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Things to Remember...
  • PartnerRe Insurance Company of New York is a global reinsurance company
  • PartnerRe also provides resources for investors to understand capital markets
  • PartnerRe strives to help companies manage risk concerning their investments

This review is for PartnerRe Insurance Company of New York.

Founded in 1993, PartnerRe is a reinsurance company with 60 percent of its sales conducted through brokers and 40 percent of its sales conducted through direct sales.

PartnerRe is a global reinsurance company, so it sells insurance in the United States as well as worldwide.

Beyond reinsurance options, PartnerRe also helps investors understand capital markets and helps companies manage risk for their investments and their insurance coverage.

It provides property and casualty insurance, catastrophe insurance, specialty lines of insurance, life insurance, and alternative risk transfer either directly or through brokers.

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PartnerRe Insurance Company Operations


PartnerRe started as a foreign reinsurance company in 1993 but quickly acquired American markets and began to use the capital gained to spread its operations throughout the world.

Because the company is in so many different markets, it focuses on insurance coverage options that are universal, such as casualty business, auto, engineering, energy, special risk, life, and health.

PartnerRe also sells lines of insurance for agriculture and marine needs in foreign and domestic markets that focus on those industries. It does sell some insurance policies directly to clients, but the majority of the company’s business is done through brokers.

In the United States, PartnerRe policies are only sold through brokers and not through direct sales.

Using brokers allows the company to market and sell its products in more markets, but it also does not make 100 percent of the profits from those sales due to the commission that is paid to the broker.

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PartnerRe Insurance Company Financial Picture

PartnerRe has been rated since its inception by the A.M. Best independent insurance rating company. Insurance rating companies such as A.M. Best look into the financial stability of insurance companies.

PartnerRe has consistently received an “A” rating, which is an excellent rating. A.M. Best has also placed PartnerRe in the $2 billion or greater category of financial assets and stability.

When looking at PartnerRe’s asset profile, it is clear that this category, though correct, does not clearly reflect the $18 billion in assets that PartnerRe currently has.

This $18 billion in assets is invested through PartnerRe’s Capital Market division. They carefully invest their assets to seek the highest amount of profit without putting too much at risk.

They vary their investments to include low, moderate, and high-risk options. They know that keeping a large amount in the asset department makes for more trust with clients but investing to increase assets is also important.

PartnerRe Insurance Company Investors


PartnerRe is a publicly traded company, so investor relations is very important to PartnerRe.

The company strives to ensure that the company’s businesses grow by at least 5 percent or more every year so investors will see a profit and new investors will be drawn to the company.

Though it has set its goal at 5 percent growth, PartnerRe has experienced a 13 percent growth every year for the last five years.

This growth has resulted in high shareholder satisfaction and has also resulted in many new shareholders making purchases.

Since it is a worldwide company, it is also sold on the Euronext, which is the European version of the New York Stock Exchange.

For its shareholders, PartnerRe releases quarterly and half-year reports. This allows shareholders to be aware of what is happening in the company.

Even when losses are reported for one-quarter, stocks can see growth in the next quarter that negates the losses. These reports allow shareholders to make informed decisions.

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