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1500 N. University Drive, Suite 117

Coral Springs
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Things to Remember

  • Despite what its name implies, Phoenix Insurance Group is based out of Florida
  • The company offers auto insurance as well as health, life, liability, and other types of coverage
  • Phoenix Insurance is a brokerage company that works with multiple insurance companies to help its clients find the best coverage for their individual needs and budgets

A Phoenix Insurance Company auto insurance review leads to Phoenix Insurance Group. Phoenix Insurance Group is an insurance company based in Florida that offers personal lines of insurance, commercial lines of insurance, and financial services. They also provide discount coverage options for prescription drugs.

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Not only is Phoenix-based in Florida, but it also appears that the company only offers coverage in Florida and no other states.

Phoenix Insurance Group Structure

Phoenix Insurance is an insurance brokerage company. This means that they contract with several different insurance companies to find the best insurance deals for their customers. Through Phoenix Insurance, potential clients can compare rates and quotes from several companies and Phoenix agents can help assist customers with finding the right company.

The main benefit of a brokerage for a customer is variety. Instead of making all the calls yourself or going to several different websites, brokerages compare rates for you. But they also go beyond what you could do yourself because they give you guidance as to the best company for you and your insurance needs.

The benefit of a brokerage to the insurance company is that they get to offer their clients a variety of insurance products. Private insurance companies can only offer a few products at a time until they build up a client base and have enough capital to support claims.

The downside is that the brokerage companies only get a portion of the profits from the premiums that are paid.

Phoenix Insurance Group Personal Products

Because Phoenix Insurance Group is a brokerage, they can offer a variety of insurance coverage options for clients, including:

Auto insurance policies offered through the affiliates of Phoenix Insurance Group provide liability, property damage, and other coverage that is required by the state. Comprehensive and collision policies are available as well.

Homeowner insurance programs provide for liability and property damage. Most policies also cover dwelling fires, theft, and vandalism.

If you live in Florida, or any other flood and hurricane prone area, you will want to add flood insurance as well as hurricane insurance coverage. These are not coverages that are automatic in homeowner’s policies.

Purchasing a life insurance policy is a big decision. Not only are the monthly premiums an investment, but the security you are leaving your family with is important as well. Phoenix can connect you with the right life insurance policy, whether you are a young family starting out or getting close to retirement age.

Health insurance is not a one-size-fits-all type of insurance. Past history, pre-existing conditions, family size, and long-term health issues all come into play when choosing a health insurance plan.

With several affiliates providing health insurance policies through Phoenix Insurance, clients can be sure to find the policy that is right for them and their particular health situation.

Marine insurance coverage is available for personal marine insurance only. It is not available for commercial coverage. Marine insurance not only covers the vessel itself, it also covers your personal liability if your marine craft damages another vessel or someone is injured on your watercraft.

Phoenix Insurance Group Commercial Products

The affiliate companies of Phoenix Insurance offer commercial products, in addition to personal lines of insurance. Commercial liability coverage is the most basic coverage a business can have and it is required by law in almost all states. It covers the building itself as well as any liability if people are injured on the property of the business. Phoenix Insurance affiliates offer commercial liability coverage.

Workers compensation is the other type of commercial insurance offered by Phoenix Insurance Group. It is also the other type of commercial insurance that is required by law.

Workers compensation covers the medical expenses and job loss time of an employee who is hurt on company property or while doing business for the company.

Whether you are looking for personal lines of insurance or commercial insurance, Phoenix Insurance Group has the contracted company and policy that is right for you. Comparing insurance prices is still one of the best ways to save money on any type of insurance.

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