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Things to Remember...
  • North Pointe does not sell personal auto insurance coverage
  • North Pointe is the leading insurance carrier of bowling center policies in America
  • Bowling centers and roller skating centers are unique industries because they have unique liability issues

A review of North Pointe auto insurance leads to a unique, interesting insurance company. North Pointe does not sell personal auto insurance coverage but specializes in insuring bowling centers and roller skating rinks as well as other specialized insurance.

It is the leading insurance carrier of bowling center policies in America. Having a niche market makes North Pointe an expert in the insurance that they offer.

The operate as a subsidiary of QBE.

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North Pointe Insurance Specialty Coverage


Bowling centers and roller skating centers are unique industries because they have unique liability issues. Injuries are not only common but likely both while bowling and skating.

At bowling centers, dropped balls can cause injuries to hands and feet. When opening one of these businesses, owners expect these accidents to happen and need to be properly covered by insurance

With injuries common, proper liability insurance coverage is required. Even though many bowling alleys and skating rinks make their customers sign waivers against liabilities, customers can still sue if an injury is severe or medical bills are significant.

In addition to suing the business, they can also sue other people who are involved in the incident.

Another reason that bowling centers and roller skating rinks are unique is because of the food served in these establishments. If a customer chokes on food or gets food poisoning, lawsuits can take place.

This risk requires a different kind of insurance coverage It isn’t quite like full restaurant coverage, but there is an element of food service coverage to it.

Bowling centers also typically serve liquor. They need to have a liquor license in order to sell liquor which means they also need liquor liability insurance.

This license will cover legal fees if someone who is drinking at the bowling alley leaves and gets into an accident or hurts someone else. Liquor liability assists if a lawsuit is filed by the injured parties.

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North Pointe Insurance Additional Products

In addition to bowling centers and skating centers, North Pointe also offers:

They also have a business owner’s insurance programs. This program is for small business owners who need coverage but don’t have a lot of capital. It covers liability, accounting, valuables, and even outdoor fixtures and signage.

This program is available in Florida and Alabama to businesses that have less than 50 employees.

The commercial package offered by North Pointe is for special lines of business. This is the package that is given to bowling centers and roller skating rinks.

In addition to these businesses, sports clubs, fraternities, and conservation clubs are also the types of organizations covered under commercial packages.

Being so specialized allows North Pointe to develop a strong customer base. Customers in specialized businesses sometimes have a difficult time finding coverage for these unique lines of work.

Traditional insurance companies often charge quite a bit for coverage because they are not as familiar with what businesses like these need.

Another unique type of insurance offered by North Pointe is realtor errors and omissions coverage. This is for real estate professionals. When real estate professionals show a home and sell it to a buyer, they take on a certain amount of liability.

If the home is found to be not as the agent said, the new homeowner could sue the real estate agent even though it may have been the previous homeowner who did not disclose all the information.

North Pointe Insurance Claims


North Pointe claims can be filed via e-mail or by calling a toll-free number. There are specific numbers and e-mails addresses for workers compensation claims, equine claims, flood claims, hurricane claims, and tropical storm claims.

Depending on what type of claim you file, you will receive your payout in a few short weeks.

Most claims require paperwork as well as photos of the damage and any police reports that may be involved. Just like with auto insurance claims, the sooner the policyholder turns in all of the required documentation, the sooner the payout can be made.

Having an A+ rating from A.M. Best means that North Pointe has enough assets to be able to meet its financial obligations when claims are filed.

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