955, providing commercial insurance lines to America’s businesses. It is now a subsidiary of AmTrust Financial Group, located in New York City.

AmTrust Financial was formed in 1998 to provide workers compensation coverage to America’s small businesses. It would appear that Rochdale Insurance Company specializes in workers compensation policies, with other business insurance products as a secondary offering.

There’s not a whole lot of public information available about Rochdale Insurance Company because it doesn’t maintain its own website. A brief search of the company name reveals sparse listings for Rochdale on independent business sites.

The few places we did find the company mentioned always pointed us back to AmTrust Financial Group. With that in mind, read the remainder of this review with the understanding that most of the information was gleaned from research done on AmTrust.

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Rochdale Insurance Company Locations


It would appear as though Rochdale Insurance Company’s only office is the one in New York City listed above. It is the same address listed as the AmTrust Financial Group headquarters.

Because of the nature of the company’s business, it would be unnecessary for it to maintain offices throughout the United States. But, the limited number of offices could also be the result of the company only operating in a limited number of states.

In order to offer insurance products in a given state, a company must be licensed by that state.

Since workers compensation insurance is such a complicated and difficult- to-navigate industry, it is possible that Rochdale is only licensed in a limited number of states.

Using the contact information above, you could inquire with AmTrust as to whether or not there are any Rochdale offices near you.

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Rochdale Insurance Company Agents

Rochdale Insurance Company utilizes a network of sub-producing agents around the United States.

These agents are able to offer businesses several different policies from multiple companies in order to provide the client with the maximum number of choices.

Rochdale quotes are provided to agents through an automated quote tool. The company’s automated system makes it easy for agents to service their clients efficiently and effectively.

Agents interested in becoming sub-producers for Rochdale or AmTrust can find more information on the AmTrust website.

There, the company invites agents to fill out an application form, be it in print or online, and submit it to the company as soon as possible.

AmTrust and Rochdale are always looking for new sub-producing agents to help them continue offering the best business insurance products possible.

Rochdale Insurance Company Claims


Because Rochdale does not maintain its own website, it was difficult for us to evaluate how its claims service operates. However, we would assume it works no differently than other similar insurance companies.

Any incident that requires a claim would be reported to Rochdale, AmTrust, or your local agent. From there, the incident will be investigated and a determination of payment made.

It appears from the AmTrust website that all claims eventually go through AmTrust.

Because workers compensation claims are so difficult to maneuver through, consumers might be better off foregoing their local agent and going straight to AmTrust immediately.

The company suggests that every incident be reported to it regardless of how minor, including location, people involved, and a contact person at the site where the incident occurred.

Rochdale Insurance Company Financials

Rochdale’s “A+” rating from A.M. Best Company takes into consideration not only its own financial health but also that of its parent company.

Even so, Rochdale Insurance Company is financially stable at this time.

It is able to meet all financial obligations with enough capital in reserve to pay out anticipated claims for the year.

Furthermore, we can look at annual financial filings to determine the health of a particular insurance company. These filings are required by law on an annual basis.

The filing for Rochdale Insurance Company at the end of 2010 showed the company to be doing fairly well, with assets of nearly $133 million. The company also reported working capital of $1.9 million and a net policy surplus of $28.8 million.

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